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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Mrs. T's shock therapy

Here's the deal on that "questionable" LV bag featured in the same photo as Madam Gina De Venecia (ay yay yay, Mrs. G, you're soo cool, but why? That bag should be stuffed all the way in the back of your stockroom! Boohoo! *tsk*). It's a fake :( (Thanks to all who emailed/ texted their 2 cents :) CPP, RT, JC, LS, and hehe even BB who had to show me his *gasp* abused version of the same bag *Shock Oh Ma Gawd*)

Story of the day (my version of Shock therapy): Uh oh, Mrs. T has some customer service complaint. Moi? So ok, anyway, I got this email from this guy named C.B. Juan. (Does anyone know this person? or if YOU are reading this, care to leave your number so I can call you up personally and discuss this so-called complaint.) I find this email quite a surprise, since I ALWAYS make time to send back a message. Furthermore, this person MIGHT not have been able to get in touch with me because perhaps I was out of the country then?-- but I inform visitors of my site about that-- I do note there that "I won't be available from so and so date to this date". So I actually find this email of Mr. Juan rather unnerving (I think he will be glad to know that I was affected). This was supposedly an incident that happened about a year ago.
I saw tresors' contact number in Metro Magazine sometime last year (May
or mid year) and tried to sms and call to ask about a balenciaga bag or
mulberry bag that I wanted to give my mom for her birthday.And since
you were located in Makati, I wanted to make an appointment to check out
your stuff which I hope to make my mom smile (which I hope would not
make me cry my month long or sniff out my profit sharing in a snap!)
I was deeply disappointed with your "customer serivce" aspect.  After
SMS and calling a few times, I felt "snubbed" and frustrated with trying
to reach your "psuedo-store" (since there was no party to air such
feedback). I also asked my staff to do it for me but with no avail.

It came to the point of writing Metro about your "pseudo store's"
apparent "snubbish attitude" and that their magazine should not feature
establishments who dismisses inquiries and treat "their customers"

Its a shame that I feel like that about your "pseudo store" but its
better than putting it in a blog. I've always felt that what makes a
luxury item, simply luxurious, is the experience that surrounds the item,
not just its price tag. So whether its e-bay or globe-trotter area in
lane crawford, or being offered soda in a Cariocan store called
Daslu,luxury goods play second to , a luxurious experience, correction, a
hospitable and welcoming experience.

Maybe its your passion about bags that fuel this endeavor but I hope
the experience that I share serves more as a learning, not just in second
hand luxury retail but in humanity and good business sense, after all
my inquiry was also a business one.

I hope your establishment does well and as your say "one womans trash
is another woman's tresor" and make many smile.

Ok. I know most people who go to my site end up reading Bag Hag diaries (this blog), and I do appreciate that greatly. In fact, I do know this for a fact-- readers (note: people I don't personally know) who have texted or emailed me their comments have ALWAYS gotten a response.

So Mr. C.B. Juan, please, please do not hide under that veneer of Tresormakati's email inquiry in which you didn't leave a number or contact information. And yes, you are correct in assuming that tresormakati exists solely because of my passion for bags. I also have to inform you that for my form of customer service, I never let anyone else entertain my clients for me because I enjoy (wait, let me write ENJOY in caps) meeting, talking, and dealing with people (face to face) who also have that same bag passion. Meetings with bag lovers further fuel my passion. So I feel your letter does complete injustice to my "customer service" abilities. I would really appreciate if you can email me back your contact details, as I will be happy to discuss your discontent about my so-called snootiness. I might have overlooked your text, but I would never, never intentionally snub anyone. Heck I even talked to people in the malls who came up to me, i.e. the pretty MT at True Value, and super bag addict RS at Mc Donalds!! (and I mean this-- I even looked like crap on those days I first met these hags, but I still talked away!) Congratulations on your purchase of a new Valextra bag for your mom. I'm sure she loves it. Would even be great if you can send me a photo so us hags can drool over it. Anyway, bottom line, I'm sorry if you got disappointed. I'm not a snooty lil biatch, and my hag friends can attest to that (I may be biatchy, but I ain't snooty... Dude, I loooove cheap thrills. And snooty people DO NOT admit to indulging in cheap thrills haha).

Sigh, that's that. Moving right along, I decided to go out with my best friend KG this afternoon. We haven't really had the chance to hang out for quite sometime now, us being moms and all :) Rockwell was the place, and ohhooo hoo look at my bugly bag find of the week! Embellished denim! Ok, while denim bags are cool to carry, I don't think I'd recommend anyone to carry a gaudily embellished one. The bag just looks cheap. Cheap. Please. Save your few hundred bucks. This is NOT the bag I'd like to see you carrying. If you want a denim bag, try T salon's (T salon or just "T") denim hobo bag. The bag resembles a Fendi "hobo" Spy :D (photo shows the embroidered denim Spy, not the hobo. The hobo doesn't have that secret compartment thingie. But hey, don't the bags look somewhat similar?) :D I betcha that denim hobo of T is quite well-priced too. I should've asked. I know. :(

Ms. LL (and Mr. BD) paid me a visit this evening and woohoo she gave me a stain eraser :D THANK YOU girl! *FREELOADING HAG ALERT!* I love it!! Although I try to keep my bags clean, sometimes it really can't be helped that we ram our clean bags against something icky. And I guess this will once more take care of the problem :D (Psst, girl, you have to let me know where you got this stain erasing wonder. Hags would love to know where they can buy this-- this is like the Bag's version of the Fountain of Youth!!!!!)

Anyway that's all the action this hag can take for today. It's so weird. I think I am really getting old. Everytime after I eat something, I start getting sleepy! Am I the only one going through this, or do all women in their *cough* early *VERY early* thirties experience this? BB and I were chatting last night and we have these two mantras now that we stand by. Mantra 1 "I am very young." and Mantra 2 "I am not a label whore". Hehehe... Hags, this is therapy. So listen closely. Everytime you feel like abusing your golden plastic, say that Mantra 2 out loud :D

*Gulp* that stupid mantra didn't stop me and BB from lusting over new bags. Again. See that's the clear difference between us two-- BB can buy the bag, and I can only just keep lusting ;)

Metallics are In, In, In!!!! (Lust lust, what's not like about this Chanel bag??)
*SCREAM!! I am NOT a label whore!!* (boy the things we say to make ourselves "BELIEVE!" haha!!)

K hags. Time to turn in. ;) I got drained by that emailed complaint. Seriously. *sigh* But I truly appreciate feedback like that. I just wish I get contact information to correct the "damage" if indeed it is damage. You know me! I'm not a biatch *cough cough cough!* hehe..

SMS text me at +63916-7580857!!