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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Social Climbing- Bag watching at BB's party *muwahaha*

OK. I've been bad. Got remarkably intoxicated last night. It was BB's and Ianne Evangelista's (Cosmo's fun and fearless Editor-in-Chief) birthday party at M Cafe (and I shamelessly climbed up the social ladder *cough social climbing biatch*). BB, Happy Birthday again!!! The invite said to come in your New Hollywood trashtastic getup. I would've loved going to the party looking like trash (my usual wake-up-and-go kinda look *snicker*), but to look New Hollywood trashtastic was gonna be a lotta work. Seeing what an adventurous dresser I am *cough puke, right*, I just decided to wear a khaki (oh my Gawd does anyone still use that word? Khaki??) pouffed-up jacket with black cropped bottoms (see, you can obviously tell by now that 1. I cannot be a fashion writer, 2. I am a terrible dresser *muwahaha*).

As I was saying, I got intoxicated last night after 5 Babooshtinis (THE signature drink of the night). BUT, I still managed bagwatch and take photos of the fashionable pack *wink LIC*
Here's Karla A. (Tatler Magazine) with the Babooshtini drink. I first met her about a year ago when she was still with People Mag. She also writes for Philippine Star.
Shu's Xeng Z. and her bright yellow bag :) *Makes me miss my own Celine yellow boogie-- Bag hag MBS took off with the baby and is now loving it-- and trust me, I amn grateful she took it coz she knows how to looooove :)
Ah this lady I sooo am indebted to right now-- Kara T. and her beau Virgil P. She is the super talented woman behind Tresor's logo (coming soon!!) I love that red bag with her outfit. It pops!! :)The woman with Good Finds! Jenni Ep and her Aranaz clutch. And oooh the boots!!! I love the boots. She said she got them from Hot Wind (Glorietta 4).
Liza C. is one of the fash pack *wink wink* of ladies who were at this party too. Hags, you know I love green, and Liza's emerald green garb with her Miu Miu bag was *sniff* something I wish I could wear if I weren't so fat. Only she could carry this outfit. I would have ruined it totally. Two thumbs up for this one!!

Jackie A. and her yummy brown Fendi Spy. That's one bag you will hardly see getting resold. It's a keeper!!Friends Hannah and Stacey. They are sooo hilarious!! Hannah is also a good friend of BB and is seen carrying the large YSL Muse bag. Oooh I'm tellin ya, the bag is gorgeous, and can pack plenty!!

You are probably wondering where is BB in all this. Wait, be Patient! I'm saving that for last :D
I really like Agoo B.'s style (Agoo is one of the editors of Preview Mag). I distinctly remember her wearing this gray Ivar Aseron jersey gown at one of the Shu events. It was sooo beautiful on her. Some people are really born with style. Alas, I am not one of them *bawl*
Here is the birthday babe-- BB aka Paris Hilton of the night :D I can't help but admit that I love the tranny look on BB :) Too funny!!! She (err... he) is seen here with Princess V. (yep, she's the famed Violago little chika with the uber many LV trunks :D She was featured in Mega Mag's stylephile by Alexis A.) Ahh Chanel Chanel Chanel's classic lambskin quilted bag... If you don't have a Chanel bag yet, this is one of the pieces you should be buying. It's an iconic bag that pretty much ranks close to an Hermes Kelly.
And lastly, a group photo of the Hags :D Stacey, Princess, Birthday girl Ianne, Hannah, and Birthday babe BryanBoy with his oohh Nancy G. golden python minaudiere (copied no less by Salma Hayek *snicker, that lady.. I swear hehehe*)

Ok, its almost 10am now (yes, you wondered why I woke up so early?). Well, that's cause I am sorta nursing a hangover. I can't take alcohol like I used to. I purged! *bawl* It's really really bad. I should lead a healthier lifestyle. Last night was an exception :D *sigh and I hope no more exceptions hahaha*

Have a good day ahead!! xoxo

P.S. Brag Brag (I am such a biatch!): I am so glad to have friends in high places *muwahahaha*. My new friend (another bag hag) NG of Phil Airlines was able to sneak me into a closed (aka no more waitlist or reservations allowed) booking for an awards ticket redemption flight (did I say that right?) to Hong Kong. I owe you, girl!! :D

P.P.S. Bag Hag LPT has dedicated a post on her blog to moi, Mrs. T. She was eyeing bags the whole time during a party she attended :D *bad girl hehehehe*