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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

More about THE dress... and then some bags

Overwhelming responses from hags about the Balenciaga dress crisis! These are the best I've read so far and I MUST share!!

From hot mama
GR: "If I were in your shoes, will return it. The incident already destroyed the memory of the purchase (finding it, trying it on for the first time, etc). In my case, everytime I'd wear the dress, I would remember the incident. That would totally destroy the beauty of it all." (P.S. this bag hag scored big at 4K for Christian Louboutin shoes-- and her text included this "with tags!!" *hehehe*)

From the uber articulate bag hag
ML: "I would expect that as a premium label retailer with a relatively small, intimate group of clientele, [The owner of Homme et Femme] should:
1. Know his clients' preferences and customize the
service according to what/how they like it. Sure other people don't wanna bother with tags (although seriously I doubt this this is true for most.) But c'mon! Those are branded goods! He can't just be snapping those tags away unless instructed to do so! (really, it wasnt as if you were gonna wear it pronto...)
2.Know that branded goods normally do not come with those yank-prone
plastic wire tags. They're usually pinned to the garment's care label
or just the label or whatever!! They would use some specialty cord
that would not damage the dress. These fashion houses put a lot of
thought into the details im sure...so he/the store can't just make
an innocent assumption that all tags have potential for ruin. Hel-lo.
Revert back to merchandising 101. And can I just say, even if we
reduce it to say, hubby(or anyone for that matter) buying you that
dress as a present, you would still WANT the tag on! Anyone would!
So what more if you shelled out the money yourself? it's a PURCHASE
for crying out loud. Everything (from tag, the carrier bag, the
tissue, the ribbon, the logo-ed tape) is of equal importance as the
receipt! "

Sigh... Anyway on a lighter note, I received an email from chic mama
Daphne Paez. She is selling these wonderful "charm" necklaces which
she made herself, and oh how I wish once more that I was as creative.
Sadly, I am but an end consumer (one who sits at the very bottom of
the food chain). A useless one in other words!
Click on DAPHNE'S NECKLACES to see them. You can contact her
directly at daphneosena@yahoo.com to ask for the prices :)

So wait, last night, I had a BALL at the Embassy party (talk about
drowning out designer sorrows!!). And this is one and ONLY photo
you'll ever see of me (or rather of my hand and of my bag handles
haha). Last night's theme was something like school chic. So I wore
a Laura Ashley uniformish- looking outfit with an Hermes twilly and my
Fendi Spy :D
And of course, I had to have a photo with Bryanboy (finally a photo
together) *err.. make that Bryangirl :D! Thanks to my hubby, who
was also a bit too hammered, he took the photo without BB's bag,
and without what BB was wearing!! There was way too much space
from our heads up so I had to crop it. Yes, hubby and I were both
wasted :D It was a wonder we were even able to find our car, what,
with our state that night haha!! We had a fabulous time. One of the
only times that I actually partied!! (soooo what, I have EVERY right
to party, even if I'm already *cough* old hahaha)

Yesterday after the Balenciaga dress got picked up, I passed by
Jul Dizon Jewellery Salon
at Edsa Shangrila Hotel (oh you must go
there to ogle!). Sigh, there it was, a pair of earrings with 4.24ct.
emerald cut diamonds.
Sigh. What is it about women, bags, and jewelry?! Anyone out there
have $$ to buy the earrings? Well, if you have well over
US $20,000, Call me coz I can help you spend it *hehehe*

Oh by the way, the other day, I passed by Color Theory
(at Fort Bonifacio village, further down from the Fort's driving
range). They carry furnitures and home accents as well as Happy
accessory line. The store is a must-visit if you happen to
be at the Fort during the day-- they are open on Tuesdays - Fridays.
(I'm not too sure about weekends though).

My kid had a field trip at school and we all ended up at this place
called Neo Babylon.
It's a pretty strange sight to see, especially since there are these
HUGE (and I mean HUGE) statues of Poseidon/ Neptune at the building
top. The place is such a surprise. The first floor looks like a
scene from some Egyptian tomb, with busts of Nefertiti, Annubis,
the Sphinx, and all these mummy caskets (creepy). Well the kids
freaked out (heck I would NOT want to be the last one here at night).
Anyway the place is actually a showroom for export-quality home
accents (Egyptian themed displays, retro car displays, Christmas
themed stuff...) If you are bored and also in the area (same area
as Color Theory-- in fact they are just next door), drop by
the place. It is interesting. The whole place really looks like
a museum :)

Speaking of museums, I remember going to one of those museums in
Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco before heading off to dinner
at the Cheesecake Factory. At the restaurant, while I was leafing
through the menu, there was a Michael Kors ad with his bags.
This being one of them. Strange enough, the day after, I must've seen
about 5 women carrying that Michael Kors satchel! (in white, brown,
bronze, black) In fact, this bag also comes in metallic pink and
metallic silver. I can't really decide on this bag.
It's not bad, and for sure the price is really good at US $348
(THAT is a fair price for designer). You decide.

Francesco Biasia's Secret Love Satchel is nice too.
And at US $298, this leather satchel with braided handles is a
winner. It might be a wee bit conservative for me (hehe, but hey
it's nice for that price), but someone's bound to love it. I
honestly wouldn't mind this same satchel in the cream color too.
(photos all from nordstrom.com)

Arrrghhh!!! Me and Cream/ White bags!!!! This has seriously got to
stop. I'm not one of those women who would be able to keep white
bags clean. I love and take care of my bags and all, but I honestly
don't think I can be THAT clean :( *bawl*

Anyway sorry this post is so messy. I have to fess up. I am
seriously still bothered by the dress... Ah well. I have to let go
sooner or later (I just wish the dress was only Php 2,000!!!
I wouldn't have given those tags much thought if the dress did cost
Php 2K only)

Sighhhh... later hags! xoxo