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Monday, March 13, 2006

Travels with My Better Half :D

Ok, I have decided to share this experience with you all. This post will truly set my reputation as a SHALLOW, FREELOADING, ACTING-LIKE-A-RICH-BITCH, FEELING- VIP, MEGA BRAGGART HAG in stone. (So this is yet another confession. Everything below would not have been possible if we were asked to pay *muwahahaha*. As I've said, CHEAP, BRAGGING FREELOADER!!)

We went to Baguio over the weekend. Stayed at Camp John Hay Manor (with their compliments)! Freeloader hag alert! : So we get a 2 nights stay at a superior room, plus all meals inclusive, FREE OF CHARGE!!

My hubby made sure we were not about to abuse that once-in-a-blue-moon privilege, so he brought along 2 of our best bottles of wine in his collection (again, compliments of my father-in-law)... Oh Gawd we ARE turning into THE Freeloading couple of 2006 (P.S. If there is such a competition, don't forget to vote for us) !!!

So I used my Longchamp bag for the trip-- again, the perfect bag to use on your travels. Lightweight, compact, washable. In other words, perfect. It's really a toss-up between that and a Goyard. :D But I love my Goyard far too much to bring it to the markets :D

Anyway, I just HAVE TO rave about The Manor. And not because we stayed there for free, but because really, the service we get there has been consistently impeccable, and the food definitely something to write home about. So anyway, the weather in Baguio was nice and cool (perfect for cuddling!). We arrived there at 7pm sharp on Friday night and proceeded to dinner at Le Chef (Chef Billy King's baby). On the menu: Beef carpaccio with fresh mushrooms doused with olive oil, Angel hair pasta Ala "King", Chocolate Souffle. And of course for drinks, our red wines, 1975 Grand Vin de Leoville AND a 1983 Chateau Lafite Rothschild (now THAT is pure luxury)!! . *BRAG BRAG BRAG... I swear, I am such a freeloading braggart* Teehee, I tell you, it is THE life to be able to sip wine that's as old as moi. It actually scares me to think that I am drinking something that's THAT old.

It was a lovely dinner. Afterwards we took a brief stroll outside to enjoy the cool, crisp, pine-scented air. We headed back to our room after the nice walk, and to our surprise, we get a call saying Chef Billy King had something for us, and someone was to bring it up shortly (it was Chef King's way of apologizing for not having been able to stay for drinks with us over dinner because he had to head back to Manila). Guess what that "something" was. Holy smokes. As if we weren't stuffed enough!!! We were presented with yet another table with salmon and camembert with grape canapes, a nice fruit platter (fresh strawberries!!!!), petit fours and bitesized cheese cakes, white chocolate truffles, and a cheese platter (camembert, bleu, brie... forget lactose intolerance for tonight!!), and a new bottle of wine, 2002 Berger Baron. My goodness. So you can only imagine, us binging on food the WHOLE night-- we were stuffed to our ears!! And oh yeah we HAD to eat our food by our balcony (we stayed in one of those rooms with a nice balcony :D) *Cough freeloader BIG TIME I tell ya*

The next morning (or rather early afternoon hehe), we had a light meal (Stuffed mushroom filo pastry with mixed greens and french onion soup, and YUM fresh strawberry shake!!), before hitting "downtown". We drove down Session Road,and headed to UK (ahem, no, not United Kingdom. Hehehe UK is the high-class term for *snicker* ukay ukay thriftshop outlets heheee). Let me give you a brief 4-1-1 on this place. Roughly 3 years ago, we went to this place for the first time, along with our Metro Weddings Mag team. Believe it or not, I found a Chanel quilted lambskin bag there for 1k. No, I didn't buy it then, because geez, how was I supposed to know there was resale for that back then :D *kick myself in the head* But hey, back then, I scored a Japanese-y printed jersey shirt for like, 80 pesos!! *yeah!!!! THAT's a bargain!!* I had that shirt soaked in water and soap for three days before I wore it :) I still loooove that shirt. But this trip proved unproductive. I couldn't even find any authentic brands there anymore! The whole place was littered with USED FAKE branded bags like LV, Vivienne Westwood, Prada, Gucci... Sigh, really short of me saying the place now disgusted me-- ok, ok. I admit. The place now disgusted me. Again one thing I hate is having these people NOT KNOW the fakes. Imagine a fake Prada fannypack was selling for 1000 pesos. And the saleslady said it was real. Ummm like yeah, it's real if the snap button has the words "FAN LONG" engraved. Call me crazy but I AM NO IDIOT *curse curse* Heck even my husband can easily discern that the bag was fake! French authorities should raid these places. I couldn't believe that there was a 2nd hand market for fake bags! THAT is scary.

Anyway apres UK, we went to the Baguio Public Market! Thanks again to our previous trip here (my mom-in-law knew the ins and outs of every single alley and we were together there last December), we didn't get lost. I am the adventurous one between my hubster and I. So he was just happy to tag along and couldn't wait for me to get lost (hehee weeevil). Too bad for him, I believe I was born with a good sense of direction (well, most of the time anyway). This trip, no souvenirs anymore except veggies :) I looove the veggie market. I looove that they're so fresh. Beats buying pruned-up veggies from Rustan's anyday!!

Our last stop for the day was, haha Baguio's retail heaven, SM :D *woohoo At SM, we got it all for you ... :D* I remember that this was where that old hotel (which fell like an accordion after the great earthquake) used to sit. And now, it's the grand mall of Baguio :) I love the way this mall was built-- semi-open air, with ceiling fans in case the temperature gets warm. SM is also covered in some tarp-like roof, making it look like a huge circus tent. There are these open terraces on each floor which allowed shoppers to just "hang" and take in the view (Burnham park in the distance-- where there is this tiny body of water). SM was nice, I must say (but hey, I am sooo easy to please!)

Alas, I still wanted to post pictures of the ladies of Baguio, what bags they were toting and all, when my trusted digital camera's battery died on me. Umm... I forgot to charge the camera before I left for the trip. So that's that. Ok. Pathetic. Idiot. Nincompoop. Ok. I will forever kick myself in the head for having forgotten, because there were honestly some pretty colorful characters that I could've taken photos of, and shared (and we'd all have a laugh or two). But that didn't happen :(

But that said, it was really overall a wonderful trip. I got a much needed R&R with the hubby, got to enjoy 5-star-Michelin-rating-worthy food, and didn't even cough up that much at the end ! Damn, that has got to be THE CHEAPEST TRIP we have ever taken. And I loved every single moment!! :)

P.S. By late Saturday night (or rather Sunday early morning), I was having internet withdrawal *hahahaha* I also couldn't wait to come back (especially with BB's texts about the CHANEL's Luxury line of metallic bags!) *sigh, true enough, gorgeous... double sigh* (photo grabbed from www.chanel.com)

P.P.S. I am haunted by the Apple Green Balenciaga City bag. Does anyone have this hankering for the same bag as I do?? Sigh... my baghag 'comrade' DR was in HK and saw the bag. Drat. I should've asked to get the bag. Why is it that such things nag me? It's like my senses just KNEW there was a bag (that I wanted) available?! *Sigh, this is a curse... BAWL!!* :(

Time to retire for the night. Much to do tomorrow-- woowoo have a project as a freelance writer! Again, if you end up reading some article I wrote in a magazine, don't use that to clean your dog pee or poop ok? This is my 1st project here in Manila post Metro Weddings :) (haha I'd have the darned thing framed, for Pete's sake! *snicker... NOT!*)