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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Nightmare on Greenbelt 4 (Freddy style)

I went to Greenbelt4 today with only ONE thing in mind-- get my gold watch rebuffed. Don't ask me why or what, but I had some scratches, *cough* VERY visible scratches, along the bezel of my watch (my husband has lambasted me numerous times for not knowing how to care for my watches-- hehe woops soweee my bad!!) Anyhow, I needed the whole watch repolished to look spanking new. THAT was my only agenda apart from meeting super skinny *I envy her body!* EC at Greenbelt 3 and getting 2 Loungeri Lux shirts for bag hag SML in OZ! (All six ribbons are interchangeable!! Cool eh?) Love my own Loungeri shirts, that much I can tell you. CL sure knows how to tickle every hag's fancy with her shirts (sigh, I have 3 myself haha!)

Anyway, after that purchase, I walked over to Greenbelt 4 and butterflies already began fluttering in my stomach even before I went through the glass doors. There's of course your usual garden variety temptation at Prada, but I turned my other cheek toward Bally (so I won't really lust for anything there hehehe). Apres leaving my watch, I thought against walking to LV. Of course, knowing my almost ZERO E.Q., my actions miserably failed my thoughts. I did walk over to LV. I saw Ramon of SSI at Bottega. Looks like there's some kinda party.
One way to find out if you are a store's VIP: You get a Formal, tangible invitation to the boutique's cocktail/high tea party. If you are a semi-VIP, you get a text message about the cocktail/ high tea party. I, your broke-baghag biatch, got NEITHER. I am apparently NO VIP at Bottega Veneta *Harumph!!!! Nor am I on any of the SSI VIP lists.* And to think I have frucking purchasing power (once every 2 years only *muwahaha*)! So hags, if you are one of those ladies-who-lunch and have all that money to deposit at the Banks of Greenbelt 4 and and you never get invites to these get these chi-chi soirees, don't worry. You are soo not alone. But, no matter! Damnit, I swear this. I AM A FREELOADING GATECRASHER BROKE-BAGHAG BIATCH!!!

Ramon urges me to go inside and I tell him as-a-matter-of-factly, "Well you know, I was not invited to this high tea party" and I huffed off into the boutique *cough Biatch!* hehe. A nice Italian guy approaches me (nice is an understatement-- the guy was nice AND hot! *muwahaha, uh-oh hoochie mama mode*). I stared at myself briefly at the mirror. Sheeeyooot. I had dirty (VERY dirty) hair which I had pulled back into a bun, and was wearing my ratty $3 jeans with this brown graphic tee (a size too small for me) which said "Good girls go to heaven, Bad girls go to Vegas". Damn I don't look like a hoochie mama, I look like a two-bit-whore on vacation!!! I tried albeit miserably to compose myself. At least I was wearing earrings today *muwahaha* and of course my Goyard orange hobo. That should make me look at least HALF decent. So the Italian guy (his name is Laurent Assogna, Bottega's Wholesale manager of the Asia Pacific region!!) comes up to me and says "You have good taste in bags", pointing to my Goyard hobo. *ALERT ALERT ATTEMPTED SALE PICKUP LINE FOR SUCKERS!!!* I smiled and started talking about it, and briefly mentioned that I really like Bottega's intrecciato pewter cabas. Like a lightning bolt, this guy swoops down on the said bag and has me hold it and says "Now this cabas is sold out in every Bottega store. This is limited edition, and only 100 bags of this kind were made worldwide!" Ahh the selling point. But "It's a 6- figure bag! It's Php 208,000 for fruck's sake!", I argued. Reality: After I said that, it was like my ears tuned out. All I heard was "buzz buzz buzz" because I KNEW I cannot afford that bag. By then, I saw a metallic gleam by the side of my eye. A pouch! A metallic silver cosmetic pouch, laser cut, with perforations!!!!
I guess Laurent noticed. He picks up that pouch and walks back to me and says, "Now this here is made of kangaroo leather. It's very delicate and the attention to detail is amazing. This piece is simply exquisite." Ok. CALL ME A SUCKER. I am sold. Again I was already tuning out. I just knew I liked this pouch. A lot. To hell with it, I can afford this bag. I aint going to get anything in LV anymore anyway. That, plus, I sold my old bag! (OK, do you notice how we hags can be SOOO good with making up excuses? Amen!) In fact, speaking of pouches, I am planning to sell my LV damier cosmetic pouch already. Not final yet, but high likelihood I will let it go sometime soon. Ugh, anyway I bought that silver pouch. I can't help but be a sucker *bawl!!* Yup. That, and being a gatecrashing freeloader (I had the free drinks too hahhahaa).

Apres Bottega, came Louis Vuitton. LV should hang a note outside its boutique "Enter at your own risk. Those who enter are forever condemned to BrokeBag Hell" *muwahahaha*

For the hags who found the scarf collection of LV last season something they'd consider getting, news is, they're finally here. I ran into celeb bag hag K at LV. I am such a bad influence. I told her about the scarf bags. They were already on display. So we both saw the pieces together. Truth it be told, the bags were quite hideous (well these scarf bags had a plastic vinyl thingie on top of the bag, making it look, well, waterproof *but they most likely aren't!*). Well-- the ones we both saw anyway. But when I walked away, I saw this fuchsia pochette and thought to myself, hey the bag looks alright. Not as hideous as the 2-toned one. So I took a look at it. Don't ask me how, but I found myself walking out of LV with the bag!! I didn't really spend on it, I just used up my credits (originally meant for the patent lilac lomboks-- bye bye shoes). This bag is growing on me. :) I can use it as a toiletry case *hehehe what a biatch!* Kidding aside, I can use this bag. How often? I will find out! (Note to self: Start using the Panda pochette as a cosmetic case... then sell the damier pouch..Hmmm!!) What was really cute was the key case. Even the middle lock ornament was tiny!!!! But at 20K++? No thanks. For twice the price, you can take this scarf pochette baby home! (Damn this bag really grows on me!)

Sigh. So much for my original plan of the day. It's like going to the supermarket. You get there with a one-track goal and you get out with twenty bagfuls of crap. Not only that, you end up walking out of there WITHOUT buying what you originally came for (yes, you forgot!). Believe me, it has happened to me. Many times. And I am no longer ashamed to admit it.

That's all for now hags. I am sleepy. *yawn* Gotta sleep!!