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Sunday, March 26, 2006

The Bag Hag models Prada

Upset. Yup, that's the word. Upset. How I felt a few days ago when I got asked. Revealing this only now. Coz I'm alright now. :)

I think the one very thing that upsets me is when someone tells me they're disappointed. I am human. I make mistakes. I don't claim (well not always *snicker*) to know it all about bags. Especially when it comes to inspecting bags. I believe myself to be fairly thorough. I try my best to accurately describe each item without prejudice (after all, I have no vested interest in the bag, so why hide flaws?!) And when I accidentally slip up and someone receives her new bag and says "she's disappointed", it makes me feel as if the client thinks I would deliberately leave out an important mark or flaw in the bag. Sigh, that's really the trouble of having to ship items out-of-town. If a buyer never physically saw the item and sees it for the first time after they have paid for it, they either love it or get disappointed. Well in this case, my buyer got disappointed (and note this is the very first time it has happened). Because apparently I failed to inform her of a flaw in the bag (which to date, I HONESTLY did NOT see it at that time). So, ever the noble lady that I am *cough choke*, I have offered a refund. Plus I am shouldering shipping costs twice over. Ouch! (yes, even if it's just Php 400+, it's still moolah, and you all know what a cheapskate I am! *muwahaha* ) Oh well, as my celeb friend says, "chalk it up to experience." :)

It's these incidents which make me realize that I should never really consider tresormakati a "business". It is and will remain a hobby. As long as I love bags, tresormakati will always be there. Sigh, this is strike two for me. One was that Mr. Juan guy (I still DONT KNOW who this man is, and do not ever recall even talking to him), and this time it's this bag incident from an otherwise friendly lady down South.

Anyway, for the last few days, that incident really affected me (hence you noticed one night I didn't post anything). Sigh, but I'm over it now. I guess it really was my fault too, for not having been thorough ENOUGH. Learned my lesson and paid the price. I'm ok now :). Moving on to something more pleasant, I had a brief textchat this pm with bag hag AA (AA thought I had bought a Bottega bag-- no dear, me no budget for Bottega!!!). She informed me that the designer purgatory in Shangrila Mall Edsa has apparently already reopened. If anyone has been there recently, Ugh, EMAIL me or let me know so I can spread the word about the goodies there. You all know what suckers we are for bargains!

By the way, I've got a few email requests, asking me to model-carry the following bags so these hags can see what it would look like on them. I figured the best way to show them would be all at one time-- on this blog! (here we go again, shameless use of my blog for tresormakati *snicker*) All Prada by the way-- the bag of Royalty *hehehe*. See, if it weren't for those cool princesses with these bags, I don't think I'd even take a second look anymore! But amen to the Royal Bag coffers :D

Please pardon my outfit. I am wearing my loose brown lounging shirt since I'm just home the whole day (have to work on my article which is due tomorrow).

Prada red microfiber shopping tote. This is such a light bag, and large too. Really, if I used red, I'd get this bag for two reasons. One, it's CHEAP, and Two, I can tote this as a diaper bag because of the size and weight (practically non-existent). It's just Php 13,500 (approx US$ 265).

Prada cream and black bowler with bottom compartment. The bag is actually quite used, and shows the dirt closest to where the zippered opening is. There are also some light scratches on the black leather bottom. Otherwise the bag looks alright still. It's still a bit much to pay at Php 25,000 for a bag in this condition, but it's nice (wish it were a lot cleaner!!) And by the way, the bag can be carried on the shoulder too.

Prada red "plume" type leather bag. Why oh why does this bag have to be RED?!! *pout* It measures 12"L x 8"H x 4"W, and is a shoulder carry-on bag. This style resembles so much an Hermes Plume (Another bag that I wish I can own one day--I'll get me a preowned one! :) *I am the queen of wishful thinking!*) Photo taken from ebay id lucyndskywdmnds who is selling the beauty at US$2499. Anyway, not only that it resembles an Hermes, this bag screams royalty to me (and you all know what a die-hard royalist I am! *loser loser!*). Bag is in excellent condition in my opinion. Some small folds on the leather (especially by the zipper area) but nothing major that can be easily noticed and singled out. There is also a small mark at the bottom (I'm not sure if it's The hardware will need a bit of repolishing. There's a lock inside a clochette, as well as 2 keys inside the clochette. I honestly think this bag is already a good deal at Php 25,000. Oh and there are 4 little gold feet at the bottom :)

Prada black hobo bag.
This is in very good condition with minimal scratches on the leather trims. 11.5"L x 8"H x 3"W. I have yet to post the price for this bag by the way, but some Prada hags are asking already :)

Here's another Prada bag that's yet to be posted, but hey, you saw it here first!
This is an all-cotton bag in navy, measures 10.5"L x 4.5"H x 4"W, and this bag has a wide strap (3") that sits easy on the shoulder. To open the bag, you flip the leather-lined flap which has two cute button detail. The opening of the bag is zipper- enclosed for added security. Asking price of this bag is Php 8,000. Another real cheap bag, considering the condition of this bag is like new, and excellent. Hardware is in brass. Cheap cheap cheap find :D

Oh, on a semi- related note, here's a photo of the available Prada bag at Tutto Moda where the top right bag is the one that Princess Mary has.
Yup, it's the same Prada bag carried by Princess Mary on a trip to Australia with her husband (look closely at the bag :) Here's the same styled bag in exotic leather! (And it's a closer look at the bag-- same style I tell ya!) Woohoo you can now own a Royal designer bag :D So whoever goes to Tutto Moda and buys that black bag in the same style, take a photo and email it to me for the brag-a-bag segment :D

I have procrastinated enough. I think it's time I regroup my thoughts and seriously work on my article. Take care hags and have a good weekend, whatever's left of it!!

Your bag hag