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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Making up for Lost Blogs :D

I've been soo bad for not blogging. :( I'm sorry! I got emails and texts (not many though haha) asking if I was ok. DOP even thought I got abducted by some politician for my feature on that fake designer bag *teehee* nah...

Here's what happened to me. So yesterday I was actually stuck at the US embassy from 7am til 12:30 NOON! My mom was renewing her visa and I was to accompany her. But US embassy now has this strict rule that you can no longer accompany the applicant. Fine. Even if you are the employer and you are sponsoring your nanny to get a visa, you cannot get in. So for those of you who have plans to go to the US with your kids and nanny, start getting scared. The nannies had to go in on their own. Answer all the questions on their own. Meanwhile I was outside, waiting for a goooood 5 and a half hours!!! Under the sun, sitting on a plastic chair, which by the way was PAID for. Highway robbery I tell you. While I applaud our very own Filipinos for being entrepreneurial, I still could not help but want to slap these zeedeeots for highway robbery-- so they literally usher me to the seat. One under a shade. Then let me sit. I thought, wow the US embassy peeps really think of everything. WRONG. When I sat down, the schmuck who led me to sit said, "The chair costs Php 30 to rent". WHAAAAT????!!!!

Natch I wanted to throw a fit. Among a sea of worried, nervous-wrecked applicants whose future and fate now lie within a US citizen, a visa officer (a.k.a. God *for the day*). I changed my mind. I sulkingly took my Wicked Sista coin purse and produced Php 30 worth of coins. I was determined NOT to cough up another cent (that IS money, damnit. Php 30 toward a bag fund for crap's sake). P.S. I would later feel that my money was well spent, since I sat on that same chair for 5 hours, while others who coughed up the cash (since they were too nervous to refute the amount otherwise) only sat on the chair for a good 30-45 minutes before their appointed time slot was called.

So what did this bag hag do to pass the time-- all five hours of it? Bag watching. I took mental photos (because I did not bring my digicam-- I really thought I was gonna go into the embassy. sheesh).

Bag #1: Coach demi flap baguette. I am personally not fond of anything by Coach. Don't ask me why or pelt me with rocks, but I just don't think a Coach bag is worth investing in. It's close to a Kate Spade in my book (virtually no resale value).

Bag #2: Louis Vuitton Multipli-cite. I've honestly never really took a second look at the bag before. Seen it in stores, but never asked to see it up close. So I finally saw it more. The wide shoulder straps make it look surprisingly easy to carry, but I can imagine the heaviness of the bag (just like the LV Damier Uzes-- so nice but soooo heavy). I have to say, I am gonna take a second look at the bag when I get the chance to head over to LV (and I am trying so hard to avoid it too!). The pockets would make this bag a good travelling bag. Imagine putting the passport there, etc.. Gosh I hope that woman who went for the interview got her US visa. Coz her bag looks like it's made for travel :)

Bag #3: Marc Jacobs Sophia (which Oh my Gosh incidentally I just got as a consignment to be sold!!). The one I saw is a black one, which is not even close to the striking magenta color of this one that's currently in my possession (err.. I have to update my Tresor site.. hehe... ) Anyway, I was not even sure if that lady was carrying a Marc, because it looked like a bag that Carbon made. But when she sat next to me, I saw the unmistakable "Marc Jacobs" name engraved underneath the pushlock. Plus, it looks authentic. I like the bag, it's like the precurser to the LV baggy PM sans the logo :) Of course when I got home, I ran over to pick up the magenta one to check the bag out more *hahaha no EQ here I go again*. For Marc Jacobs' bag collection of that time, I only liked the Venezia. Again, never took a second look at this style. But now I am. I love the baggy PM style and didn't really realize Jacobs patterned that after this one. So this bag gets high marks. Plus, this bag is relatively cheap and in excellent condition, at the asking price of Php 24,000.

Bag #4 & 5: Prada black backpack. Yup, I saw two people with Prada backpacks. Exactly the same. Different women. And I'm sure they don't know each other. One was with her daughter :-) So she prolly used the backpack as a diaper bag. Smart choice. This backpack is light. I personally won't go for a backpack, but maybe I ought to. That leaves both hands free... Hmmm...!

Sadly, I got to see more fake bags than authentic ones. That really surprises me. This is the US embassy. Won't the officers automatically deny you a visa if they see you carrying a fake bag? Hmm... that's really something worth thinking about here. After all, I did hear that the US customs is already cracking down on counterfeit designer bags, along with pirated videos and discs... Maybe I should also be entrepreneurial and bring portable lockers to rent the applicants (who carried fake bags) after scaring them off that they'd be soooo denied a visa if the officer sees them with fake designer bags. I can provide them with those ethnic Amina Aranaz coconut husk bags for a fee to show off our national pride *wink, top of the line 100% Filipino made!!* Either that, or with the locker rental comes a free SM plastic bag *double snicker muwahaha*. Hey, I gotta earn some living here! (Imagine those people who were renting out those damn seats would earn about Php 3,000 half the day!! And the interview thingie is throughout the afternoon!!!)

Anyway, that was a whole morning gone. 5 hours plus spent bag watching under a big tree, while I took a few deep whiffs of Manila pollution ;). (I was such a cheapskate that I wouldn't even spend Php 15 on a soda when I got thirsty! Well, put it this way, I was too sleepy. I slept the night before at 4am, and woke up at 6am-- that's just TWO hours of shuteye!) By 12:30pm, my mom had come out, and her 'interview' didn't even last 10 seconds! Sigh. There's just too many Filipinos applying for a US Visa. I guess they think the US is really the promise land. Which is also sad, because there are still so many unrealized opportunities in the Philippines. The US is an excellent place to visit, to live, and I love it there myself (ahh retail heaven). But the Philippines is a cheap place to live (if you keep away from Louis Vuitton, YSL, Bottega, Gucci, Prada... hehehe)

Apres Embassy, we went to Hyatt Hotel for dimsum. I was hungry. AND thirsty. And VERY sleepy. But of course I enjoyed lunch (heck, it was free. **Freeloader comment alert** Come on, who'd be stupid enough to exclaim that a free meal sucks?). My whole afternoon was then spent sleeping. The mucho- needed shuteye. That was one blog day wasted away :)

Fast forward to today. I met up with the uber cool jetsetter EA at the Edsa Shang and proceeded to Jul Dizon Jewellery Salon after. Oh. My. Gawd. HAGS! If you HAVE US$ 100,000, (note: can you imagine HOW MANY bags those greenbacks will buy??? *shock shock!!!*) you MUST go to Jul Dizon for the ultra bling emerald cut (the one on the photo is asscher-- a squarish emerald) diamond earrings-- 6 plus carats EACH ear!!! I HAD to try them on-- in fact, I only tried one of the two pieces on. I felt sooo unworthy of the earrings. I swear. I felt like a freak in the store, trying on earrings that I will NEVER be able to afford even if I come back a second life as the same old me. I tried one on, looked at the mirror, and began to quiver!!! I gushed to Lucille Dizon, "Oh My Gawd, I am sooo channeling Oprah Winfrey!!!!" Look at Oprah! All I can see are her blings!!! Hags, I am telling you. If you have some cash, you can not just buy bags, you can also invest in a pair of diamond earrings. One pair is all you will need :D *P.S. Jul Dizon has cheaper diamond earrings of course, but those 6 carat each baubbles are totally top of the line :D*

Err.. ok, since we are on the off-topic of jewellery, might as well feel like royalty and buy this $70,000 diamond tiara circa 1900 *belonged to some dead woman of nobility in Europe hehe.* Speaking of tiaras, I have always wondered this-- since the women here wear all the blings that money can buy, why is it still unacceptable to wear tiaras to those posh shih-shih-poo-poo parties? I, would love to wear a tiara (and look incredibly stupid.) But hey, if I had a Boucheron tiara like Queen Rania's, I'd wear it without a care in the world hahaha (besides, it doesn't have that much bling hence doesn't scream *RICH RICH* AND it's BOUCHERON!!!) *ok someone confine me to a mental institution puhlease...* No wonder people like that dude think I'm a snooty lil biatch. Coz I can channel *cough fake* royalty and he can't hahaha. Ok that was real biatchy of me... hehe strikeout please.. erase erase! *wink fakerrrr!*

But *dingding* Hello?! Serious reality check alert! I would have to like rob 5 or 6 banks in one day to afford a tiara with that pricetag. Am I nuts? I don't think so. I'm not yet that desperate. *muwahahaha* I'd rather buy a bag. It's WAY cheaper than the tiara *hehe*

*Damn I really got sidetracked there!* Anyway, as I've said earlier, if you have good money to spare, buy diamonds. Over 1 carat and not below. The ones that are over 1 carat are the ones that are worth buying and keeping (for future resale). Resale, OR if you become a mother-in-law, perhaps you can be nice enough to give them to your son's wife ;) *hehehe woohoo lucky biatch!!!*

I am sooo sounding like a blueblooded materialistic biatch (and that's as royal as I can get-- a royal, blueblooded pain in the derrier). Sigh. I can't imagine how my husband has put up with me all this time. (in real life, I don't complain *cough*. I shouldn't! Or else I'll be out in the streets before I know it hahaha. *We gotta be good girls too sometimes! Count your blessings hags!! Always!*).

It's 2am already. I should get shuteye. Long day ahead tomorrow. It's my Hubby's Burthday :D I gotta practice my lap dance routine as his bday gift for extra $$ toward the tiara fund *guffaw guffaw* (psst that was a joke!!).

Anyway, Dearest Hubby, if you are reading this, HAPPIDY BOITDAY!! :D I wuv you mucho mucho mucho!! xoxo