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Sunday, April 30, 2006

ATTENTION royalistas and jewellery hags!!

JEWELLERY HAGS ALERT: For the hags who are closet case royalistas (come out come out, wherever you are!), here is a piece of info that you might want to know: The property from the collection of the late HRH Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon, is to go on the auction block in London on June 13 and 14. The auction is to be handled by Christie's.

Tsk, wouldn't it be tres cool to own something that royalty owned? :) Case in point, this monogram diamond brooch of the Princess made for her 21st birthday. It's estimated to fetch between US$ 5,500 - US$ 9,000. But it will most likely fetch twice or triple that amount. *Yikes there goes my hope of owning something royal haha*

If you know anyone who has the moolah, who can cough up perhaps US $1,000,000 for this beautiful antique riviere diamond necklace of the Princess', do tell em to make a bid for it. This piece was a personal bequest to HRH The Queen Mary, and is one of her most impressive pieces. Inherited by HRH Princess Margaret, who wore it on many significant occasions, including her wedding (source: Christie's).

The piece de resistance of this auction of course, is the Garrard- signed Poltimore tiara (made way back in the 1870s for Baroness Florence, wife of the second Baron Poltimore-- treasurer to Queen Victoria's household), which the Princess had purchased in 1959 (for her wedding) from the fourth Baron Poltimore's daughter, Lady Stucley. The price she had paid for this stunning diadem was rumored to have only been about 5,000 pounds!! (Heck I would've gladly paid that price for that diadem! I'd just have to take out both my kids' college funds haha).

Here's another photo of Princess Margaret wearing both the Poltimore tiara and the Queen Mary riviere. Truly stunning pieces and such a shame that the pieces are to be auctioned off-- this was apparently a decision made by Viscount Linley and family to pay for inheritance taxes. Not all royals can afford all those death duties, palace maintenance costs, etc! Sigh, most Royals are asset rich but not cash rich.

Oh well, can't have em all! This topic made me not look at bags for once. I think looking at jewelry is a much more lethal hobby than bag surfshopping. Nite for now hags :D



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