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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Heartburn... and then that *gulp* LV (?) bag

So I was reading a copy of Metro Society-- the one with Paola Zobel on the cover. I turned to an article about Speaker Joe D.V. and wife, Gina. This was the photo on the feature.Please look to the bottom right corner. Don't get me wrong. I like Gina De Venecia. She is a very kind- hearted woman. What I am having trouble with is that "LV" bag on the bottom right. Authenticity question!!! Can anyone tell me?? (I'm pretty certain about the bag's 'authenticity/ counterfeit' status, but I'd like to know from someone nevertheless) *Ding ding, any LV associate care to come forward and identify the bag?* I can't help but wonder... if this were a fake bag, why was it featured alongside such a fabulous woman. *WHY oh WHY, magazine peeps?* (I would be almost certain that any magazine that would put a "questionable" bag brand into a feature, might get some form of reprimand from the advertiser of that brand... Yikes.)

Anyway, until someone can definitely identify the authenticity, I will keep mum (ugh, that tissue covered zipper gives it away!!! :( *Major POUT*

Oooh, guess what, my dear friend KO (who finally semi de-stressed) saw Will and Grace actress Debra Messing in New York with a GOYARD St. Louis PM! :D Go Go Goyard :)

Sigh...know what, I am coming up dry today. I think I overstuffed myself with Puccini's Gnoccho Fritto thingies and two orders of the Beef Carpaccio with Arugula. I can't function well. I can't even think about bags. I need shuteye. Quick. (And some antacid... I think I have heartburn and acidity issues tonight too)

Tomorrow I promise a more fruitful post. :D Love to all! xoxo