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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Little Miss Bag Hag on Saturday

In the spirit of bag receiving (ala Bryanboy style-- BB, hands down though, you are THE winner, undisputed!!!), I got my Little Miss Marc Jacobs bag! WooHoo Thank you so much eluxury.com for introducing this bag to THE hag :D . *snicker* If you have never met me or seen me before, I can tell you this-- take a good look at Little Miss Marc. THAT's what I look like. In real Life!!

I went to LV with my hubby today (no, he did not buy me anything *hahaha as if!*). Oh but you MUST go there too. They brought in new lomboks (shoes) in lilac vernis and those things are just too yummy to say no to!!! Go get em if you can spare some moolah for it. And look for Abby. She is the sweetest!!

Speaking of shoes-- I also finally got to visit Hotwind. This shoe salon which is co- owned by Preview Mag's Pauline Suaco has found its home at Glorietta 4 (beside Lush). They opened for quite some time now but it was strangely only yesterday that I was able to pass by! I went to their previous home at the Nail Spa across Greenbelt. You must also check out their selection of shoes there. So yummy!!! Priced reasonably too from Php 2,200 up.

P.S. *You can't be a bag hag without being a shoe fiend!*

Oh oh, so it's been semi- confirmed that Hermes and Dior are coming to the Philippines. They will be located in the future Greenbelt 5. Ah I wish I can get hired to work for Hermes. *cough selfish reasons* Wouldn't it be cool to work for such a prestigious brand? I mean, we are talking Hermes here! I can think of one very good reason to work at the H. To get the employee discount so I can finally afford an Hermes croc birkin *THAT'S practically orgasmic muwahahaha!!!!* Selfish selfish selfish biatch alert!!!! Note to BB: hey you and I should work there *correction: selfish biatcheS alert :D* Damn, I gotta start beefing up my semi- non existent resume!!!

So I checked out saksfifthavenue.com and I found this uber cute Dolce & Gabbana "Miss Butterfly" crinkled leather bag. I love the ruffled trim, the twisted double handles, and the leather! It actually looks like a wrinkled fabric bag! At US $1695 ++, I honestly think it's worth its price. The red version of this bag (with the front pocket-- "Miss Ruffles") is very nice too, save for the fact it's red (and I don't use red, remember?).

On another note, the Fendi Spy, I just checked, is not in stock in White at Saks as well as eluxury.com. They only have it in honey and black (sorry but they don't grab me like the white does!). So baghags, if you can get your hands on a Fendi Spy in white, celebrate!!! WooHoo!!! :D

P.P.P.S. There's a RED Goyard St. Louis PM shopping tote available now at TRESOR! :D Sigh you all by now know how I feel about GOYARD :D *wink wink! Shameless plug* Check it out at www.tresormakati.com

P.P.P.P.S. Bagbabe DR is going to Asia's little bag heaven. So if you have any bag you are interested in getting and is not available here (but available in HK), let me know +63916-7580857!

Happy Sunday to all :D