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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Vintage Bazaar + A Happy Birthday to BB!

I was able to make it to the vintage bazaar at Rockwell tent last Sunday. I had less than an hour to spare. Thank goodness there weren't that many people there. I heard the place was a frying pan during the afternoon (yuck stinky sauna sweat).

Here are the booths worth seeing (what with my remaining 20 minutes-- these guys were egressing even before it hit 9pm!). Of course my friend D! finally put out her stuff for all the bazaar goers to enjoy. She, by the way, is now being stocked by Atelier Debbie Co. And she has tons of stuff (of course including my fave DiVa bangles and necklace!). (Atelier Debbie Co is located at 2nd floor #136 Jupiter Place, Jupiter Street, Makati, tel. 890-9192 -- same bldg as IO Ktv).

I also saw pretty cool local bags made by Bags in the City, run by the Tolentino sisters (148-C San Francisco Street Mandaluyong, tel. 5346270) They have these huge papillon style bags that can fit so much :) Not too expensive, these bags will win uber brownie points even with the most discriminating bag hag.

The vintage bazaar won't be complete without Marni's Room, a boutique, owned by the talented duo, Louie Claparols and Bobby Carlos, and born out of their love for 2nd hand-vintage- preowned but not worn clothing which include labels like Atsuro Tayama , Jean Paul Gaultier, Vivienne Tam, Dolce and Gabbana. Prices are so reasonable you won't even think twice about forking over your moolah for that beautiful floral peasant dress, or that vintage tee with a young Imelda Marcos print. (Marni's Room is located in the Malate area. Text Louie at 0927-5978816).

Gail Angeles is also a pretty cool, young and hot mama, and she has been designing accessories as well for Firma, and was there at the bazaar. Surprise surprise! She also came up with these super cute tops under the label Wisdom. Alas, I was too large for her "medium" and she has no "large" size. She is seen here wearing the top as well. To order, please contact Gail at 0917-9235268.

Oh Oh, so this is such a classic sucker story-- I was walking around the leftovers of the bazaar, and this guy from PMAP said to me "Oh wow you have a Goyard bag!" (I was using my orange Goyard fidji). So of course whether or not that was a sales pitch, remained to be known, until of course I found myself paying Php 950 for some gold shimmery thing that doesn't even FIT ME!! (I had to find that out when I got home and tried on the thing). It was just heee-deee-ousss on me *PUKE* So I end up with some rough shimmery thing that I will probably wear as some nightgown (err nightie). *And I will in all likelihood, wake up with red marks all over my body since the damn material seems like one of those itchy fabrics* uggghhhh *SHUDDER* Fruck. A Php 950 golden nightie. The damn "dress" won't work on women with 1. Hips, 2. Semi-boobs (I have boobs but not BOOOBS-- but that still qualifies me as a semi-boobed hag), 3. Flabs (oh THAT I have plenty of-- anyone who needs collagen on their lips? I can give you my flabs for your lips-- FREE! How's that for a deal! *muwahaha*), 4. a Thick waist (Try 28.5" baby!!! *oh how I wish that was my AGE instead!!*) P.S. I have decided against posting a photo of the dress. I will be totally lambasted for being such an idiotic shopper. *yea yeah I want to keep my so-called reputation and that dress will ruin ruin ruin me!*

Lesson learned from the Bazaar: NEVER get sucked into a seller's pick-up line "heyyy nice bag" *Sigh* How STOOOPPID can I be? Apparently, Preee-tty damn stupid.

Ok, I have lambasted myself enough for now. Today by the way, I was the acting designated driver of my dear hubby and my mom. So I was pretty much all over town. But the best of that was that, after I drove mom to her appointment, we both ended up having merienda cena at Kohikan (Greenhills Shopping Center by the Promenade- beside Teriyaki Boy). The owners of this place should give me a discount (since I am such a cheapskate-- hey babes, I only learn from the best *cough, my frugal mom inlaw haha WINK*). If you have not yet tried this Japanese coffee place out, you Must. It's nothing like UCC (although that is also a frequent haunt). The best macha shake AND that spicy spaghetti with squid and shrimp roe *DROOL*. My Mommy is not into pasta and yet she loved this. I have yet to try so much more dishes but everytime I go there, I seem to order the SAME food (I'm a creature of habit when it comes to food. I wish I can say that about my bad bag habit haha).

AH, and yes, I carried my trusted Goyard orange fidji again. I stuffed so much crap into the bag that it looked actually all filled-out like a fat dumpling (a true hobo hehe). Hags, you MUST get this style if you get a Goyard. No one will pick you up at the tiangge using that sucker pickup line "Wow you have a Goyard bag!" You WILL walk out of the bazaar without that same gold shimmery dress *weeevil!!*

Sigh, I sleep tonight with the full knowledge that I am Php 950 poorer, and with a shimmery dress only an authentic two-bit whore can love. Mantra: I am not a loser... I am not a loser... I am... *Damn this is almost as bad as getting that stupid Balenciaga dress without the tags!!* (I am a loser! *bawl*)

Double sigh, it's soooooo hot now, I don't even have to blink to break a sweat (damn it would've been good to wear that gold dress (?!) if it only fit me *muwahaha). Good news is I COULD in fact lose weight. Bad news is, I will stink (if I don't already hahaha). Bring out your cool espadrille wedges and wear them with those Daisy Duke hotpants *snicker* (oh wait! I'll wear my shimmery dress hahaha) ;) Here's the deal. I may recommend that outfit to you hags, but you can be assured that I won't be seen in that in public, not unless I am deluded into thinking that I can seriously get some lovin' with it (aka try to get the hubby jealous so he will shower me with more attention). But let's face it. I'm no pretty woman. Even with an outfit (with my wrong body) out to catch some serious meat, my husband won't pick me up, nor even glance my way. He will in fact avoid looking my way. (sigh, so much for my so-called hot hoochie mama look! ) *muwahaha*

P.S. BAG HAG BOITDAY ALERT!! To my fave Bag Hag (and his *droool* Yummy birkin) BB: HAPPY 17th BIRTHDAY!!! :D *Remember the mantras: "I am young... very young... I am not a label whore..." Or else I'll See ya in BrokeBag Heaven!!*

Night everyone! Don't forget to greet BB!! Send him an email or a text!!!!