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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Happy Birthday to Daphne :)

Posting Quickie!!

to uber stylish hot mama DAPHNE OSE√ĎA PAEZ :)
Hope you have a good one :D

Hags, I won't be posting tonight-- have an early appointment at the Embassy (no, not the super club haha) tomorrow.

Later hags :D

P.S. Thanks so much MT, BD, RG, CG for those kind words refuting what that guy Mr. Juan said about me. I wanted some transparency as to what people say about me, with the lack of a tagboard and all, so I blogged about it. Everything written was "verbatim". I frankly do not ever recall corresponding with someone with that name. Someone please refreshen my memory about this person!!

P.P.S. This is for BB: I saw the ultimate freeloadin' matronairloader AR. Muwahahahahhaa. For a friggin 150- peso blowdry at the *snicker* Gandah salon of the barangay (DOP, yep, this IS the salon I went to for the cheapo but good service hahaha-- gotta work within my budget! *wink!*) , the *cough* REAL hag didn't even wanna pay!! *wink wink* And to our beloved bag hags: Wanna know more about this lady? Ask me !! hahaha... And I quote BB (err maybe paraphrase coz I erased his text accidentally *tsk*) "The soul of that wench is already on its way to hell" *muwahahaha *Bag hag Biiiiiaaaatch Alert!!!* (I'm baaaaaack!!!)