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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Little Baghag- in- waiting in HK! (plus the no war zone)

Ok I am not gonna make the Derevko story a big issue anymore (Postscript: This is the last. I won't even bother emailing her back, after her multiple email replies in one go. We have already established she reads my blog *and that's ONE MORE HIT on my blog*). After all, that woman can't possibly have Derevko for a real surname (Postscript: She watched the whole DVD set of ALIAS more than once. Hence her *cough* name, Irina Derevko). She claims she is in the US now but will meet up with me when she comes back to the Philippines. Err... right. (Postscript: My bad. She IS in the US. Houston to be exact) So I told her, I am visiting the U.S. in May and can meet her (Postscript: She doesn't wanna buy me a bag even if the bags are proven authentic and that I'm right because in her words, "i am retarded". Err... ohhh-tayyy, so what's the point in meeting if she didn't agree to the challenge?). And also, I can call her long distance as long as she gives me her number. (Postscript: She asked ME to give her MY number-- she doesn't trust ME enough to give ME her number because she THINKS I was gonna post her number on my blog? Eh?! Now why would I do that? Don't you already have 171 friends? *Scoff*) I am THAT confident the bags are authentic. And especially for the LV epi red speedy and the FENDI white tote. *winks go out to BeeO and CaY* And again, a show of support from friends like Mommy A of the famous S.M. blog, ST, AA, SJ, KO, DR, BT, and my dear Aussie bag Hag. (Postscript: Anyway that's the end of it. She threatened me that she'll ruin my reputation through *ahem* her friends' blogs. Hmm maybe I will be famous on her end of the world if she can just talk about MY immaturity and biatching on HER blog. She can discredit tresormakati too if she likes. Remember the PR rule? Negative publicity + positive publicity= PUBLICITY. And since we have both established that you read my blog, THANK YOU. Thank you for offering negative publicity, but I honestly don't need any more publicity... But again, thanks to you, my immaturity, retarded behavior, and biatchiness are officially world-class. P.S. For you to presuppose that my possible posting of your photo here will only increase my page hits and popularity is pure hogwash. Please. Don't flatter yourself. Believe me, your photo will NOT drive more traffic to my website. You can think of yourself as popular, after all you have 171 friends. But hags don't give a damn really. We all just want bag photos. But if you have a REAL Hermes croc birkin, or a REAL Fendi Python Spy, THEN we'd all be interested. Alas, all I saw was a Fendi monogram bag. *Cough* Maybe you got it from some so-called italian overruns website... I've got news for you-- those are fake designer bags (yeah and maybe the so-called LV bags there don't have plastic on their handles). And there you thought you got yourself a real bargain. Tsk. *Doomed, I tell you. Fashion victim sewer*. Anyway the only bag I saw *Fendi (?! real or not)* was so lacking in the excitement department that I didn't bother scrolling down. You should check out Bagsnob. Now SHE has the right to say she has "Many" high end bags)

BB and KO: you guys were awesome throughout this. I have to dedicate this whole paragraph portion to you both! :) *Sigh* It reallllly pays to know hags in high places. *Die- hard social climbing bag hag!!*

(THE MOTHER OF ALL POSTSCRIPTS: Know what, to even blog about this whole brouhaha is silly. My bad for biting her fishy bait. I actually stooped down a few levels for the post above. My bad again. It ends right here! Borrowing a word from the famous BB, "Baboosh" to this issue. :)

Anyway, enough of that. I don't want to really mix the negative with the positive on this post hence the barrier. I am sooo stoked too-- our chic mama DOP went to Hong Kong over the weekend and paid homage to La Maison Goyard at Harvey Nichols. Here she is, and for bag hags who want to see the colors of Goyard's chevron canvas, DOP has made it easy-- here they are!! And Woohoo Daph is going to debut her Goyard piece sooon! Watch out for it :)Hah, and check this out. There's a big red trunk at Goyard with DP's initials! We were chatting earlier and I told her, knowing my EQ, I'd have begged the sales associate to sell me that trunk (which probably cost like US$20,000) and would pay for it via Amex, and just try to find a bank to rob when it collection time comes *muwahahaha* (unless by some stroke of sheer luck, a few million greenbacks come my way?! *err rightttt*)

Her daughter, our littlest bag hag (Sophia P.), got pooped out shopping :D But of course, she rested in style in this suuuper cute Pucci couch :D *gawd I'd love to be a taitai in HK and furnish my city pad in Pucci hahaha* One thing we do know, Little Miss Sophia is already a jaded little bag hag! *Giggle*-- why look! She could not even be bothered to wake up when she was in the company of these Hermes birkins and kellys at Milan Station!! :D This little girl really warms my heart. She is sooo adorable and will grow up to be just as chic, if not chic-er than Mommy Daph! :) *photos by Daddy Patrick P.*

So tonight, I was supposed to turn in an article for CL, and didn't finish it in time :( I am again disappointed in myself. I just hope our "fight" bag hag will still take in my article for publishing next week ;) I am dooomed, doomed I tell ya! My career as a writer is going down the fashion tube and into the fashion- victim sewer *Bawl!!!* I beg you, I beg you, another chance! Another chance! *hehehe*

To pass my disappointment in myself, I indulged again in yet another swipe-free hobby-- surf-shop!

Dolce & Gabbana (from neimanmarcus.com)
This black leather and lace bag is just as yummy as its white counterpart, this also being the smaller of the two (which I featured the other day). It is also cheaper at US $1650. Hmm I'd love to get this bag in white... BB has the bag and my jaw just dropped when I saw it. Apparently this bag is also a limited ed. Commemorating the 20th anniv of D&G!

Oh and here's something for you bag hags out there who can access and purchase from elux. Eluxury is offering that free tote for your Marc by Marc Jacobs $200 purchase. So you get 2 bags for the price of one :) They've got cute bags, but too bad. The Little Miss Marc bag is no longer available there. By the way, I have decided to keep Little Miss Marc :)

Oh Oh Oh, I am getting a few of these mobile phone pockets called Poire. These are the mobile phones' wish- come- true (hehehe... can you imagine being a cellphone that dangles on a string around some wearer's neck? *shudder it's like hanging by one leg on a bungee cord 2000 feet aboveground on a helicopter rail hehe*). Anyway, if mobile phone could talk, they'd be asking you for a bag too. Honestly!! :) These lil pouches are super cute and are worn by celebs like Courtney Cox Arquette and Sandra Bullock and have been featured in In Style Mag as well as In Touch Mag. I'm getting myself one so anyone who wants to order em, let me know!

P.S. Congratulations to our Gucci bag hag, Suzi Abrera!! She gave birth to her 3rd baby-- (woohooo more bag hags!!!)

P.P.S. Bag Hag AA tells me that the Designer Blvd at Edsa Shang Mall has indeed reopened. Go check it out! AA says there are some Bottega hobos there!

Night!!! (Postscript: Errr.. Morning to you all!! :D)