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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Atelier Debbie Co + my usual bag ramblings

Thanks to the bag hag from Down Under who had astute observations that this season's Louis Vuitton birkinesque bag was actually perhaps an ode to LV's own Steamer bag (birth 1901) than it being inspired by an Hermes birkin. I, of course, wish to clarify that I had classified this bag as more inspired by another designer, due largely to the fact that Marc Jacobs has been taking snippets from different designers' collections as inspirations for his last two seasons. Such comment again prompted the Aussie hag to remark that most of the designers as of late are taking inspirations from other designers. I couldn't agree with you more. Such "trend" is evident in the bag collections of many designers. I therefore stand by my previous comment about that LV bag. Besides, that bag has TWO handles and the steamer has one, which makes it look like the Hermes Her bag (of course which I'm sure Hermes took inspiration from the LV steamer) Sooo, I think I will still stand by my claim that the LV bag is birkinesque.

P.S. Aussie hag is probably short of saying, "Lady, you don't have any idea what you are talking about while critiquing the collection." Umm hehe, hags, WHO SAYS I DO?! Ms. A (whom I was supposed to meet today-- by the way congratulations on your LV perforated speedy!!): This proves that I am NO bag guru. Told you I'd disappoint! Imagine an Aussie having to send me an International SMS to correct me about my description of the LV birkinesque bag! It's clear that I don't know anything about bags, as the Aussie hag had been so close to pointing out. (I'm sure it was at the tip of the fingertips to text it to me) *Muwahahahaha yea yea blah blah blah* :)

Anyway, so I finally saw the clothes etc. on the ladies of Oscar's. I was not as bowled over as anything as I had been when I saw Rachel Weisz's earrings (plus I was so pleased she won. I was so drawn to that film where she portrayed that award winning role)! *shock shock* My DREAM earrings!!! OK, Mr./Ms. US$300+ Million winner of the lottery, if you are reading this, you would SERIOUSLY cure my bag addiction if you bought me those earrings. Sooo if you were thinking of helping someone (other than the real needy people), you COULD do me that favor :) *hehehehe Materialistic hag alert!!!*

Oooh on another note, I passed by this new boutique called Atelier Debbie Co yesterday at the 2nd floor of Jupiter Place, Jupiter Street Makati (the same bldg as I.O.). I am really liking Debbie Co's clothes (her clothes are also stocked at Ishq, Souk, and The Ramp). I bought a real awesome kimono- wrap, so I can channel "Memoirs of a Geisha" hehehe *SUPER Trying hard!!!!* Debbie also has consigned items like bags from Coco and Tres (remember the really nice bronze hobo that Daphne got me? That's Coco and Tres), Sapato Manila, as well as Kathang Kamay accessories...

And oh, oh, get this! Her store also included, (guess what!!) my friend DiVa's Stuff! She has called her collection "D!", and has a wider variety of accessories (all very affordable!) which she has decided to showcase at Atelier Debbie's. The DiVa bangles there cost Php 2,450 Each and the DiVa necklace (of which she now has stock of) costs Php 5,850! Geez she even named bangles after me! (I bought these indigo bangles from her that totally match my daily jeans uniform, and apparently I was the first person to see them and buy them, so she named them after moi! *Flattering!!!*) I am sooo proud of my friend. Congratulations, girl. Finally you get your stuff out there for more people to appreciate!! Hags, seriously if you have time, go check out Atelier Debbie Co (2nd floor, JUPITER PLACE bldg, Jupiter Street-- this is close to Franck Provost). They don't take credit cards yet, so bring cold, hard cash :D

If you hags are still interested in the DiVa collection, you may also text me at (+63916) 758-0857. I have a direct pipeline to D! *hehehe I sound like the Commissioner on Batman!*

Sigh, I feel so sleep- deprived for the last few days. I am averaging 5-7 hours of sleep daily and somehow I wish I could up that to about 10 hours per day. Boy, sleeping and being on my ass the whole day won't get me anywhere but knee-deep in debt. I seriously gotta get something going.

Hopefull you get to see some of my work in April... More info about that soon!

P.P.S. any of you liking the metallic collection of LV? :) Greetings to my ladyhag pal KO-- bag withdrawal you say? Ok that will come back with a vengeance. Give yourself some time and hop onto your fave mall. Time to ogle and buy :D *I am such a bad influence haha*

P.P.P.S. Something from GOYARD is coming soooooon :) *wOoOooHoOooOO!!!* Hags, if you love the Speedy, you will loooooove Goyard's Croisiere!! This bag is carried by fashion insiders! (apart from celeb Jessica Simpson, fashion designer Behnaz Serafpour!)

P.P.P.P.S. The Yris bag is now available at YSL. I cannot believe how beautiful this bag is. The shape is beautiful, the size totally amazing. The price at the YSL boutique in Greenbelt is actually pretty reasonable. If you don't have a chalk bag, THIS is something worth getting. The weave detail is more awesome in person than in the photo. Go check it out!!

Later hags!