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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Phone bag couture, Bag Snob (The Ultimate Bag Hag!)

I won't be blogging TOO much tonight. I am way too tired. My wonderful toddler was throwing the mighty terrible-twos tantrum and my normal 8-hour sleep got cut short. (Hehe, and we know what that's like. Pet peeve: LACK OF SLEEP)

I've made a small order for these Poire phone pouches. If anyone is interested, let me know! :)
They are the cutest thing and I have just outfitted my own camera with it too (yay it fits!!) It's a Little Phone Bag Couture :D Not an LV but hey, this is WAY cheaper than an LV wappity or some case for a phone :D

Here's a photo of all the designs available.1. Tartan Scottie: There's a little embroidered dog with a mini swarovski crystal stud as its dog collar :)

2.Birds: Each brown flower has a mini swarovski crystal as well and is all over the pouch

3. Tropical Flower: In semi- sheen material (Kimono print!)

4. Paisley: In dark green with orange and chartreuse accents

Pssst.. would these be good phone bags for the Motorola Razr phone with the blings back at the Shu party last night? ;)

Oh here. Bergdorf Goodman is soo totally weevil. And I love it!! Featuring neutral bags (bags I normally won't go for) didn't really stop me from lusting for these:

BOTKIER Bombay leather tote. 13"L x 20"H x 8"W. Holy this is a huge bag. And I think there is a shoulder strap too. And for US $540, the price is quite reasonable. Especially since the "hotter" designer bags now start at approximately US $1,200!

YSL Ines Zip Bag. Ugh this bag is something I am sooooo lusting for. I just said a few lines ago that "hotter" designer bags cost in the upward figure of US $1,200. Could'nt have said it better. This bag is US $1,795. The bag has a belted shoulder strap and top handles. And it's leather. I do wonder how well the shape will hold if the bag is not filled up. But nevertheless, this is such a NICE bag!!! Sigh, I need a surrogate "dandan" (a term from Memoirs of the Geisha) :D

Night night hags!! Tomorrow I am heading out with some friends for a cheap makeover session :) *nothing's better than a cheap makeover-- but hey, a cheap AND tasteful one!!*

P.S. I was chatting with an old friend (with whom I have just recently gotten reacquainted!), Jac S. and she gets these travel perks (imagine, 8 months in Paris and she was bored!!) for work. I was like, WOMAN, I will pay for my airfare, and I will even cook you dinner, but please let me stay for free!!! :D *freeeelooooaderrrr!!!!!* :) Her next stop is Frankfurt, Germany by month end. Psst, Jac S., YOU are the TRUE Alias woman (Jen Garner and the whole 9 yards!) unlike some deluded people *weeeevil snicker!!* Too bad I am penniless. I can't travel anywhere without getting sponsored by my family (aka my mom and my brothers). *Sigh* If you must know, I became a freeloader after I got married *muwahahaha*.

P.P.S. If you hags ever wondered about the extent of my bag collection, I will tell you this now. You will ONLY be disappointed if you know how many bags I own. I sure as hell can tell you, I don't even own a quarter of BAGSNOB'S collection. That woman's collection is simply jawdropping!!!! I bow down to her and scream, "I AM NOT WORTHY!!!!!!" in true Wayne and Garth (Wayne's World) fashion!! And when this woman says "I know your bags are fake because I own MANY high- end designer bags," I am definitely gonna tell you SHE has credibility!! *cough cough, wink!!*


Blogger paz said...

isn't BAGSNOB fab?

i luv that botkier bag! it's like a bowling bag but with exaggerated architecture, and for less than $ 600! great find!

12:19 AM  
Blogger Sharleen said...

If only words can kill, we've already murdered someone many times over! *evil grin*

Cheers to more bags and much more money! Hahahaha ;-p

12:33 AM  
Blogger MRS. T said...

Paz: I am loving the YSL bag more, although I know it must be soo bulky :(

Shar: Hehe cheers to more bags and money! indeedy!!!

1:15 AM  
Blogger Shop Diary said...

that is one serious handbag collection. it's drool worthy and to die for!

2:40 AM  
Blogger jacqui said...

i love the botkier bag!!! and the color is FAB!

3:14 PM  

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