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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Louis Vuitton Fall/Winter '06-- A FIRST LOOK!

The Oscars came and went. Pfffft heck the Oscars can take a backseat (hehe coz I haven't seen all the clothes haha), because finally, finally, finally, the Louis Vuitton Fall/ Winter 2006 collection has been presented!!! Here are some highlights of the bag collection. Marc Jacobs has worked his collection around metallics, monogram canvas, matte monogram, soft- embossed monogram on vinyl, fur, and other exotic skins. Anyway, I may not be the most articulate critic here but I will not give you any of that bullpoop if I don't like the bag (hehe short of me writing murderous comments about the bag *weevil snicker*). So without further blab, here they are!!

That is one HUGE fur multicolore looping bag! Totally outrageous and but completely impractical. Can you imagine carrying this bag in the dead heat of our tropical sun? Apart from your own sweat, this bag will probably begin to come alive and sweat on its own. Before you know it, you'll have your very own designer mold farm :D (ooor you can just stuff this bag with paper and bubble wrap and use it as a cushion for your living room couch! *snicker*)

Here's a pretty interesting evening kinda bag. I'm not too sure here, and I may be going out on a limb by "blindly" describing this bag's material, but it seems like fabric with leopard print florettes and some exotic skin trimmings. Someone help me here. The bag has a vintagey appeal. I like it. I wonder if it is as likeable in person as it is in photos...

Oooh and what about this leopard-monogram canvas combination? This actually reminds me of the Azzedine Alaia collaborated Alma bag which had leopard fur from way back.

And what about THIS bag? I had to do a double-take. Is this bag like another designer- inspired piece? (Think LV's last season, with its Versace- inspired bags and Scarf bags) This to me, looks very Birkinesque. Like MJ decided to marry Hermes birkin's popular style and remorph it to look this way. Handles are in gold lizard (or wait! Python?). Then there's the leopard print trimming and the monogram canvas body. This is sooo not working for me. It just looks so... gaudy. Like this would be the perfect example of the "money won't buy class" kinda bag. I'm short of calling this bag "grunge" luxe. I hate grunge. And using the word Luxe on this bag would be a travesty. *Tsk. Shaking head wildly*

Another of the monogram canvas- leopard print combo Speedyesque/ Small keepall bag. I don't know... Maybe someone else likes it more than I do... Do YOU like it?

LV also had some bi-colored Vinyl (yes, vinyl!) pieces which include this cabas bag with rolled leather handles. I wondered at first if this bag was made with vernis leather. From the looks of it, the monograms are etched into the material which made the bag look more like part of the vernis collection-- that, and it being shiny. But guess what, it's Vinyl! Hmm this would've made a good beach tote... hehe it could seriously melt in the heat of the sand :D Pssst: I can't imagine a Royal lady (i.e. Queen Rania of Jordan) toting this bag on an official visit to some country *hehehe* Can you?

Travel bags that marry too many elements together don't score brownie points with me at all. Sadly, the marriage of the croc/alligator trims, tortoise shell links (it looks like tortoise shell), leather, and the monogram body just doesn't work too well for me. That, plus doing a mental calculation of this price as I took into consideration the exotic elements just makes this bag a no-no. Besides, you all know I harp coz I can't afford this piece *muwahaha*.

However, this other matte monogram two-toned Speedyesque handbag is an acceptable piece to carry. Of course this isn't a travel bag (or at least not as big as the brown bag before it!!), so I can make that exception easily that this bag can be a likeable piece-- just keep looking at it. It sorta grows on you. It worked wonders for me :) *sigh, here we go again with the like, like, have- to- have list!!*

Oooh here are the metallic pieces-- I would think these are the highlights of the bag collection. I am reminded now of the Pandora Speedy (The bag that launched a thousand purchases haha). And it's no longer that cursed denim Speedy *hehe*. It's a Metallic Speedy bag!! How cool is that to have? :D Channeling the Tin Man of Wizard of Oz. I'd gladly be the Baghag Tinlady, with this on my arm *hehe* Does anyone like this too? I feel like such a total label whore by shamelessly admitting that this bag is doing it for me, despite it looking like an aluminum foil- covered speedy bag. Remember gals, it's the Pandora charm working and it'll hit you too like it is hitting me :D *sigh misery looooves company hehehe*

Woohoo all you LV barrel fans out there-- the Metallic Papillon is born :D Such a cute bag! Ok this is competing for the top spot alongside the Speedy here. Damn, and there's a cute factor here. Although haha at my age, I don't know if that word "cute" can still apply to me. But ohh I like, I like!!! Tossup! Le Sac Speedy or Le Sac Papillon? , I think I'll save for both for now *hahaha NO EQ!!! NADA NADA NADA!!!*

The Petit Noe in silver anyone? *Pssst, hags, is the metallic collection getting to you yet?*

Ohhh and Ta-Daaah! The LARGE metallic Alma travelling bag! Now this is an interesting piece! No pale vachetta to contend with? *YEEAAAH!!!*
And this oversized Alma travel bag comes in the metallic silver and gold too (or is that bronze)? No matter, these are cool pieces to carry at airports. Although I do wonder, will the metal detectors be bleeping all over when you pass through them with these bags ? :D *Ok that was a stupid question*This reminds me, I wonder if the flaws of LV vernis monograms will apply to these metallic bags. If so, that would be such a bummer. For such an expensive bag. Sigh... I hope not though!!

Another metallic travel bag, the Keepall. I really can't imagine carrying the whole metallic (foil) collection altogether-- haha, I'll really be Mrs. Tin baghag!! :D But hey hags, if the whole collection floats your boat, I mean, who cares if you'd be reflecting light off of every thing? :D I swear, this whole collection can't help but remind me of those reflective insulation pads on airconditioning ducts *muwahaha*. But that does not mean I don't like them! (Photo credits style.com and Agence France Presse)

In conclusion, this Fall/Winter will surely be all about Metallics and Exotics. Time to keep your eyes peeled for pretty metallic bags and faux exotics (but hey if you can very well afford an exotic bag, GO GO GO for it!! These exotic bags can be passed onto your grandkids!) *Hey I think ahead* And if you can in fact, even save up for one of these LV metallic pieces, don't forget to share a photo of the bag when you get it!!! In the meantime, we will wait on word at LV if the metallics will become part of their in-store collection (or will they remain runway pieces... sigh)

Have a good night hags!

P.S. I just can't help but greet my baby (who can't read this anyway hehe) Happy 13 months old , lil one !! :D *giggle*