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Sunday, March 26, 2006

A deadly shopping quickie + Excellent Food!

Climbing-the-social-ladder-again and pretending I-have-friends-in-high-places-alert: Tonight was our dinner date with Chef Billy King (of Truffles, Paper Moon, and of course, Le Souffle fame) at his newly opened (6 months old) restaurant named French Corner (at the Westgate, Commerce Avenue, Alabang. For reservations and further directions, please call tel. 7712345-46 *Exit Filinvest Alabang from South Super Highway) We were in for a treat tonight. Anyway, we had arrived early, so decided at that moment that a shopping quickie to Alabang Town Center would be ok.

Ahh... Alabang Town Center. The home of designer purga-- Tutto Moda. Hags, they have lotsa stuff there now. Like the yummy Gucci patent leather green and blue hobo-pochette bags (yes they are on sale and you get an additional 5% discount if you pay via cash or BPI EPS), Favorite Royalty brand Prada (which includes one of the bags that Danish Princess Mary carries-- that VERY SAME black one on the upper right), YSL suede fringe bags, Tods, Kate Spade, etc, and YUMMY wallets! (I was seriously eyeing that lilac Guccisima wallet too...) Oh, get this, they even have Prada dresses and tops that are on sale! Price range from Php 8,000 up (US$200). And oooh the shoes..... Need I realllly say more?? Pssst, logo whore celebs, shop here instead of buying fakes from people you don't know.Too bad those velvety Gucci monogram bags are not on sale :( Sigh they in fact, even have the lilac Guccisima hobo available! I almost bought that bag back in January but really stopped myself. *Good girl!!!*

It really is so hard to be a hag *points finger in BB's direction*. hehe.. BB and I are case studies wherein the researchers and their colleagues will just shake their heads and not be able to figure out why we love, love buying bags (sometimes in excess *guilty!!*). Their study will just come up inconclusive. And hey, not just us!! You hags-- (short of mentioning your real names hahaha) MS, FS, NS, PV, KV, ST, (sigh the list will never end with this post) you all also keep buying nonstop :) hahaha We are not alone, hags!!! *errr... Hags unite?! hehe* Sigh, are we all really deluded into thinking that money grows on trees and these trees have extended credit lines???? *You know what, if we want something so bad, we WILL find ways to justify a purchase. Always without fail. THIS is the sheer talent of being a bag hag *muwahahaha* We are doomed to financial hell!!!!!*

Financial State of Emergency/ DefCon 5 Alert!: Can you imagine, within 5 minutes, I walked out of the store with a new bag??!!! (chronic plastic swiping illness I tell you). I know I know.. My financial state is officially a SERIOUS MATTER (and sigh, I wish I were Princess V. with unlimited funds!). I actually planned to keep it a secret from you all. That was until I walked into Powerbooks. It was there that someone came up to me asking if I was Mrs. T. *She thought it would be me since I was toting my Little Miss Marc bag, plus I had a Bottega shopping bag* I was like, Uh oh, Bussssted!! And there I was, tempted to throw the shopping bag as far away from my body as possible. But she saw. *bawl* Guess who it was! My goodness, it was PG who emails me often enough with plesantries and bag stories :) *Note that we have never met in person before!* PG: I am sooo glad I finally met you! I had to give this lady a little cheek-to-cheek :D She made my night! And I haven't even had dinner yet :) Talk about a good day :D

In classic bag hag fashion, I asked if I could take her bag photo :D And here she is with her WooWoo Gucci Guccissima Horsebit Hobo :D!!!!Long live bag hags!!!! *muwahaha*

Anyway, apres ATC, we already headed back to French Corner where my father-in-law popped 3 bottles of his 1981 Mouton de Rothschild for our dinner with Le Chef Billy and his lovely wife Vanessa. *The wine was really superb and it's such a treat to be able to drink 25 year old wines!!.. and NO this kinda wine is NOT for getting drunk, so I was still very sober after 3 glasses, thank You! hehehe*

BRAG BRAG BRAG: (yeah yeah I'm so full of it. Tell me something I don't already know, puhlease! *snicker weevil!!!*) We feasted on the very stuff that I would later attribute to my new flotation devices around my already thick waist: Quail and Foie Gras, Duck terrine with cranberry, Lambchop with couscous, and 2 generous scoops of ice cream smothered in dark chocolate and fresh strawberries, and Lots and Lots of Cheese!! (Aren't you glad you didn't eat along with us? You'd be having indigestion with all the cheese, plus have new flabs bouncing around your midsection by tomorrow. In fact I already have a very big, bloated stomach!!) Too bad I could not take photos any longer because my camera battery died. *LOSER!!*

Anyway that was how my Saturday went. I have an article for Metro Working Mom due by Monday and I have not even begun to write. Tsk. What an irresponsible, no-good, sucker hag I am. Someone should seriously shake me and biatch slap me so I can really wake up to the reality that I am really a loser in VERY gaudy designer disguise!!! :D

Oh heck, I don't really care anymore. As long as I have my support groups (you hags), and my bags, I am one happy hag :)

P.S. I am NOT yet showing you the new acquisition. But I promise you I will :)

P.P.S. I am pissed. Someone STOLE and USED MY PHOTO of the black YSL muse bag (remember my post about the bag while I was still in San Francisco? Well, this ebay user: writepinkcat stole my foto-- see item 6863625027. Not even so much as credit it. I hate this. I should learn to make watermarks in all my photos. I have written a message to that person to take the photo down or I'll report him/her).

I PROTEST! I PROTEST!! *errr, like my voice carries weight. Slap me, slap me straight!!*

P.P.P.S. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY DEAREST BROTHER-- He who gets sticker shock everytime he opens my credit card bill coz it's c/o to him. I wish sometimes he would just stop giving me the bill. Hehe... he should take pity on his VERY self-centered sister *ME* and just foot the bill coz even his own brother-in-law *err, that would be my husband* refuses to even pay part of the bill, let alone look at it!!! *muwahahaha* Alas, I am once again, left to fend for myself in this cruel, cruel world.

P.P.P.P.S. If there are any Hags out there whose Husbands pay for their purchases, can you let me know? I would love some proof that there are still men out there who actually do indulge their wives in these designer luxuries :) Hehehehe remember, I said Martyrdom was dead? Well that goes for the men too, unless someone comes to me and says her husband foots the bill. That is proof that the guy is a financial martyr then! *muwahahaha*