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Friday, March 31, 2006

Cheap Finds with friends at Market! Market! :)

Today was a fun day. Two old friends (by old, I don't mean matronic old *hehe*) and I set aside this afternoon to trek over to Market!Market! to score cheap finds. And by cheap, I mean CHEAP. Not over Php 1,000/ approx US$20) per item. In fact, not over Php 500/ approx US$10 per item.

So, KG, CS, and I hopped from tiny shops in search of truly cheap, wearable stuff. We went into this boutique called Babo. They have nice clothes, and hey, there is one NICE bag!! It's a pleather hobo with grommets and leather-lacing. And although we were really here in search of cheap things to use under 1K, we all had to make an exception for this. This bag costs Php 1,430/ approx. US$28 (well at least it's still under 1.5K). If any of the hags are looking for a nice, reasonably priced Schlepping bag, I would recommend this one. It's really nice.

Moving forward, we went to an old acquaintance Ronald P's Folded and Hung (F&H) boutique. They are having a sale tomorrow onwards by the way. I have not been to F&H in a long time, but I am actually glad I did! They have these evening purse-velopes (wheee lookie I just made that word up haha) made of velvet and accented with a bling brooch! These purse-velopes are cheap (they are on sale!) and they are under Php 200/ approx. US$4 !!! (if my memory serves me right!). Talk about cheap find!

I swore not to buy anything today, but I succumbed to the cheap belts as well at F&H. Talk about hoarding! CS and KG ended up with really cool tank tops that were under Php 500/ approx US$10 each, and we three all ended up getting these summery garrison belts that went from Php 349 to a mere Php 99!! I was like, eh? Is there some kind of a mistake? Php 99/ approx US$2 for garrison belts? *Am I in a thrift store?* I HAD to buy one to string onto my loose jeans *muwahaha yeah right like, I talk like I lost weight. Sadly these were the jeans I bought when I was in my first trimester of my pregnancy a few years ago haha* I also ended up buying a metallic purple faux croc skinny belt (perfect with my white shorts/ pants!) for just Php 200/ approx US$4! I was stoked right out of my mind with these two belts!

We snaked through Fashion Market, and found this little shop called Be, where my friend found a pewter T strap thong sandals for only Php 399/ approx US$8 ! They are so comfy to wear (I tried them on myself), and I was at usual, battling temptation to grab one as well but I am really on a tight budget here, and the last thing I need are a new pair of shoes.

But *sigh*, accessories? I NEED (err.. want). And I ended up buying a Brass cuff at the same store for Php 350/ approx US$ 7. Boy these accessories are even way cheaper than the ones I buy at Forever21 Stateside (and I thought those were already cheap too!). We also walked further along and found a stall that sold rather bland earrings, but I zeroed in on these super long necklaces. Hey, you won't believe this, but we bought these for Php 160/ approx US$4 !! *In fact, another store called Girlshoppe has similar necklaces that sell for twice the price-- still cheap, but NOT THIS cheap! :)* That is one seriously long necklace that you can loop twice or thrice around your neck (graduating length). I bought this necklace for my fun sis-in-law, who had previously bought a really nice summery pleated floral tube dress from Atelier Debbie Co. I promised her I'd find her some long necklace to pair the dress with (we were at first contemplating on getting a necklace we both saw for Php 2,000. Thank goodness we went against buying it, or I would never have looked around for this good find!). I always thought, if you are going to buy fashion accessories, don't spend too much on them unless you know you will be wearing them for a VERY long time.

Daph P. FINALLY debuts her GOYARD croisiere 35in black chevron canvas with tan handles!!! *Gasp* Thanks to Fi L. who captured this photo at the Havaiana party at Rockwell, we now know, Goyard has definitely "arrived" in jaded Manila's bag scene :)

1. My awesome girlfriend/bag hag KO got herself a Large *gulp expensive hehe* CHANEL classic caviar quilt bag. This is such an iconic bag, and *tears welling up in my eyes* and I have yet to own one... I need to save up for this. This classic bag is not cheap, hags. But this much I can also tell you-- this is one of the very few bags that you should keep-- because this will definitely grow along with you. AND this bag is one of those that you can actually pass on to your daughter one day. It is really a classic, and indeed a very good investment. Congratulations KO! Awesome choice!!!

2. I got a real nice email from yet another bag hag from the other side of our world! May P. of Helotes, Texas sent me a photo of her yummy LV purchases at Neiman Marcus with a special mention that "whoever else wants to dispute *cough cough* that LV doesn't sell bags WITH plastic on them", is WRONG. (Her Cabas Piano bag has plastic on them-- the handles were folded down, but they DO have plastic!! *glare at accusers*) Thank you for sending me a note! :D

And lastly, I just had to post this! The popularity of Celine L's Loungeri Lux tees has gone global-- as far as the land Down Under! Here's SML from Australiawearing a white Loungeri Lux tee from CL's new collection. Thanks for the photo :)

More SALE news (for the hags in Manila):

(The very shameless plug!) Tresormakati is selling the following Ferragamo bags (YES, they are ALL authentic) real cheap, cheap, cheap!! Prices are final. I have also posted this photo in the new category-- BAGS UNDER Php 5,000.1. Red suede oval bag with logo on long shoulder strap (which you can probably shorten). Item is in good condition, rarely used. Interior leather lining still ok, not sticky. 8"L x 6.5"H x 3"W Price: Php 2,500.

2. White leather pouch with black piping and signature black ferragamo ribbon (tiny detail in front). Bag has an unused shoulder strap included. This bag is very clean, no dirt that I saw. Jacquard fabric lining clean. The Ferragamo card is still included. Price: Php 1,850.

3. Black Calfskin Leather "Kelly" style bag. Bag has scratches on the leather, but the gold hardware enclosure and buttons show no tarnish. There a 4 silver-gold feet at the bottom. 9"L x 7.5"H x 4"W-- 3 compartments inside, surprisingly very roomy. Leather interior still ok. Price: Php 3,000.

4. Brown Suede Kelly with signature grosgrain ribbon. 6.5"L x 6"H x 3"W. Jacquard fabric lining very clean, comes with an unused shoulder strap. Ferragamo card and dustbag also included. Price: Php 2,250.

5. Caramel Mini "Bolide" handbag. Some minor scratches on the leather. Hardware studs (that show Ferragamo shoes logo) have minor tarnish (you can try repolishing this). Comes with strap and dustbag. Zippered enclosure and interior jacquard fabric lining clean. 7"L x 6"H x 3"W. Price: Php 1,850.

6. Black suede and chocolate brown faux croc trim with gold logo and gold chain bag. This can also be strapped onto a belt and is great for travelling. Interior leather lining has somewhat stripped off. My advice is to have it fully stripped off (this can be done since the bag lining is doubled in leather and in fabric-- pulling out the leather will reveal the fabric lining and instantly the bag interior will be good as new). Bag has gold chain strap with no visible tarnish, 6"L x 4.5"H x 2"W. Price: Php 1,850.

**For the abovementioned Tresormakati sale bags, please contact +63916-7580857. These are final sale final prices.**

PrettyFit/ BeetleBug
(shoes) at Shangrila mall has a "3+10" promo valid only from March 31- April 2 whereby you can get an additional 10% discount for every 3 pairs of shoes purchased (applicable to sale items that are already 50% off). So if you happen to be in that area during this period, go there. You never know, you just might end up with yet another cheap find :)

Sapato Manila + Coco and Tres (bags) will also have an Open house on April 1, Saturday, at 135 Bunga Ext., Ayala Alabang, Muntinlupa City (Sarmiento Residence) from 12noon to 6pm. They've got some yummy slip-ons for summer as well as ballet flats. Coco and Tres also has some really nice bags. So, if you plan to go to Alabang Town Center over the weekend (for designer purgatory), why not pass by this place as well :D

P.S. Just a heads up here-- I'll be away from April 7 til the 18th on a trip to some exotic place (Bag rehab! *hahaha coz there won't be expensive bags to buy there hahaha*) I will TRY to blog when I'm there, but no guarantees. Who knows!! :) Keep watching this space, hags!!



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