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Friday, March 10, 2006

The Coming Out of Little Miss Marc

I know this is totally OT (off topic), but I just had to share with you my current flave (flavor) of the month when we talk food. Haiku (Greenbelt 3, 2nd floor) has excellent spicy tuna sashimi served in a tall lithe glass. I've been going back for that for the past few days. That, and Puccini's (Fort Bonifacio) gnoccho fritte di prosciutto. Sigh, no wonder I now have this seriously grotesque overhang in what is now known as "my belly". What's even sadder is, I have to fit into my dress in a week's time. Or else, *oh mah gawd* I will end up looking like the Pillsbury doughboy, and I AIN'T cute like the doughboy is, take note.

Ok enough food talk already. Has any of you passed by Debenham's at Edsa Shangrila Mall? Well I went there today (and yes, I steered clear of Homme et Femme.. hehe). Check out the store's bag section!!! I was like, WHOA?!?! Two things-- one, I CANNOT believe the massive number of bags they have, and two, Holy smokes, the bags are CHEAP! (Well most of them) If you have not been to this place yet, it's time to put that on your to-do list. It's worth a visit. Plus their kids' section has nice stuff. Clothes from Jasper Conran-- how funny. My kids get to wear clothes designed by the one of the late Princess Diana's favorite designers :D (This is THE closest thing I will ever feel to being a royal. *muwahaha Pa-Thehhh-tiiiiiic!!! Ugh!! Every waking moment!!!*)

So I used my Marc Jacobs "Little Miss Marc" bag today for the very first time! (Well me modeling it for the camera was not considered first time-- TODAY was the bag's actual debut! And I'm telling you, she turned heads!). But the bag was sooooo huge that it was like reaching into the abyss when my phone rang. My head was literally inside the bag (and I swear, my head DOES fit into the bag!)!! Ok, I looove this bag because of Little Miss Marc, but I don't think I need that HUGE space for my junk. This bag is even bigger than a Goyard Fidji Hobo (and I am not kidding!!). But it was so much fun carrying the bag though, I was actually approached by FOUR ladies (I loved that one was middle- aged hehe), and they were admiring the "cute factor" of Miss Marc. So I gave them the "Doesn't Little Miss Marc look just like me?" And of course they all laughed (I take it they agreed that she did look like me-- and I did a pout to point the similarity out hahaha) :D *I love it when malls can just be a happy place haha!!*

Oh by the way, I will be incommunicado for the weekend. I'm headed out for some R&R with the hubby *wink*. Come back on Sunday night for a visual account of where we went and perhaps what we saw (I hope something interesting haha).

Have a good weekend Hags!!

P.S. Found a good close-up of the LV metallic keepall monogram! This bag was brought in for the Landmark LV store opening in Hong Kong. (photo credit: Cecile Van Straten, chuvaness)