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Monday, March 06, 2006

Hermes Fall/ Winter 2007

OK This post is to be about Hermes. Hermes, Hermes, and more Hermes.

The bags!!! I'm telling you, seasons may come and go, but Hermes birkins and kellys will forever remain THE bags in bag history. These are icons we are talking about!! Sooo, if you have that moolah chiching, you need to own one (or heck, BOTH) of these!

HOWEVER, if you are to invest in a Jean Paul Gaultier Hermes birkin, DO NOT get that fur covered birkin (See photo 2). Now THAT is bugly! (photos all from style.com)

All these designers are seriously capitalizing on the shift of bags as mere accessories to bags as the new status symbol that separates the haves and have-nots. Jewelry used to be THE status symbol. It Still is, but holy, how can one afford it? For a decent sized pair of earrings, you need to dunk in over 300K already! Hence the bags! Truly though, this is sad. Because you see people setting aside their salaries for months just to be able to get a bag (although that is a noble, noble thing to do, as opposed to blowing off 1/4 of your salary for a FAKE! *mumble!*)

Sigh, we only live for so long. If we don't learn to enjoy a little, when will we ever get to enjoy??

Thought to ponder eh? Ok, I gotta sign off now. Dream of Hermes tonight... :D

P.S. Just had to say this-- I loved most of Hermes' jackets as shown above. And that dress!!