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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Love yourself, ladies. Buy a new bag!

I have a confession to make. The other night at BB's party, I was so intoxicated that when I got home, I puked. (What a healthy way to end the night!! *muwahaha*)
(P.S. thank you CS for taking my photo here!) *snicker* NAW, I didn't puke into my Marc by Marc Jacobs bag (hmm.. somehow that would've been hilarious though, considering what Miss Marc's facial expression is, as if reacting to the puke). Hehe sheesh, I was merely illustrating how big the bag is that my whole big fat head fit right into it. Sigh, Little Miss Marc ain't so little at all. I am already thinking of letting her go... Anyone interested in adopting this lady? Text me at +63916-7580857.

Ugh, here's another photo I don't understand. (Photos credits all from Star Studio Magazine) One of our country's own actor (woohoo politically correct!) Rufa Mae Quinto shows off her bag and shoe collection for readers. Hmm... while I am amazed at her collection (it IS massive and enviable), I cannot again help but wonder-- what is that white *cough* LV bag doing alongside the real things? I don't recall LV coming out with a whitish Macha Waltz, unless someone can prove me wrong again. Tsk. *shake head* Sigh, but boy, Rufa has a lot of LV luggages! *heart* Honestly, wouldn't you feel like it would be a waste of money to have such expensive luggages? I would personally pick my trusted duct-taped-over-and-over Samsonite luggage (I'm too ashamed to show a photo haha) over an LV or heck, a Goyard luggage. Hags, these babies just get thrown into the cargo compartment. Such first class bags DO NOT deserve to ride coach, and yet they ride alongside my torn up and old Sammy. Come on. If I ever invested in a Goyard trunk, I'd use it as a coffee table and make sure to cover the whole thing up with clear plastic (ala plastic in furnitures hahahaha).

So! I went out yesterday afternoon with an old set of friends (QUICK! Mantra: I am very young, I am very young). These are my friends from primary school. Anyway prior to the mini-reunion, I met up with my bestfriend KG. She wanted to go to Addidas. Seeing my current financial state (i.e. I'm on friggin red alert, defcon 4, in dire need of financial life support!! HELP ME!!!), I thought I can't possibly do any damage inside Addidas-- after all, that place was in my opinion, no Fashion Mecca (that was before I went in). After all, I am not athletic or sporty. I don't wear track suits, I don't need sneakers, and I don't need a maillot or a new bikini (err... I still have a bright orange one bought from Mango eons ago. Shoot me but I can't even fathom of wearing that orange piece. Not that I have anything to show for in the first place, but now more than ever, I have absolutely nothing to show for at all. My bumpers have deflated to raisin proportions, and I have grown a built-in flotation device *cough FLABS*. Sigh... I'm so cheap. I figure I'll just wear something on top of it when we gals go to Bora. Ugh I can't imagine wearing that thing. People would either stare at me in disgust or come up to me to tell me to put a real large tee on. Ah yeah well.. whatever!). So anyway, we stepped into the store. My label- whoring persona went on hyperdrive the moment I set foot into Addidas. Ding Ding, heyyyyy isn't Stella Mc Cartney doing a line here??? True enough, ta-daaaaah. The Stella Mc Cartney for Addidas wall. Well I for one, cannot afford anything made by Stella MC's main line. Too expensive. Her line for H&M was affordable but GONE!! And to add spice, Miss Addidas lady sales associate said, "HSBC Cardholders get 50% OFF discount on select Stella MC stuff!" Ok I'm sold. KG and I each bought a tank top. ;) And, I did more damage. Bought a flannelish jacket. Note to self: Wear this jacket to the coldest mall in Manila and attempt to look cool. *In the deadheat of summer, wear a jacket. Look cool. Riiiiight.* Damnit, I am such a loser. And not only that, I have to keep myself in check sometimes by taking a step back to reassess myself. I shudder each time I do that because I realize I am sooo fulllll of myself!! *biatch slap left and right!!* Siiighhh.... I should be a better person. I am wayy too vulgar already (I need therapy!!) HALP!!!

Speaking of my reunion, I hafta congratulate my prego-wego girlfrienfd LT for Puma baby #2 *wink!*. She tells me that my blog is her picker-upper. I guess she realized that it's a far better feeling to feel nauseous all day for three months rather than being Mrs. T aka the Bag Hogging Moi. *muwahahaha* Oh and another girlfriend JL is back in town for a visit from Canada (ahh the land of heavy taxation of luxury goods *hehe*). JL is now back to her singleton status and is enjoying the high life (i.e. spending time with a loser like me *muwahaha*). She bounced back like a rubber ball from a failed relationship. I gotta hand it to her. She represents the modern woman. WooHoo Women's Lib! *nya nya nya* But hey, there is a life lesson to be learned here: love yourself first above anyone else. Martyrdom is dead. Honestly though, girls (especially the mommies here): It is sooo easy for us to forego our own happiness now, because we end up prioritizing our families (Our loved ones over ourselves). The journey of selflessness really begins when we give up certain luxuries (i.e. the most important: private time, alone) when we get married. Or when we have children. "Beautifying" ourselves, making ourselves feel good, pampering ourselves take the backseat (unless you are a taitai). We take things like that for granted more than ever. And one day we just wake up realizing that so much time has passed since we actually felt good. Really good. So hearing JL's inspiring (albeit really sad) story-- how she was able to pick up the pieces and move on, made me and my other girlfriends realize that we should never neglect ourselves and our quest for inner happiness. For Hermes' sake, a 45 minute shampoo- blowdry session at Ricky Reyes costs only Php 150 (approx US$3.00) !!!! Make time for yourself. Make sure you do at least one thing that would make you happy each day.

Hehehe *weevil hag in 3...2...1...* This is really your queue to go and buy yourself that picker-upper Lambertson Truex bayo zebra print bag at Neiman Marcus for US$895 to spice up your wardrobe (and perhaps your life? Time to show your stripes!!) Oooooh, know what? Why not just get the Fendi tote at Tresormakati ? Fendi is a better- known brand, the tote's much cheaper too, and packs more!(I know, I know. Sorry about the shameless plug *hehehe*)

Hey, you know what? You don't really have to cough up the moolah for a new bag. Some things in life are still free! I.e. an It-status bag!! Well?? Do you want to win an "It" bag? *shock faint* Bluefly, together with W Magazine, is giving away an it-bag a day! Check out http://www.bluefly.com and no, its not a scam! They are giving away : YSL Muse, Pucci Multipocket tote, Gucci scarfbag, and Chanel's latest bag line!!

And of course if you're one of the millions of unlucky hags who don't get to win one of those coveted free bags, there's always this *err* slightly more affordable Kooba Ginger leather tote in butter yellow. *Damn bag looks so good you can spread a slab of this on steaming hot bread!* I love the uncomplicated look of this bag. It's so simple, with only the element of leather braidwork to complete its beauty. Available at Bergdorf Goodman for US$635.

If you have the budget for a higher priced bag, I would seriously look into Dolce and Gabbana's Lace Leather Bag in white, priced at a whopping US$2375 at Bergdorf. The straps are twisted leather with gold tone hardware, and there are lace insets and ruffled trims on the leather. This is the same leather as the ruffled leather bag of the same brand, which I also happen to like. Price is not as steep although pricey enough. But hey, this is a summer must-have! *Two thumbs up!!* At US$1325 (Bergdorf Goodman). *Sigh* Too bad I can't reward myself with a gift this year. If I have any plans at all of changing my couch this year, I better seriously work at resisting the urge to give in to plastic swiping abuse. Again.

I think sleep is a good form of therapy. So to prevent further damage and mind corruption of the otherwise bag hag virgins reading this blog, I shall sign off now in the hopes that there is a cure for this young *cough* hag's chronic bag sickness.

YIKES! It's 4:30AM! Have a good weekend :)