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Monday, April 24, 2006

Bag Hag Guests at ANC Life- DaphP's TV Show!

It helps that I brag about something after-the-fact it has already happened. That way, I don't get accused of being a "real" braggart (although I KNOW I am anyway *what a way to make myself feel better!*)

Last Sunday (yesterday), DaphP guested your kookie baghag, along with two other VERY popular bloggers-- dessertcomesfirst.blogspot.com and thefashpack.blogspot.com (owned and maintained by LoriB and LIC respectively) on her ANC Life show at the ANC Channel. (Hags, you should make it a Sunday habit to tune into her show. I know a bunch of you already do :D. Others, please mark every Sunday at 7pm on your calendars and datebooks!) I felt soooo embarrassed to be on the show actually. Because I was sandwiched between two professional bloggers-- I mean the word professional in every sense: they don't bitch about their lives, and they seriously discuss desserts and fashion (respectively of course hehe). LoriB's blog even got mentioned recently in The Wall Street Journal! Meanwhile, all I do is talk about how broke I am and how hard I lust for the newest bag (and how I can possibly pay for it) *PATHETIC*.

Of course you can't expect me to post photos of the show here-- especially not with ME in it *Feeling important again! hehe*. After all, I would not want readership to drop out of shock (I mean SHOCK). So, in true baghag form, I am posting the *woohoo* international (yes, Daph's show IS international!) debut of my white custom-striped Goyard croisiere 30 :)And here are my bag's friends *black bag is Prada-- postscript: thefashpack had to remind this bag hag who her bag was, because this silly baghag was obviously clueless-- see I am not rightfully titled haha!* who also guested :) *Teehee, my bag's new friends :)*DaphP's bag was not yet part of the shot because she was still in the make-up room at the time.

Oh and here's the dressing/make-up room!Shu Uemura's XengZ was also there (standing up)-- doing Daph's makeup. (I am SO embarrassed. I mistook Xeng for CarminaS in one of my previous posts! SHAME!!) Anyway, there's DaphP with her trusted LV monogram Speedy (My Goyard croisiere was hoping to meet hers :D Tsk awwww) *Can you find the LV Speedy?*

Baghag gone haywire ALERT:
You know you're crazy when-- you arrange for your bag and your friend's bag to meet. *Screeech* I AM bag crazy!! :)

Anyway, we all had a wonderful time last night, again thanks to DaphP! Psst, D, we should have our bags meet someday *hehee*

I have to head off in a short while (I woke up at 9am today! WOO!!) I will also just post 2 photos of how the Prada bags look like when carried. This is the navy blue cotton Prada priced at Php 8,000 only!! (It's under 10K!! So cheap!) It works carried as a handbag as well as shoulderbag.

And the red Prada bugatti- shaped bag which is not yet on the Tresor site. :) Just to give you readers a lil heads up :) It's priced at Php 22,000. Still quite new and has a lock and key!!

P.S. Thefashpack had asked me a question on her blog last April 8, to which I didn't answer. So, here goes! That Fendi Spy color available at Rustan's is either honey or cognac colored. Don't ask me why the choice of names (doesn't anything dessert or alcohol- related always end up sounding more enticing than say, using the word "tan"? :D hehe ask LoriB, she'd agree to the word Honey. Besides, it does make the Spy sound remarkably sweeter doesn't it? :D)


Blogger paz said...

congrats, mrs.T! here's to more tv appearances (do i hear movies? kidding)! *cheers*

12:14 PM  
Anonymous daphne said...

T, croissiere couldn't go out and play yesterday... she suddenly felt insecure about her glamorous monogrammed cousin in white. besides, speedy was starting to get jealous. one day the two croissieres will meet for tea :)

11:48 PM  
Blogger the fash pack said...

it's not just a bag, it's prada! haha!

9:50 AM  

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