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Friday, April 28, 2006

Bag review-- Bags under US $1,000

*Yawn* Mornin to you all.
Last night was so much fun, as DH and I attended a dinner party at the Conservatory at the Manila Peninsula Hotel. I could not take more photos because everything was so... dark! This was in fact, the only photo I managed to take. We were seated next to our good friend and ace lensman Patrick Uy, and I lamented that my camera needs to be upgraded-- seriously. Either that, or I am just a really bad photographer (It's not the camera honey, it's you! *gulp, me?!*). But then again, anyone who has the right equiment these days can by default, become a photographer. Lost is the "true" art of photography. Anyone who can point and click, is now considered a photographer (to add the adjective "professional", you must have some expensivo equipment with those zoomy lens thingie). But like anything, there is always an exception. And that, applies to me. Even with the most high tech camera, I betcha I still will end up taking crappy photos, and I will still always end up with crappy photos. Besides, you do have to have the moolah to pay for a good camera if you want to be a "pro photographer"-- and I can't seem to cough up US $1,000 for a semi- pro Olympus (thanks Patrick Uy for the recommendation, but I frankly would rather spend that money on a new bag *hahaha this bag hag will NEVER learn!!*)

It is with that premise (should I have $1,000) that I move on to talk about which bags are in my opinion, "worthy" purchases for such *cough* ridiculous amount. *hehe this is sad-- designers are really milking us consumers. Apparently they haven't the faintest clue how hard it is to make $1,000. Or maybe they did know. But not anymore :D Tsk!*

From NeimanMarcus.com

For US $850, I like the Marc Jacobs Daria bag in Gold. Yes, metallic. It's still around. Lookie at Lindsay Lohan, seen here with a Chanel quilted "kelly" *whee like my tweedy kelly!* in metallic silver (though I frankly would rather not use Lindsay as a bag icon, she admittedly does have good bags). Since our phantom budget for this post is $1,000, I would get the Daria.

Another Marc Jacobs bag that's quite nice (perhaps it's cause I am partial to anything green *hehe no pun intended*), is the Mia satchel at US $895. Two things I like about Marc Jacobs: there are days when you just don't want to carry a logo- screaming bag. Marc it is. You also want to make sure that the designer bag (for which you paid a premium) carries "weight"-- hello, Marc Jacobs and the LV connection!

I am also liking this Carlos Falchi Deerskin double pocketed hobo in putty (chalk color). The whole bag just looks so buttery soft. I don't know how easy it is to carry the bag though, with that shoulder strap, but I am for now, willing to overlook that, and just consider the softness of the body of the bag. Sigh... Anything buttery soft will do, thank you! At US $995 (not a cheap bag, that's for sure!)

ACK! Now this bag, I would NOT even allow to be paid to carry. BUGLY BAG ALERT!!! Bag sacrilege!!! How could Neiman Marcus stock a designer (Elaine Turner) whose collection includes this Hermes Kelly LOOKALIKE bag?! For US $450, I'd rather park my money elsewhere. (I smell a lawsuit here from the big H when they see this bag! At Neiman!!!)

For $45 less, I'd rather be seen with the Bulga flap satchel bag (US$ 405). It looks a lot more original!

Tsk some designers really just don't have any more creative juice flowing. All it takes is for some venture capitalist to be persuaded into funding a collection, and for the designer to know the right people up there (ding ding Neiman, Saks, Barneys buyers and merchandisers OR magazine people!!) and voila, a collection at the retail heavens is born (sounds too easy huh? Ok, I should give them more credit, really. But wait, WE are the ones buying THEIR stuff! They are milking US and not vice versa! So, Customer BETTER BE king! :D ).

Off topic, I had to post this photo of the Versace fringe hobo (I know, I know, this bag is way out of budget for our topic, considering it costs US $4,237.00!!). Did I miss something in bag fashion? Since when did it become cool to carry your Afghan hound (Doesn't the hobo look like this beautiful dog?)?? I mean, sure I know Afghan hounds sit well next to "Rolls Royces and fashionable fur", but I don't think they are meant to be carried on the shoulder! I'd rather have an Afghan hound as my companion than this Versace hobo :D *hehehe ok that was mean!! But seriously, I can't get over the resemblance of that hobo to the pretty dog! But just because they look alike, doesn't mean the bag is beautiful (puke)*

*Snicker weevil weevil bag hag!!*

Ok that's about it for now, I am thinking of crawling back to bed again before my appointment at 2pm. It was so strange-- I actually dreamt last night that I went back to school. And my dad was with me (he brought me to school)! My daddy's 4th year death anniversary is coming up already (which was probably also why I dreamt of him) *sigh and not a day passes that I don't miss him*. I will attempt some quick shuteye in hopes I can see him in my dreams again. This time, I hope Daddy and I go bag shopping :) Daddy, wherever you are, I miss you. VERY MUCH :(


Anonymous Maisa said...

Nice blog! I would keep the dog gladly and ditch the Versace piece! Does Neimanmarcus ship outside the USA?

1:53 PM  
Blogger MPR said...

Oh wow the conservatory at the Pen! I miss my good ol days - THE 90's! I still remember the giraffe days too! I feel so old!

I love the chanel tweed bag!

4:40 PM  
Blogger chay said...

LV still have some basic that's worth less than a grand. speaking of LV, here's a stupid question - is the monogram canvas not leather then?

9:44 PM  
Blogger MRS. T said...

Chay: To answer your query, yes LV's monogram canvas is what it is-- CANVAS. Coated canvas. It's NOT leather. Only the handles of say, the Speedy, are leather (cowhide). Hope that didn't burst your bubble ;-) *hehe*

1:51 AM  

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