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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Bag Hag is BACK in MANILA :)

I missed Manila :) And I am glad to be back (well that, and because I have NO MORE MONEY to spend) :D

Here are some more photos from my last day in Istanbul. DH and I went to Nishantasi (Namedrop alert: highly recommended by Ruffa GB-- we were supposed to meet up the day before we left, but our tour ended late already and she had to stay with her hubby since Yilmaz was leaving for Paris that same night. Oh well too bad we didn't meet up! She is such a dedicated wife and mom. She brought her kiddies to the zoo that afternoon we left.)

Our very own Turkish princess said that Nishantasi will be closed on Sunday, but we went anyway (better to see it than to miss it). True enough, stores were all closed (GOOD FOR ME! No more spending!!). Stores like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Gerard Darel, Pierre Cardin (soon to open), as well as other designer boutiques really didn't open (and I'm no Elizabeth Taylor for them to open em up for me hehe).

One place which was open was this patisserie, which had wonderful chocolate easter eggs for the Easter Sunday (the day we were there). They also had gold coated jordan almonds, as well as a huge selection of bonbons!! (upon knowing the price, I balked haha, didn't buy. Come on, I'm too cheap *muwahahaha*! I'd settle for our free Godiva chocolates on the plane hehee).

We headed to Taksim next. Yup we went back. It was a tossup between Akmerkez Mall and Taksim. But since Taksim was closer, we just went for it. Didn't wanna get caught in traffic and missing our flight as a result. And here are more stores:
Accessorize is most likely a franchise boutique-- they have Kelly Osbourne as their image model (eew), and sell accessories like beaded bags (all made in India), belts, as well as fashion jewelry.

Another store named Collezione is pretty big here in Istanbul. Their prices are not bad, a bit like Esprit. They had these nice sneakers for TL 28.00 (converted is Php 1,150) but I didn't bother buying them because they were made of suede (or at least fake suede?!). *I thought about getting them since my old Mango sneakers should retire already. They are dusty now and were covered in Pyramidean sand hehehe*
Megavizyon is like Tower Records. They have some books, magazines, music, and movies. My DH was stuck in the store for quite sometime. I didn't bother going in to look except to just get DH outta there when it was time for us to leave :D

OXXO had clothes that fit more for the teenager than for an aging old mum like me :D Cutesy clothes though, and reasonable too! I should've gotten some tees there, but I only had like TL20 left (and that's for our cabfare!!)

There's also Vakko at Taksim. Vakko, a shop that RGB recommended, was also closed. Bah. There was a nice bag on the shop window too. Ohwell :(

We also passed by Saint Anthony's Church after our lunch (I had the kofta sandwich! SOOOO GOOOD-- for TL 3.50 *Php 150*) It was Easter Sunday but unfortunately, we came a bit too late for the service, and it was over. Church was going to be closed! (How funny, here, our churches only close at night!)

We walked around a bit more to find this Turkish woman by the window making bread :)

And another shop that had all sorts of dried fruit for sale. Dates, apricots, apples.. name it!

We had to leave for the hotel once more since it was already time to head to the airport. So my last stop was this sweets store named Koska. Had to buy Turkish delights for my dear friend DOP (who was craving for this!!). Wouldn't wanna deprive a pregnant woman now would I? :) *I know how she feels. I remember being pregnant and wanting to eat either instant noodles WITH shawarma and on a separate occasion, raw sea urchin (uni) all the time!*

Oh and before I say adios for now-- you must all be wondering what I bought in these places. Well, I ended up with stuff for the house-- porcelain plates which are ornately handpainted, mosaic glass lanterns, and stuff for the kiddies. No bags. Nope. Nada.

Bag withdrawal? Nah. I figured, I was coming back home to something. And true enough, HERE THEY ARE:

My Handpainted Goyard bags!! The yellow St. Louis PM has my initials on them (I didnt' bother posting it-- BUT I posted the white Croisiere! )THE BAG HAG IS BAAAAAAAACK!!!!! :D

What a perfect way to end our holy week getaway! :) Later hags!!! Jet lagged and need to catch up with my babies!! :)


Blogger paz said...

i love the princess -y look of your logo! welcome back!

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