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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Prahhhhh Daaaaahhh

I am desperately looking for the photo of one of the European Royal Princesses who was seen carrying a Prada Plume- type bag like this one on TRESORMAKATI. Anyway, why oh why did it have to be a red bag! *bawl* I really wanted a bag like this (channeling royalty again *what a faker!*). But just not in red. So if anyone wants this bag, email or text me at +63916-7580857. You'd be doing yourself a favor by owning this bag. It's sooo royalty *diehard royalista hag at work here* (Sigh I was hoping for the linen- leather combination in brown/ or the off-white (by the way the red leather is the same as this-- it's called Saffiano leather) OR at least if not this same style, that suede daino box bag ( Ebay photo) but bah I hate suede-- beggars can't be choosy!)

*Gulp* Mantra!!! "I am not a label whore... I am not a label whore..." *snicker*

I realize the only Prada in my closet is the white leather pochette that my Daddy had bought for me while he was on a business trip in Italy. *sad... I miss my Daddy*

So I know I am bloody broke now that it's not funny (I can only drool outside shop windows), but I promise that once I get my paycheck from the magazine gods, I will be pressing my nose against a Prada bag... *snicker*

Ok I hafta get going. Lunch time :) *food will get my mind off a Prada bag* Hehee...