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Monday, March 27, 2006

Know-it-all Biatches who need to be put in their place

BAH. Some people just have absolutely no morals. I get another email (thru my tresormakati email query page) from this lady who claims to be Miss C. Derevko (What are you, the fictitious character from ALIAS??? That traitor Irina Derevko's sister?! *cough such a BIATCH*), who says this:
query: Hi, some of the handbags on your site are fake. Some of the
bags, including the white Fendi bag and the Red Epi Speedy LV do not come
with plastic wrapping around the handles. One of the "Gucci" bags with
the 3 zippers is not a real Gucci. There are many other fake bags, but
can't list down all the descriptions, as I have no time to. I'm not here
to make you upset, just here to make you aware of whomever is letting
you sell their purses claiming they are authentic should tell you the
truth that they are far from it. I own many designer high end handbags,
and know to spot the real from the fake.
I am seriously appalled. You can't even paint the shock on my face. Hmm she has time to write me a paragraph but no time to write her contact number. OK... My dear friend (and BAG HAG) who owns the red LV epi bag will be livid as hell when she reads this. But this woman who claims to KNOW IT ALL is someone I'd like to challenge-- whoever you are, get in touch with me. I'd like to schedule a date for you to meet me at LV to have the red LV epi speedy bag in question authenticated. If it's not authentic, I will buy you a new bag. But if the bag is authentic, well, I'll have to post your face here on the blog for all the hags to see. That, plus YOU buy ME the new bag. How's THAT for a challenge? Because I pride myself in knowing how to authenticate LV bags. And the Red LV speedy bag is REAL. Miss C. Derevko, I bought an LV speedy perforated bag STRAIGHT from LV Greenbelt and THIS is what I got. (ahem so ok hags, yet another purchase confession *har di har har... but I bought this a while back already*) So are you telling me I fabricated the receipt and that my bag is in reality a fake because THERE IS PLASTIC ON THE HANDLES????? *Lady you need to be seriously flogged if you make that assumption that LV doesn't have plastic on their bag handles. THEY DO. Not all the time, but THEY DO.* I think you need to talk to my favorite sales associate Abby then, if she did sell me a perforated speedy in green or not. Shame on you to think I'd be stupid enough to risk my name as a bag hag and sell fakes. Tsk. I know where the bags I sell come from.

AND Here's ANOTHER thing she said that I'd like to dispute. Fendi DOES have plastic on its handles for new bags. This is a NEW Fendi SPY bag in the holographic leather purchased in Fendi Beverly Hills. So what, just cause there is NO Fendi receipt next to this photo, is she so good in telling that this bag is also fake???? Do your homework. Call Fendi. Ask about this plastic on the handle thing. You will be disappointed to know I am right and you are actually wrong.

And another thing, the Gucci suede 3- zippered bag-- that bag got authenticated at Gucci Greenbelt (manager checked it inside out) as well because the owner and I had originally gone to Gucci together to have the bag checked if there is a way they can remedy the sticky inside. Shame, shame on this woman (or man) who emailed me. One thing I know about these kinds of people-- they may have real bags but they sure have FAKE personalities. If you have something to say, come out and say it and don't hide under a fake name and not leave your number. That's something only coward people do. *PTOOOOEY may you be doomed in bag hell Muwahahahahaha*

Sorry I bitched. We already all know I'm not diplomatic. But this is something I thought everyone in here reading the blog should know about. I am a very transparent person. I would never try to hide any negative feedback because acceptance of such can make me (or anyone) a better person.

Anyway, more posting later. Something wayyyy more pleasant. And endearing. A Little Miss Bag Hag SOP :D (photos courtesy of her very chic mama and tres cool dad!)