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Friday, March 03, 2006

Hi, I'm Mrs. T, and I'm a Shopa-Bagaholic

Have you ever attended those "Alcoholics Anonymous" type meetings where you introduce yourself like this "Hi, I'm Mrs. T the bag hag, and I'm an Alcoholic"? Well, I never have attended any of that kind of meeting for therapy yet (hmm I'm not an alcoholic hehe), but I could've sworn I went into my dinner with DP and the Metro Gals feeling that way.

First off in those AA meetings, you would tell everyone how you started getting into that habit, right? (hey I watch a lot of telly and I see this!!) Well, this is as close an analogy as I would have done at such a meeting-- at our dinner, I made a confession. My sheer obsession with bags has gotten so overblown that I had to just tell SOMEONE about it. Soooo.... well I confessed to my gal pals. Four of them in fact :) DP, MC, FL, and JS. Damn these gals must think I am already so pathetic, my life having gone downhill post workdays at the magazine. I am just one HUGE sob story :( *bawl*

I am incorrigible. As usual at our pre-dinner, I got distracted by FL's Marc Jacobs Stam Bag. It is really nice nice nice, now that I actually see it being used. (Either the bag is nice, or FL could carry just about anything, that even a sack would still look nice! hehe...)

So, over dinner, we checked out WWD's accessories mag. This page was one that I kept coming back to (and this was ever since I got this mag two months ago). YSL. Has that Muse bag lock. But the straps go through the flap. Is this YSL's version of the birkin?! :D I'd really like to have this bag please, but it looks so heavy :( (photo credit WWD Accessories)

Sigh. Post dinner, I realized I truly am a sad, sad bag hag. Spending far too much already. As Metro editor-in-chief MC so accurately put it, gone are the days when we can already get a really nice bag with a Php 30,000 budget. These days, all the good bags already begin with a price of US $1300 or Php 68,000!! She hit it right on the mark when she said that the designers realize that the money is in bags now, and these brand heads sure as heck know to capitalize on that realization! *Sigh* Why can't I be one of those brand heads!!!??

Can't imagine what our folks would say if they find out that our average bag purchase amount has escalated into astronomical proportions (read: up to 6 figures in PhP!). I guess their weekly allowance for us back when we were in school would get us NOTHING now. Not even a decent designer wallet (think LV: Good sized wallets start at Php 30k!)
(photo credit www.eluxury.com) Sigh... Anyway, tonight might have been just another dinner for my friends, but for me it was an awakening. To have been able to acknowledge that I have a serious shopping obsession that needs to be taken cared of PRONTO I think, is a big feat for me. I can't believe I actually fessed up to my gal pals. That took a LOT of courage. Seriously. Haha, I guess now I just hope they don't judge me for it *wink* ;) *nudge nudge... my galpals don't read blogs, but I hope they do for this post haha*

Good night hags! Time to be a good girl. Start earning, stop buying!! :D Hmm... But then if I go cold turkey, I'll hardly have any positive thing to blog about. I'd be bitching and spitting fire all the time *hehe Withdrawal* Worse, I might go into embolismic (!!) shock!! :D

xoxo gotta sleep. Acne farm growing on my face again.