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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Two debuts and a wedding :)

So today I attended a wedding. For the 2nd time after almost what, 3 years of not attending? (Unless I have a severe case of amnesia-- I don't recall attending a wedding all those years) I think it had a lot to do with the fact that I was working within the wedding industry (Metro Weddings). I probably just got burnt out. Weddings are lovely and all, but it was my work back then. So attending one was like being "on call", so I chose not to attend. That and no one wanted me as their guest *muwahahaha* This wedding though, is special. It happens to be my godparents' son's wedding. Seen in the photo are Jose Mari Chan with my godparents (whom we all have to thank for bringing in Mc Donalds to the Philippines ;) *wooohooo Love ko 'to* ) :D

So today at the afternoon church ceremony, I debuted my "baby" :) I have not been keen on bringing this baby out for the longest time because I just felt so guilty having it. But today, I just impulsively decided to use her. And I had my outfit planned for her. I wore an Atelier Debbie Co kimono-esque jacket which had prints of ochre, brown, and brick, paired them with brown pants, and my Marni faux croc flats. Hags, this is the debut of my baby-- may I present to you this-- my Hermes 28cm Niloticus mou Kelly in havanne with gold hardware :D Now you all know why I am bloody broke-- BB and ST have known this for quite sometime ;) So... please please DO NOT attempt to even ask me how much the baby set me back (I will totally ignore your question if you do ask-- *biatch mode ON*). All I know is, my kids will have to be home schooled. By ME. (Morbid thought!!! *muwahaha weevil mama hag!!*)

And for the evening reception held at Le Pavillon, I chose NOT to debut my Balenciaga cocktail dress. I figured one debut is enough for the month ;) I wore an almost vintage Joe Salazar gown -- my pre-wedding gown! Ok THIS you gotta hear. I DO NOT fit into the corset of the gown. The inside of the gown has a corset that is separate from the body of the dress. To wear the gown, you need to fasten the hooks of the corset, then zip up the dress. I DO NOT FIT INTO THE CORSET. BUT!! The beautiful dress zips up. I say it's beautiful because Joe Salazar (rest his soul) never made anything ugly. I had been binge-eating over the last few days and THIS gown made me look svelte (fake svelte, but nevertheless svelte-- for the night). Ok I am so pathetic. I wore the gown with its corset completely unfastened. Sorry but it's too embarrassing to post a photo of what I look like, so you have to use your imagination to create a mental picture of how I looked. To top it off of course, I brought along my cashmere wrap trimmed with mink. (Ok, I am SoooOoo Not looking good. *I scream GAUDY!!*)

I used a Php 6,200 bag from Atelier M (Greenbelt 3 shop across Marks and Spencer). That's one good bag. Not too small in that it holds both mobile phones as well as a camera, and not too big to look bulky. Tonight is the night I debuted it. I told BB I could not fathom spending US$1000 on a beautiful minaudiere that I will only use what, once a year. Besides, I needed a black evening purse. But the thing is, the purse color doesn't work with my gown color. The only thing linking them together is the cashmere wrap. So, gaudy or not, I had to bring it along to make the whole ensemble work.

Other bags I saw: Chanel bronze bag (which I am strangely attracted to). Would've been nice if used as a clutch. There was also a lady carrying a Lady Dior bag in black. And also a few Ferragamo purses!! Are these bags back or something??? Note though that the Ferragamo mini bags were carried by chic ladies (and not matronistas).

Anyway, the night was a success. Cibo had excellent food as always-- Cream of capsicum, mushroom ravioli, chilean sea bass with fennel and beef tenderloin with caperberries, a chocolate fondue fountain, and mini creme brulee with crepe millefeuilles. A menu enough for anyone to drool. Too bad I can barely breathe in this gown, or I would've wolfed down every single thing on my plate. Ah well. Sacrifice to be thinner. It's ok :D

Welp, that's how my hubby and I spent his birthday-- at a wedding :) We have postponed a nice date for sometime this week. :)

P.S. The only thing I loathed about attending this wedding was seeing this woman (I have since named her SourCerises) whom I always see at parties and YET, she is soooo snooooooty. Like you'd think since you run into each other often enough that she'd automatically warm up to you (because I immediately warm up to someone whose face I often see!). Apparently not SourCerises. According to my source, she was very popular in school so she apparently still thinks she is in some popularity contest. Well, enough bitchin already. No point. (Maybe she was jealous of my mismatched outfit and bag *muwahahaha.... MAYBE!!*)

Night night hags :) Alias night for me and the hubby. We on the third season already *woowoo*