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Sunday, April 30, 2006

ATTENTION royalistas and jewellery hags!!

JEWELLERY HAGS ALERT: For the hags who are closet case royalistas (come out come out, wherever you are!), here is a piece of info that you might want to know: The property from the collection of the late HRH Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon, is to go on the auction block in London on June 13 and 14. The auction is to be handled by Christie's.

Tsk, wouldn't it be tres cool to own something that royalty owned? :) Case in point, this monogram diamond brooch of the Princess made for her 21st birthday. It's estimated to fetch between US$ 5,500 - US$ 9,000. But it will most likely fetch twice or triple that amount. *Yikes there goes my hope of owning something royal haha*

If you know anyone who has the moolah, who can cough up perhaps US $1,000,000 for this beautiful antique riviere diamond necklace of the Princess', do tell em to make a bid for it. This piece was a personal bequest to HRH The Queen Mary, and is one of her most impressive pieces. Inherited by HRH Princess Margaret, who wore it on many significant occasions, including her wedding (source: Christie's).

The piece de resistance of this auction of course, is the Garrard- signed Poltimore tiara (made way back in the 1870s for Baroness Florence, wife of the second Baron Poltimore-- treasurer to Queen Victoria's household), which the Princess had purchased in 1959 (for her wedding) from the fourth Baron Poltimore's daughter, Lady Stucley. The price she had paid for this stunning diadem was rumored to have only been about 5,000 pounds!! (Heck I would've gladly paid that price for that diadem! I'd just have to take out both my kids' college funds haha).

Here's another photo of Princess Margaret wearing both the Poltimore tiara and the Queen Mary riviere. Truly stunning pieces and such a shame that the pieces are to be auctioned off-- this was apparently a decision made by Viscount Linley and family to pay for inheritance taxes. Not all royals can afford all those death duties, palace maintenance costs, etc! Sigh, most Royals are asset rich but not cash rich.

Oh well, can't have em all! This topic made me not look at bags for once. I think looking at jewelry is a much more lethal hobby than bag surfshopping. Nite for now hags :D


Saturday, April 29, 2006

The Rep, Firma, Goyard, and my Little Miss Marc!

Yay, didn't realize the weekend has arrived. I was supposed to have flown off to Bali for the wedding of our friend BP to JT, but I also have another wedding of another good friend JC to attend the day after. I can't be superwoman and be at two places at the same time (that, plus I am financially strapped, remember? *wink!*)

So, I hate to bid the Bali trip goodbye, but I was left with no choice. To drown my sorrows, DH and I went on a feel-good date-- one of the dates that we used to have when we were still, umm.. "dating"! :-) *We always have feel-good dates, but tonight was special because this was really one of our rituals back when we weren't married OR even dating yet!*

The Repertory has been relocated to Greenbelt 1 (of course this I only knew recently-- the last time DH and I watched the Rep was back at Edsa Shangrila! We totally skipped the whole RCBC theater thing, and the saddest part was, we were so much closer there than the Shang!). Anyway, "2 & 2 Make Sex" was showing, which co- starred DH's friend's wife, Anna B.

Hags, if you have nothing to do on weekends (i.e. tired of watching movies), do check out the Rep. It's so worth the money you pay, and you get a slice of culture (DUH!). This particular play we watched, is hilarious! (Note to Baroness B: Go watch this, you will crack up!)They show from April 28-30; May 5-7 at the Rep's Globe Theater at Onstage Greenbelt 1. Call 887-0710/ 891-9999 (Ticketworld). Tickets at Php 500, Php 300, and Php 200.

Our show was still at 8pm, so we walked around Greenbelt 1 for a bit, though we just ended up at National Bookstore browsing through magazines. I of course, ended up buying some. :)
Check out the magazine section of NBS. DO YOU HAGS RECOGNIZE ANYONE? :) Hint Hint: Lookie at the front row, center!!! :) As Paris Hilton would say, "That's hot!" (You know who YOU are *wink!*)

So, post Rep, DH and I walked around a bit in Greenbelt 3, in search of a dessert place. Of course no trip is complete without a quick stopover at Firma. And no day would be complete if the baghag didn't spend (oh my, oh my stop stop already!), so I ended up with a new necklace ;) Not too expensive and loving it!!Check it out (yep that's moi, and yes, I now have shorter hair haha). I must've looked so unmatched, even Little Miss Marc had to show THAT sulky face of hers *Tsk, so what!*. I do love my shell necklace though-- I channeled The Little Mermaid Ariel's arch nemesis *who wore that necklace with the enchanting voice hehe*. Hmm... how does it really look? I guess layering chunky pieces didn't work out too well... But hey, deep down, I thought they looked awesome together *hehe forget Little Miss Marc!* And people probably thought I was a walking fashion disaster (err.. tell me something new-- I have ALWAYS been a walking fashion disaster anyway)

Ok before I park my words, I want to post this new bag photo (to be uploaded tomorrow at Tresormakati). This is a Gucci camel all-leather bag with the horsebit logo in blackened silver hardwaremeasuring 13"L x 9"H x 2.5"W. The bag is still quite new looking and very clean, and comes with its Gucci dustbag. Asking Price is Php 18,000. It's up for grabs :)

And last but not least, here is what Houston's baghag LPT sent me on my email the other day. WOOHOO another GOYARD toting celeb-- singer Cristina Milian (on the latest issue of In Style- May 2006 with Debra Messing on the cover). :D Thanks for the photo girl!! Go Go Goyard! (Check out that custom painted heart!!!)

ATTENTION HAGS: If you have a bag you'd like to brag about, do email me a photo of you carrying it (you can crop the photo to just your bag, if you are shy :-) ) And tell me all about the bag!! It's time we have more BRAG-A-BAG HAGS! Don't worry, no one will judge you. We are already all above- gentry, remember? :-)

Have a great weekend you all!!
P.S. (Addendum!!) I took a photo of what my new TRESOR website will look like. It will launch fairly soon. Give my webman a week more or so to teach me how to upload everything else on my own and I'll launch it when I can already maintain it :) TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK with my sneak peek !! :D Comments are appreciated!

Friday, April 28, 2006

Bag review-- Bags under US $1,000

*Yawn* Mornin to you all.
Last night was so much fun, as DH and I attended a dinner party at the Conservatory at the Manila Peninsula Hotel. I could not take more photos because everything was so... dark! This was in fact, the only photo I managed to take. We were seated next to our good friend and ace lensman Patrick Uy, and I lamented that my camera needs to be upgraded-- seriously. Either that, or I am just a really bad photographer (It's not the camera honey, it's you! *gulp, me?!*). But then again, anyone who has the right equiment these days can by default, become a photographer. Lost is the "true" art of photography. Anyone who can point and click, is now considered a photographer (to add the adjective "professional", you must have some expensivo equipment with those zoomy lens thingie). But like anything, there is always an exception. And that, applies to me. Even with the most high tech camera, I betcha I still will end up taking crappy photos, and I will still always end up with crappy photos. Besides, you do have to have the moolah to pay for a good camera if you want to be a "pro photographer"-- and I can't seem to cough up US $1,000 for a semi- pro Olympus (thanks Patrick Uy for the recommendation, but I frankly would rather spend that money on a new bag *hahaha this bag hag will NEVER learn!!*)

It is with that premise (should I have $1,000) that I move on to talk about which bags are in my opinion, "worthy" purchases for such *cough* ridiculous amount. *hehe this is sad-- designers are really milking us consumers. Apparently they haven't the faintest clue how hard it is to make $1,000. Or maybe they did know. But not anymore :D Tsk!*

From NeimanMarcus.com

For US $850, I like the Marc Jacobs Daria bag in Gold. Yes, metallic. It's still around. Lookie at Lindsay Lohan, seen here with a Chanel quilted "kelly" *whee like my tweedy kelly!* in metallic silver (though I frankly would rather not use Lindsay as a bag icon, she admittedly does have good bags). Since our phantom budget for this post is $1,000, I would get the Daria.

Another Marc Jacobs bag that's quite nice (perhaps it's cause I am partial to anything green *hehe no pun intended*), is the Mia satchel at US $895. Two things I like about Marc Jacobs: there are days when you just don't want to carry a logo- screaming bag. Marc it is. You also want to make sure that the designer bag (for which you paid a premium) carries "weight"-- hello, Marc Jacobs and the LV connection!

I am also liking this Carlos Falchi Deerskin double pocketed hobo in putty (chalk color). The whole bag just looks so buttery soft. I don't know how easy it is to carry the bag though, with that shoulder strap, but I am for now, willing to overlook that, and just consider the softness of the body of the bag. Sigh... Anything buttery soft will do, thank you! At US $995 (not a cheap bag, that's for sure!)

ACK! Now this bag, I would NOT even allow to be paid to carry. BUGLY BAG ALERT!!! Bag sacrilege!!! How could Neiman Marcus stock a designer (Elaine Turner) whose collection includes this Hermes Kelly LOOKALIKE bag?! For US $450, I'd rather park my money elsewhere. (I smell a lawsuit here from the big H when they see this bag! At Neiman!!!)

For $45 less, I'd rather be seen with the Bulga flap satchel bag (US$ 405). It looks a lot more original!

Tsk some designers really just don't have any more creative juice flowing. All it takes is for some venture capitalist to be persuaded into funding a collection, and for the designer to know the right people up there (ding ding Neiman, Saks, Barneys buyers and merchandisers OR magazine people!!) and voila, a collection at the retail heavens is born (sounds too easy huh? Ok, I should give them more credit, really. But wait, WE are the ones buying THEIR stuff! They are milking US and not vice versa! So, Customer BETTER BE king! :D ).

Off topic, I had to post this photo of the Versace fringe hobo (I know, I know, this bag is way out of budget for our topic, considering it costs US $4,237.00!!). Did I miss something in bag fashion? Since when did it become cool to carry your Afghan hound (Doesn't the hobo look like this beautiful dog?)?? I mean, sure I know Afghan hounds sit well next to "Rolls Royces and fashionable fur", but I don't think they are meant to be carried on the shoulder! I'd rather have an Afghan hound as my companion than this Versace hobo :D *hehehe ok that was mean!! But seriously, I can't get over the resemblance of that hobo to the pretty dog! But just because they look alike, doesn't mean the bag is beautiful (puke)*

*Snicker weevil weevil bag hag!!*

Ok that's about it for now, I am thinking of crawling back to bed again before my appointment at 2pm. It was so strange-- I actually dreamt last night that I went back to school. And my dad was with me (he brought me to school)! My daddy's 4th year death anniversary is coming up already (which was probably also why I dreamt of him) *sigh and not a day passes that I don't miss him*. I will attempt some quick shuteye in hopes I can see him in my dreams again. This time, I hope Daddy and I go bag shopping :) Daddy, wherever you are, I miss you. VERY MUCH :(

Thursday, April 27, 2006


Hi hags!
POIRE phone pouches are baaaaack!!
Unfortunately good ol' customs decided to tax them about 16% so the price has increased :(
Anyway here they are!

1. Brown fragrance (brown background with brown & white flowers and blue piping)
2. Tartan scottie (pink embroidered doggie has a collar with a crystal stud and pink piping )
3. Pucci (with lilac piping)
4. Argyle (green with lime background and baby pink piping)
5. Red poodles (reddish-orange satiny background with blue poodles and light blue piping)
6. Snowflakes (brown with light blue snowflakes and crystal studs)
7. Orange fragance (aqua background with brown and orange flowers and brown piping)

*The Pucci print is somewhat larger and can accommodate a bigger phone :)

Please text me at +63916-7580857 for orders or for more details. Appreciate if you could identify yourself. (No anonymous texts please-- they won't be entertained)


What celebs are carrying! (from E! Online)

Thought that I might republish this and show the hags what the celebs are currently carrying :)

Bag Ladies

Jessica Alba Spring is just around the corner, which means it's time to go shopping. Stars like Jessica Simpson and Lindsay Lohan are snatching up the latest must-have--a fabulous handbag.

Got the bucks? Then get one of these celbrity faves!

Jimmy Choo: A favorite accessory of Nicole Richie, Halle Berry, Charlize Theron and Lindsay Lohan, the Ramona is available in calf leather ($1,850) as well as crocodile ($11,000)

This pricey purse graces the arms of Diane Kruger and Jessica Simpson ($1700-1800)

Mulberry Ayler: Liv Tyler and Cate Blanchett own this woven bucket bag (approximately $1200)

Dior: The Gaucho is hot and trendy, just like its owners--Jessica Alba, Gwen Stefani and Mischa Barton ($1410-$1995)

Chloe: Last season, it was all about the Chloe Paddington bag, and now Chloe lovers Jessica Simpson, Sienna Miller and Kirsten Dunst are clamoring for the Silverado, the latest addition to the designer's handbag line ($1740)

Yves Saint Laurent:

Kate Moss, Demi Moore and Madonna all love the Muse; it's definitely a must-have for spring ($1295)

Fendi: Lindsay Lohan has a B bag in every color! (up to $5,190)

Marc Jacobs: While Jessica Simpson totes around the full-size Brigette bag, Nicole Richie opted for the smaller version ($1350)

Chanel: Lindsay Lohan counts the quilted tote as a part of her collection! ($1275)

Devi Kroell: Constructed out of real python skin, this swanky handbag is loved by Jessica Simpson, Nicole Kidman and Kate Hudson ($2280)

Don't have the big bucks? Here are similar looks for less!

Mio: Similar to the Chloe Silverado, this purse has tons of pockets that are perfect for stashing your Blackberry, cell and more ($530)

Banana Republic: Kempton, a small shoulder bag, is similar to the Mulberry ($128)

Intuition: This inexpensive option designed by the chic Los Angeles boutique Intuition looks just like the Marc Jacobs Brigette bag ($45)

Banana Republic: The Tangiers collection offers a great replica of Lindsay Lohan's Chanel bag that's affordable and comes in tons of different sizes (small hobo, $98; small triangle, $178; large tote, $198)

Alexis Hudson: Eva Longoria slings this Eclipse purse over her shoulder, and it looks just like the Devi Kroell bag ($375)

Sola Fashions: This fun handbag has a light inside that glows when you open it up to search for your lipstick in a dark club! Both Cameron Diaz and Fergie tote around this bag on their nights out! (Prices start at $200)

Luella Bartley for Target: These bags are decorated with skulls--which is very in style! ($29.99-$34.99)

Shelly Caudill: This eco-friendly option is made from natural resources but looks similar to the hot Fendi Spy bag ($500)

P.S. Speaking of Fendi Spy-- there is a mini Spy available at Rustan's right now-- a dark brown with fendi monogram combination, for Php 59,500.

P.P.S. Speaking of Rustan's, I was at the Sisley tea event this afternoon (no, I was not invited, I gatecrashed haha! Seriously though, I was invited by the fashionable Tita FrannieJ. when she ran into my mom and I. So it was sort of an impromptu attendance. Check it out, products such as the fragrance had the crown logo :) Sisley also had these makeup demos as well as a private sale of some products such as the tinted moisturizer (which was 50% off!!), and other products like the Anti- Age moisturizer which cost like, umm... Php 15,000+ (yikes). Came with a free bag. Hehe my dear mom ended up getting persuaded, and bought one. And yay, I get to keep the tweed pouch :D Neato. If she chooses not to use that moisturizer, I will ask for it haha.

*Some photos taken from barneys.com, eluxury.com, and bergdorfgoodman.com

That's all for tonight folks. Nitey :) I can't believe it. Not spending a single cent, and getting a nice tweed pouch :) *freeloading as always!!*

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Crowning Glory, a Rude Awakening, and then some

This has got to be the ultimate tote any bag hag could ever have. The softest leather with a stitched- in jigsaw puzzle tote by Henry Cuir, priced at an astronomical US$ 5,950.00 at Barney's New York. It's not even chevre leather! *Scoff*

It's high time some hags come up to me and unseat me from my so-called royal bag pedestal, and parade around this work-of-art-on-the-shoulder bag in front of me and ask me what brand it is (and I betcha I wouldn't even remember). Someone? Anyone?

Ahh wait. Speaking of royal, I have decided on giving hags royal titles (whoa, suddenly I'm the Queen here? hehe), in keeping with my guilty pleasure- cum- obsession with anything royal. So here it shall be written that hags who own one Hermes birkin/kelly (leather- box, epsom, togo, clemence, barenia, fjord, chevre, suede) are from now on, to be titled Baron or Baroness. Hags who own more than one Hermes birkin/kelly (any leather) are to be given the title of Duke or Duchess. Hags with one Hermes birkin/kelly in exotic leather- croc, alligator, lizard, ostrich are to be rightfully titled Prince or Princess. Of course the ultimate bag hag/ Queenbee will have to be someone who owns more than 5 Hermes birkins/kellys! So, who am I here? I'm your friggin' Queenmother *muwahaha* (I can't actually, I don't even have bragging rights to an Hermes croc birkin!! That though, shan't stop me from lusting for one.)

Sigh. That wasn't an entirely pointless paragraph (although it was a really and tearfully, a rather senseless one, one that could have incited bagclass wars *tsk what's gotten into me?! hello, downhill slalom from here*). Every bag hag deserves to be called a Prince/ Princess. Bag hags transcend class, damnit. MANTRA: WE ARE ALL ABOVE GENTRY!!! But like I said, the paragraph was not pointless because it really just proved one thing-- My secret desire to wear a diamond tiara *Baghag gone kookoo!!* Why'd you think my logo has a crown?If I could not wear one, something I own will! :D *Ok that was real sad. Now I know why some (or many?) people think I am vulgar hahaha*

Ok going back to the Henry Cuir bag above (boy did my mind wander off! At least this post is not contrived *or is it?*), there's another one named Baule at US $1095 though obviously less spectacular but definitely understated. Honestly, don't ask me what makes this bag worth US $1000+. Explaining why it is so to me is like explaining to an Eskimo why ice cream is best eaten cold. (Psst, that other Henry Cuir jigsaw bag just suddenly reminded me of a leather couch!!! BAD BAD!!! Bag hag, BEHAVE!)

As I write this post, I get handed a thick envelop which contained my credit card bill. *GULP* The credit card company found me (I had stored my credit card in a place even I don't remember. Poor DH had to get a replacement for me-- I am too impaired to find out how to report a lost card on my own. Such a useless woman I am. Tsk!)

And yet, I still get my credit card bill. *SHOCK, JAW DROP* Umm, I didn't anticipate this. I went to Egypt! Not friggin Paris! What could I have possibly bought?! I just remembered buying that rectangular plate thingie which cost something like US $15! (I bought it because it looked so Versace *label whoring continued in Egypt!*) Why is the damn thing so thick?! I don't even remember going to any designer shop anywhere :( And I certainly didn't get my own credit card swiped by someone else from right under my nose! So that thick "wad" of Bills (alas, not bills of money)? All mine. (Note that I am already broke right down to my shins to begin with!)

AWFUL TRUTH: The bill was all about-- Lotsa food, food, food (dinner at my fave Japanese haunt Kuretake at Rockwell *sister restaurant of Sushi Tsumura-- if you have not been there yet, you are MISSING OUT!!!*). And then there were the Chanel glasses and the Hermes twilly (thanks a lot, Dubai). *Bawl* I mourn over the loss of my money in my already- shrunken bank account, mourn over the fact that I actually didn't spend it on A bag (mind you I was eyeing either an LV multicolore Trouville or this new LV multicolore Priscilla *to be out in May-- doesn't the bag remind you of the Damier Belem? It's rather cute* But I did NOT make any bag purchase!), and mourn over the remains (evidence) of the good food I had (check out my back fat, it's HUGE). But hey, there is always laughter in tears. At least I can always hide under those chic (or at least I think so) black Chanel glasses and tie that Hermes twilly to my neck for my oh-I'm so-Parisienne- chic wannabe look! And carry my bag that is my crowning glory *wink ;)*SCORE!!!!! :) Ah it's time to stop typing. I am no longer making any sense. I just wish no English teacher or Editor in his/her right frame of mind would read this post. It's really garbage (a bunch of inconsistent tenses, incorrect use of words, running sentences... this post *THE WHOLE BLOG in fact* has the makings of an "F" if graded!) It therefore comes as no surprise that no editor wants to hire me to write for his/her magazine/ newspaper *muwahahaha so sad, yet so true*!!

P.S. Since I'm too lazy to check my archives for past posts, I will just correct something here-- I believe I had mentioned the Goyard Croisiere as Croisiere 30 when in reality, it should be Croisiere 35. Apologies for the confusion created. That's what happens when a bag hag gets a whiff of the "almost- famous" air (oh puke!!! I can be a real dingdong! Blah!). Think my "Crowning Glory" Goyard bag (I really am deluded into thinking I am baghag royalty!! OhMahGawd, PAH-THEH-TICCC). Which leads to my second P.S.

P.P.S. I took my mom's Croisiere bag out for a spin today-- without her knowing it. DaphP saw me with it when we had our little tete a tete at Press. My aunt ALSO saw me with it as I waited for my car (I broke out in cold sweat when I saw her too). So AuntieN, if you are reading my blog, you BETTER NOT tell :D *shhhhhhhhh "Mum's" the word, get it? hehe :)*

P.P.P.S. If you can spend US $500 on a bag, you won't even wince when you fish out Php 700/ US$ 15 (for sizes 40 up, they're Php 800) for a pair of these super cool L&L Espadrilles handmade in Spain *natch!!* Bag hag embarrassing moment alert: I attempted to buy a pair of pekpek shorts at Zara (to wear with these espadrilles) but OhMahGaWd I swear my soul showed right through the shorts' legholes! I was thinking of matching a nice pair of green pekpek shorts with one of these L&L espadrilles for that chirpy summery look, but I now have to find a better pair of shorts (err perhaps something not so... short?! But blah wouldn't that be defeating the purpose though? The search for the perfect shorts, is on.) Anyway, hags, if you like these L&L espadrilles (you can give those Havaianas a rest), please contact lizaandlara@gmail.com

Nite! You must be as dizzy as I, after reading this post :)

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

More Louis Vuitton Bags

Coming from that boobtube appearance on DaphP's show last Sunday, I am still sorta on a high (WOW this is realllly getting to my head, I reallly am deluding myself into thinking I AM popular! *oh Puke puhleeaaase!!*) Earth to Mrs. T!!!

Ok fine. Sigh. Moving on to more bag talk-- let's discuss our love for all bags designer *cough you label whores you-- me included!*. Especially LV. Apart from the fuchsia and green denim bags that are coming out this season for Louis Vuitton, here are a few more monogram pieces that have just debuted:

Tikal PM

Tikal GM
Pochette CancunI am so not fond of the Tikal style. That turnlock reminds me so much of Coach bags. If I were to spend a good US $1,200 on a bag, I'd honestly not spend it on the Tikal GM. Sorry, but this doesn't score any points for me right now. I'd rather do the pushlocks please. Those were a lot cuter.

Why pray tell, so suddenly is the LV Murakami Trouville in Black appealing to my bag senses? Tsk. This is LV withdrawal kicking in. I haven't been to the local LV boutique since March. It's almost end of April already.

Sigh, to be a woman and to have so many skeletons in her closet (skeletons who carry bags *teehee of course, can't have it any other way!*), a travesty I tell you. Time to turn in for the night.


Monday, April 24, 2006

Bag Hag Guests at ANC Life- DaphP's TV Show!

It helps that I brag about something after-the-fact it has already happened. That way, I don't get accused of being a "real" braggart (although I KNOW I am anyway *what a way to make myself feel better!*)

Last Sunday (yesterday), DaphP guested your kookie baghag, along with two other VERY popular bloggers-- dessertcomesfirst.blogspot.com and thefashpack.blogspot.com (owned and maintained by LoriB and LIC respectively) on her ANC Life show at the ANC Channel. (Hags, you should make it a Sunday habit to tune into her show. I know a bunch of you already do :D. Others, please mark every Sunday at 7pm on your calendars and datebooks!) I felt soooo embarrassed to be on the show actually. Because I was sandwiched between two professional bloggers-- I mean the word professional in every sense: they don't bitch about their lives, and they seriously discuss desserts and fashion (respectively of course hehe). LoriB's blog even got mentioned recently in The Wall Street Journal! Meanwhile, all I do is talk about how broke I am and how hard I lust for the newest bag (and how I can possibly pay for it) *PATHETIC*.

Of course you can't expect me to post photos of the show here-- especially not with ME in it *Feeling important again! hehe*. After all, I would not want readership to drop out of shock (I mean SHOCK). So, in true baghag form, I am posting the *woohoo* international (yes, Daph's show IS international!) debut of my white custom-striped Goyard croisiere 30 :)And here are my bag's friends *black bag is Prada-- postscript: thefashpack had to remind this bag hag who her bag was, because this silly baghag was obviously clueless-- see I am not rightfully titled haha!* who also guested :) *Teehee, my bag's new friends :)*DaphP's bag was not yet part of the shot because she was still in the make-up room at the time.

Oh and here's the dressing/make-up room!Shu Uemura's XengZ was also there (standing up)-- doing Daph's makeup. (I am SO embarrassed. I mistook Xeng for CarminaS in one of my previous posts! SHAME!!) Anyway, there's DaphP with her trusted LV monogram Speedy (My Goyard croisiere was hoping to meet hers :D Tsk awwww) *Can you find the LV Speedy?*

Baghag gone haywire ALERT:
You know you're crazy when-- you arrange for your bag and your friend's bag to meet. *Screeech* I AM bag crazy!! :)

Anyway, we all had a wonderful time last night, again thanks to DaphP! Psst, D, we should have our bags meet someday *hehee*

I have to head off in a short while (I woke up at 9am today! WOO!!) I will also just post 2 photos of how the Prada bags look like when carried. This is the navy blue cotton Prada priced at Php 8,000 only!! (It's under 10K!! So cheap!) It works carried as a handbag as well as shoulderbag.

And the red Prada bugatti- shaped bag which is not yet on the Tresor site. :) Just to give you readers a lil heads up :) It's priced at Php 22,000. Still quite new and has a lock and key!!

P.S. Thefashpack had asked me a question on her blog last April 8, to which I didn't answer. So, here goes! That Fendi Spy color available at Rustan's is either honey or cognac colored. Don't ask me why the choice of names (doesn't anything dessert or alcohol- related always end up sounding more enticing than say, using the word "tan"? :D hehe ask LoriB, she'd agree to the word Honey. Besides, it does make the Spy sound remarkably sweeter doesn't it? :D)

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Just Another Day in Bag Paradise (but I'm Broke!)

I was so pleasantly awakened by a phone text message from Houston's hot baghag LPT, asking me if I was interested in a 32cm Hermes birkin. I almost fell off my bed. I am so broke-- aka Poor, aka Financially challenged... Wait. Make that financially incapacitated.

Here's the funny part, LPT was offered an apple green birkin! Shallow baghag alert: I would've taken out a loan anytime for the apple green bag muwahahaha!! I am such a sucker, it's no longer funny. Anyway, LPT, thank you for thinking of me. I will have to earn $$ to buy anything Hermes first! (I threw my credit cards away, hoping the credit card bills won't trace my whereabouts hehehe :P)

Two more baghag honorable mentions:

MBS who is currently in Paris right now, went to the Goyard boutique at 233 Rue Saint Honore. She went to LV first and said, "the boutique was like SM (shoe mart)-- there were so many people inside!". Then she dropped by Goyard-- "Not as many people yet, but lotsa Japanese women!". I'm telling ya, these Japanese ladies know a good brand when they see it !! She walked out of LV with a new Speedy (woohoo Pandora's bag!), and Goyard with a new Orange Fidji Hobo. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

JGC whom I had contacted before to borrow some jewelry for my shoot back when I was with Metro Weddings, wrote to me. I laughed so hard after having read her email. Another "closet-case" bag hag surfaces! I love this!! I thought I was seriously going to cure my obsession, but now I am helping hags "come out"!! Tsk tsk, I can't believe you had to confess to your DH about the price of your Hermes birkin! I would've said it was just another new bag. Period. *muwahahaha* Cheers to you girl, I think you should add Goyard bags to your collection :D (Goyard publicists, please read my blog, please hire me to be the local spokesperson! hahaha what a pathetic sod I am!)

Ok ok, enough mention of that for now.

Speaking of Hermes bags, has anyone seen this new Hermes bag model-- Paris-Bombay? My fellow boardie GianaB is in love with the bag, and I think I am too. It is such a classic shaped bag. But oh be still my heart, it has a price tag of about US$3,000++! Don't worry, when I strike gold one day, I will get this bag and raffle it off here on my blog :D heheehee! *That would be the day!*

Oh! Some hags (ok ladies, raise your hands now) were asking me for my opinion on the Chloe Edith bag. This is a smaller version of the Edith in a really nice blue color. Hmm, know what, I am divided on this bag (partly because of my finances hahaha!!). I really like it because it's cute, but it doesn't look like it will pack a lot. Plus it looks a bit too similar to the Balenciaga bags. But maybe let me see the large one in person and I will seriously consider it. My eyes are still reserved for that Chanel metallic bowling bag from the luxury line. (photo credit: Baghag LPT-- her cousin owns this fab bag!!)

Ok, I don't wanna shortchange everyone today, but I have a seriously sore shoulderblade. I need to rest (since I can't get a massage). :(

Anyway have a good Sunday, and if by chance tomorrow night, you are just home, don't forget to tune in to the ANC Channel, for Daph P.'s show at 7pm :) I have to sleep now. I have to play Mommy (the real Mommy, not Hoochie Mama-- that's my different side please) who'd bring the kids to a children's party by noon tomorrow. Sigh, it's a big world out there for the lil ones isn't it? :)