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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Bag Hags at Shu Uemura & Motorola's BEJEWELED

Wheee I came back early! No more post-party party for this old lady.

It was a fun event, everyone was dressed fancy (including myself *muwhaha a rarity! well put it this way, I THINK I looked decent* but yuck I have icky hair and no makeup). I debuted 2 things, one of which, is my Bottega intrecciato pewter cosmetic pouch *hehe which I used as an evening BAG!!* (I am sooo not an evening bag/clutch person. I don't even really know anything about the little bags except for Judith Leiber, Nancy G., Alexandra Knight but tsk gotta invest in one good one someday)

Preggy Mama Daph P. (hot as ever!!) was so fashionable as usual. She is wearing the charms necklace that she makes. Gorgeous. By the way you can still order them from her straight. Email me at tresor@compass.com.ph if you want her address. Anyway, DP is in her Balenciaga dress (difference is, HERS HAS THE TAG!! *AND hers looks GOOD on her, while mine was , well... *puke* bad. That and my bad hair + lack of makeup *at least I don't have black and heavily pencilled-in eyebrows* = Mrs. T's undisputed nomination in tonight's fashion disaster list! )

Ok, now, without further further ado, HERE are the HAGS :D

Of course, the list would never be complete without BryanBoy who debuted his *jawdrop* Dolce & Gabbana Lace- Leather bag in White (remember I was just talking about this bag???? Talk about being a Bag Hag! :) *P.S. look at his skin!! Now THAT'S what I call flawless!! I am currently raising an acne farm on my face boohoo*

Mel C.
, Metro Magazine Editor- in- Chief with her CHANEL Cream Classic Medium Quilted Bag in caviar leather. Need I say more? :) *Droool*

Ianne E., Cosmopolitan Magazine Editor-in- Chief. I love how she mixed her floral print halter with a metallic clutch.

Fiona L., Metro Weddings Magazine Fashion Editor with her Dior frame bag :) Incidentally, she came back from Tagaytay yesterday after attending the wedding of actress Claudine B. to actor Raymart S. The wedding, she says, was so private (only 350 guests) for such a public figure. Makes me wonder... were there a lot of bag hags there? *wink!*

Accessories designer (check out her lovely necklace!!!) Chat Fores with her mom's Gucci bag :) I love how we can just go raid Mom's closet for a bag :D

Of course, leader of the fash pack Liza C. with her Kate Spade and a drink! Her top is sooo bejeweled!! *bling bling!*

Model bride Audrey T-Z. (who was married last Dec. to Congressman Migs Z.) with Palangga Maurice A. and her mommy Dette T. Audrey carries Burberry. I am strangely attracted to that bag! It reminds me of the LV sac triangle, only better-- this bag has that recognizable Burb tartan :) *logo logo logo I love*

Shu Uemura's Business Unit Manager Tina T. is in rich royal blue, and check out her necklace (JEWELS!!). Oh and by the way, She is wearing the bejeweled falsie eyelashes. Talk about bling-king! :D (This was what the night was all about!!)

Jane K., "Kris Aquino K Magazine" Editor-in- Chief with such an ornate bag. Know what, that is a verrrrrry pretty bag, I hafta ask where she got it!! *snicker me likey likey!!*

Ruffa G.B., (this woman needs no more intro). The blings and the bag say it all. Of course I don't know what brand her bag is (shame shame!). Unlike some people *cough cough*, I don't really profess to know it all. Ruffa made me guess her bag brand. I was soo pressured to know, but hey, like I said, I am sooo ignorant when it comes to evening clutches and purses (tsk I looked every inch the foooo *snicker*). So I asked her back. THAT made me look like a total idiot, after my uber talented friend Kara T. said I was a bag hag *muwhaahah I am SOO undeserving!!! Bawl!!* But hey, she happily obliged. "It's a Dolce!" which prompted me to say, "ahhh now Dolce, I know the day bags. I want the Miss Ruffles and (pointing over to where BB is) I want his bag" *snicker bad bad bad* (P.S. I was also sooo tempted to tell her that she and I go to the same salon *Social climbing, name dropping hag alert!!! Muwhahaha...Errrr, it's Ricky Reyes Salon baby! Who'd refuse a Php 150 for a hair shampooing with blow-dry session?? You are looking at the Bag hag cheapskate here!!*

Preview Magazine's Associate Fashion Editor Liz Uy pairs off her lace and bling outfit with a metallic silver clutch encrusted with blue sapphire rhinies.

Likewise, Good Finds host Jenni E. carries her bling on her neck, finger, and on her bag. "Faux-ever!" as she said :)

Carmina S.
who looks perfect for a summer evening event in her shorts, pairs her outfit with a gold clutch :D (sigh I need a goood clutch!!!! I'm thinking of swiping baghag LPT's Alexandra Knight BLUE alligator purse. By the way, Miss baghag LPT, your jewels are *BLING!* blinding!!!! Me want em want em want em!!!! ;) )

And here's a parting shot of the Metro girls. Daph P., Mel C., Trish C., and Fiona L. Tsk, all gorgeous women!

Oh by the way, in celebration of the night's party, Motorola also presented their bejewelled Motorazr V3i alongside the bejwelled eyelash falsies. Imagine a phone encrusted with *gulp* real diamonds and sapphires or emeralds??? Pure excess and luxe!! And I thought to myself: First world wants with Third world pockets... That's me. tsk tsk... So whoever gets one of these will need to show it to me so I can drool (don't worry I won't drool on the phone) over it. *har di har har*

Okie, it's time to say Nighteyy nighteyyy!!!! :)

P.S. Hags NS, DR, GZ, DP, KO, CC, JS, AA, ST, MP, LT and the other nagging bag hags, I hope you had a wonderfully wicked laugh at my email attachment today! :) And I hope that was reallllly satisfying!!! *slurp*

P.P.S. I did NOT have any alcoholic drinks tonight. My hubby did though. So he didn't really mind that I ogled and ogled at Shu Uemura's Crown Prince Kakuyasu Uchiide (chief International makeup artist who was voted last year as IN STYLE MAGAZINE's makeup artist of the year!! And this guy is such a hunk too)who was such a sight for sore eyes, as he worked his magic on the model's face. As my hag friends commented, they all only had one person in mind for a makeover, and not surprisingly it was ... *wink!* (Did that drive a stake through the heart? Or Did I miss?) Muwahahahaha The weevil baghag biatch strikes again!!

Ok Ok Ok, I promise, I'll be nicer... Soon. *fingers crossed at the back* :) Loved all the metallics and the whites tonight by the way!!