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Friday, March 31, 2006

Cheap Finds with friends at Market! Market! :)

Today was a fun day. Two old friends (by old, I don't mean matronic old *hehe*) and I set aside this afternoon to trek over to Market!Market! to score cheap finds. And by cheap, I mean CHEAP. Not over Php 1,000/ approx US$20) per item. In fact, not over Php 500/ approx US$10 per item.

So, KG, CS, and I hopped from tiny shops in search of truly cheap, wearable stuff. We went into this boutique called Babo. They have nice clothes, and hey, there is one NICE bag!! It's a pleather hobo with grommets and leather-lacing. And although we were really here in search of cheap things to use under 1K, we all had to make an exception for this. This bag costs Php 1,430/ approx. US$28 (well at least it's still under 1.5K). If any of the hags are looking for a nice, reasonably priced Schlepping bag, I would recommend this one. It's really nice.

Moving forward, we went to an old acquaintance Ronald P's Folded and Hung (F&H) boutique. They are having a sale tomorrow onwards by the way. I have not been to F&H in a long time, but I am actually glad I did! They have these evening purse-velopes (wheee lookie I just made that word up haha) made of velvet and accented with a bling brooch! These purse-velopes are cheap (they are on sale!) and they are under Php 200/ approx. US$4 !!! (if my memory serves me right!). Talk about cheap find!

I swore not to buy anything today, but I succumbed to the cheap belts as well at F&H. Talk about hoarding! CS and KG ended up with really cool tank tops that were under Php 500/ approx US$10 each, and we three all ended up getting these summery garrison belts that went from Php 349 to a mere Php 99!! I was like, eh? Is there some kind of a mistake? Php 99/ approx US$2 for garrison belts? *Am I in a thrift store?* I HAD to buy one to string onto my loose jeans *muwahaha yeah right like, I talk like I lost weight. Sadly these were the jeans I bought when I was in my first trimester of my pregnancy a few years ago haha* I also ended up buying a metallic purple faux croc skinny belt (perfect with my white shorts/ pants!) for just Php 200/ approx US$4! I was stoked right out of my mind with these two belts!

We snaked through Fashion Market, and found this little shop called Be, where my friend found a pewter T strap thong sandals for only Php 399/ approx US$8 ! They are so comfy to wear (I tried them on myself), and I was at usual, battling temptation to grab one as well but I am really on a tight budget here, and the last thing I need are a new pair of shoes.

But *sigh*, accessories? I NEED (err.. want). And I ended up buying a Brass cuff at the same store for Php 350/ approx US$ 7. Boy these accessories are even way cheaper than the ones I buy at Forever21 Stateside (and I thought those were already cheap too!). We also walked further along and found a stall that sold rather bland earrings, but I zeroed in on these super long necklaces. Hey, you won't believe this, but we bought these for Php 160/ approx US$4 !! *In fact, another store called Girlshoppe has similar necklaces that sell for twice the price-- still cheap, but NOT THIS cheap! :)* That is one seriously long necklace that you can loop twice or thrice around your neck (graduating length). I bought this necklace for my fun sis-in-law, who had previously bought a really nice summery pleated floral tube dress from Atelier Debbie Co. I promised her I'd find her some long necklace to pair the dress with (we were at first contemplating on getting a necklace we both saw for Php 2,000. Thank goodness we went against buying it, or I would never have looked around for this good find!). I always thought, if you are going to buy fashion accessories, don't spend too much on them unless you know you will be wearing them for a VERY long time.

Daph P. FINALLY debuts her GOYARD croisiere 35in black chevron canvas with tan handles!!! *Gasp* Thanks to Fi L. who captured this photo at the Havaiana party at Rockwell, we now know, Goyard has definitely "arrived" in jaded Manila's bag scene :)

1. My awesome girlfriend/bag hag KO got herself a Large *gulp expensive hehe* CHANEL classic caviar quilt bag. This is such an iconic bag, and *tears welling up in my eyes* and I have yet to own one... I need to save up for this. This classic bag is not cheap, hags. But this much I can also tell you-- this is one of the very few bags that you should keep-- because this will definitely grow along with you. AND this bag is one of those that you can actually pass on to your daughter one day. It is really a classic, and indeed a very good investment. Congratulations KO! Awesome choice!!!

2. I got a real nice email from yet another bag hag from the other side of our world! May P. of Helotes, Texas sent me a photo of her yummy LV purchases at Neiman Marcus with a special mention that "whoever else wants to dispute *cough cough* that LV doesn't sell bags WITH plastic on them", is WRONG. (Her Cabas Piano bag has plastic on them-- the handles were folded down, but they DO have plastic!! *glare at accusers*) Thank you for sending me a note! :D

And lastly, I just had to post this! The popularity of Celine L's Loungeri Lux tees has gone global-- as far as the land Down Under! Here's SML from Australiawearing a white Loungeri Lux tee from CL's new collection. Thanks for the photo :)

More SALE news (for the hags in Manila):

(The very shameless plug!) Tresormakati is selling the following Ferragamo bags (YES, they are ALL authentic) real cheap, cheap, cheap!! Prices are final. I have also posted this photo in the new category-- BAGS UNDER Php 5,000.1. Red suede oval bag with logo on long shoulder strap (which you can probably shorten). Item is in good condition, rarely used. Interior leather lining still ok, not sticky. 8"L x 6.5"H x 3"W Price: Php 2,500.

2. White leather pouch with black piping and signature black ferragamo ribbon (tiny detail in front). Bag has an unused shoulder strap included. This bag is very clean, no dirt that I saw. Jacquard fabric lining clean. The Ferragamo card is still included. Price: Php 1,850.

3. Black Calfskin Leather "Kelly" style bag. Bag has scratches on the leather, but the gold hardware enclosure and buttons show no tarnish. There a 4 silver-gold feet at the bottom. 9"L x 7.5"H x 4"W-- 3 compartments inside, surprisingly very roomy. Leather interior still ok. Price: Php 3,000.

4. Brown Suede Kelly with signature grosgrain ribbon. 6.5"L x 6"H x 3"W. Jacquard fabric lining very clean, comes with an unused shoulder strap. Ferragamo card and dustbag also included. Price: Php 2,250.

5. Caramel Mini "Bolide" handbag. Some minor scratches on the leather. Hardware studs (that show Ferragamo shoes logo) have minor tarnish (you can try repolishing this). Comes with strap and dustbag. Zippered enclosure and interior jacquard fabric lining clean. 7"L x 6"H x 3"W. Price: Php 1,850.

6. Black suede and chocolate brown faux croc trim with gold logo and gold chain bag. This can also be strapped onto a belt and is great for travelling. Interior leather lining has somewhat stripped off. My advice is to have it fully stripped off (this can be done since the bag lining is doubled in leather and in fabric-- pulling out the leather will reveal the fabric lining and instantly the bag interior will be good as new). Bag has gold chain strap with no visible tarnish, 6"L x 4.5"H x 2"W. Price: Php 1,850.

**For the abovementioned Tresormakati sale bags, please contact +63916-7580857. These are final sale final prices.**

PrettyFit/ BeetleBug
(shoes) at Shangrila mall has a "3+10" promo valid only from March 31- April 2 whereby you can get an additional 10% discount for every 3 pairs of shoes purchased (applicable to sale items that are already 50% off). So if you happen to be in that area during this period, go there. You never know, you just might end up with yet another cheap find :)

Sapato Manila + Coco and Tres (bags) will also have an Open house on April 1, Saturday, at 135 Bunga Ext., Ayala Alabang, Muntinlupa City (Sarmiento Residence) from 12noon to 6pm. They've got some yummy slip-ons for summer as well as ballet flats. Coco and Tres also has some really nice bags. So, if you plan to go to Alabang Town Center over the weekend (for designer purgatory), why not pass by this place as well :D

P.S. Just a heads up here-- I'll be away from April 7 til the 18th on a trip to some exotic place (Bag rehab! *hahaha coz there won't be expensive bags to buy there hahaha*) I will TRY to blog when I'm there, but no guarantees. Who knows!! :) Keep watching this space, hags!!


Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Phone bag couture, Bag Snob (The Ultimate Bag Hag!)

I won't be blogging TOO much tonight. I am way too tired. My wonderful toddler was throwing the mighty terrible-twos tantrum and my normal 8-hour sleep got cut short. (Hehe, and we know what that's like. Pet peeve: LACK OF SLEEP)

I've made a small order for these Poire phone pouches. If anyone is interested, let me know! :)
They are the cutest thing and I have just outfitted my own camera with it too (yay it fits!!) It's a Little Phone Bag Couture :D Not an LV but hey, this is WAY cheaper than an LV wappity or some case for a phone :D

Here's a photo of all the designs available.1. Tartan Scottie: There's a little embroidered dog with a mini swarovski crystal stud as its dog collar :)

2.Birds: Each brown flower has a mini swarovski crystal as well and is all over the pouch

3. Tropical Flower: In semi- sheen material (Kimono print!)

4. Paisley: In dark green with orange and chartreuse accents

Pssst.. would these be good phone bags for the Motorola Razr phone with the blings back at the Shu party last night? ;)

Oh here. Bergdorf Goodman is soo totally weevil. And I love it!! Featuring neutral bags (bags I normally won't go for) didn't really stop me from lusting for these:

BOTKIER Bombay leather tote. 13"L x 20"H x 8"W. Holy this is a huge bag. And I think there is a shoulder strap too. And for US $540, the price is quite reasonable. Especially since the "hotter" designer bags now start at approximately US $1,200!

YSL Ines Zip Bag. Ugh this bag is something I am sooooo lusting for. I just said a few lines ago that "hotter" designer bags cost in the upward figure of US $1,200. Could'nt have said it better. This bag is US $1,795. The bag has a belted shoulder strap and top handles. And it's leather. I do wonder how well the shape will hold if the bag is not filled up. But nevertheless, this is such a NICE bag!!! Sigh, I need a surrogate "dandan" (a term from Memoirs of the Geisha) :D

Night night hags!! Tomorrow I am heading out with some friends for a cheap makeover session :) *nothing's better than a cheap makeover-- but hey, a cheap AND tasteful one!!*

P.S. I was chatting with an old friend (with whom I have just recently gotten reacquainted!), Jac S. and she gets these travel perks (imagine, 8 months in Paris and she was bored!!) for work. I was like, WOMAN, I will pay for my airfare, and I will even cook you dinner, but please let me stay for free!!! :D *freeeelooooaderrrr!!!!!* :) Her next stop is Frankfurt, Germany by month end. Psst, Jac S., YOU are the TRUE Alias woman (Jen Garner and the whole 9 yards!) unlike some deluded people *weeeevil snicker!!* Too bad I am penniless. I can't travel anywhere without getting sponsored by my family (aka my mom and my brothers). *Sigh* If you must know, I became a freeloader after I got married *muwahahaha*.

P.P.S. If you hags ever wondered about the extent of my bag collection, I will tell you this now. You will ONLY be disappointed if you know how many bags I own. I sure as hell can tell you, I don't even own a quarter of BAGSNOB'S collection. That woman's collection is simply jawdropping!!!! I bow down to her and scream, "I AM NOT WORTHY!!!!!!" in true Wayne and Garth (Wayne's World) fashion!! And when this woman says "I know your bags are fake because I own MANY high- end designer bags," I am definitely gonna tell you SHE has credibility!! *cough cough, wink!!*

Bag Hags at Shu Uemura & Motorola's BEJEWELED

Wheee I came back early! No more post-party party for this old lady.

It was a fun event, everyone was dressed fancy (including myself *muwhaha a rarity! well put it this way, I THINK I looked decent* but yuck I have icky hair and no makeup). I debuted 2 things, one of which, is my Bottega intrecciato pewter cosmetic pouch *hehe which I used as an evening BAG!!* (I am sooo not an evening bag/clutch person. I don't even really know anything about the little bags except for Judith Leiber, Nancy G., Alexandra Knight but tsk gotta invest in one good one someday)

Preggy Mama Daph P. (hot as ever!!) was so fashionable as usual. She is wearing the charms necklace that she makes. Gorgeous. By the way you can still order them from her straight. Email me at tresor@compass.com.ph if you want her address. Anyway, DP is in her Balenciaga dress (difference is, HERS HAS THE TAG!! *AND hers looks GOOD on her, while mine was , well... *puke* bad. That and my bad hair + lack of makeup *at least I don't have black and heavily pencilled-in eyebrows* = Mrs. T's undisputed nomination in tonight's fashion disaster list! )

Ok, now, without further further ado, HERE are the HAGS :D

Of course, the list would never be complete without BryanBoy who debuted his *jawdrop* Dolce & Gabbana Lace- Leather bag in White (remember I was just talking about this bag???? Talk about being a Bag Hag! :) *P.S. look at his skin!! Now THAT'S what I call flawless!! I am currently raising an acne farm on my face boohoo*

Mel C.
, Metro Magazine Editor- in- Chief with her CHANEL Cream Classic Medium Quilted Bag in caviar leather. Need I say more? :) *Droool*

Ianne E., Cosmopolitan Magazine Editor-in- Chief. I love how she mixed her floral print halter with a metallic clutch.

Fiona L., Metro Weddings Magazine Fashion Editor with her Dior frame bag :) Incidentally, she came back from Tagaytay yesterday after attending the wedding of actress Claudine B. to actor Raymart S. The wedding, she says, was so private (only 350 guests) for such a public figure. Makes me wonder... were there a lot of bag hags there? *wink!*

Accessories designer (check out her lovely necklace!!!) Chat Fores with her mom's Gucci bag :) I love how we can just go raid Mom's closet for a bag :D

Of course, leader of the fash pack Liza C. with her Kate Spade and a drink! Her top is sooo bejeweled!! *bling bling!*

Model bride Audrey T-Z. (who was married last Dec. to Congressman Migs Z.) with Palangga Maurice A. and her mommy Dette T. Audrey carries Burberry. I am strangely attracted to that bag! It reminds me of the LV sac triangle, only better-- this bag has that recognizable Burb tartan :) *logo logo logo I love*

Shu Uemura's Business Unit Manager Tina T. is in rich royal blue, and check out her necklace (JEWELS!!). Oh and by the way, She is wearing the bejeweled falsie eyelashes. Talk about bling-king! :D (This was what the night was all about!!)

Jane K., "Kris Aquino K Magazine" Editor-in- Chief with such an ornate bag. Know what, that is a verrrrrry pretty bag, I hafta ask where she got it!! *snicker me likey likey!!*

Ruffa G.B., (this woman needs no more intro). The blings and the bag say it all. Of course I don't know what brand her bag is (shame shame!). Unlike some people *cough cough*, I don't really profess to know it all. Ruffa made me guess her bag brand. I was soo pressured to know, but hey, like I said, I am sooo ignorant when it comes to evening clutches and purses (tsk I looked every inch the foooo *snicker*). So I asked her back. THAT made me look like a total idiot, after my uber talented friend Kara T. said I was a bag hag *muwhaahah I am SOO undeserving!!! Bawl!!* But hey, she happily obliged. "It's a Dolce!" which prompted me to say, "ahhh now Dolce, I know the day bags. I want the Miss Ruffles and (pointing over to where BB is) I want his bag" *snicker bad bad bad* (P.S. I was also sooo tempted to tell her that she and I go to the same salon *Social climbing, name dropping hag alert!!! Muwhahaha...Errrr, it's Ricky Reyes Salon baby! Who'd refuse a Php 150 for a hair shampooing with blow-dry session?? You are looking at the Bag hag cheapskate here!!*

Preview Magazine's Associate Fashion Editor Liz Uy pairs off her lace and bling outfit with a metallic silver clutch encrusted with blue sapphire rhinies.

Likewise, Good Finds host Jenni E. carries her bling on her neck, finger, and on her bag. "Faux-ever!" as she said :)

Carmina S.
who looks perfect for a summer evening event in her shorts, pairs her outfit with a gold clutch :D (sigh I need a goood clutch!!!! I'm thinking of swiping baghag LPT's Alexandra Knight BLUE alligator purse. By the way, Miss baghag LPT, your jewels are *BLING!* blinding!!!! Me want em want em want em!!!! ;) )

And here's a parting shot of the Metro girls. Daph P., Mel C., Trish C., and Fiona L. Tsk, all gorgeous women!

Oh by the way, in celebration of the night's party, Motorola also presented their bejewelled Motorazr V3i alongside the bejwelled eyelash falsies. Imagine a phone encrusted with *gulp* real diamonds and sapphires or emeralds??? Pure excess and luxe!! And I thought to myself: First world wants with Third world pockets... That's me. tsk tsk... So whoever gets one of these will need to show it to me so I can drool (don't worry I won't drool on the phone) over it. *har di har har*

Okie, it's time to say Nighteyy nighteyyy!!!! :)

P.S. Hags NS, DR, GZ, DP, KO, CC, JS, AA, ST, MP, LT and the other nagging bag hags, I hope you had a wonderfully wicked laugh at my email attachment today! :) And I hope that was reallllly satisfying!!! *slurp*

P.P.S. I did NOT have any alcoholic drinks tonight. My hubby did though. So he didn't really mind that I ogled and ogled at Shu Uemura's Crown Prince Kakuyasu Uchiide (chief International makeup artist who was voted last year as IN STYLE MAGAZINE's makeup artist of the year!! And this guy is such a hunk too)who was such a sight for sore eyes, as he worked his magic on the model's face. As my hag friends commented, they all only had one person in mind for a makeover, and not surprisingly it was ... *wink!* (Did that drive a stake through the heart? Or Did I miss?) Muwahahahaha The weevil baghag biatch strikes again!!

Ok Ok Ok, I promise, I'll be nicer... Soon. *fingers crossed at the back* :) Loved all the metallics and the whites tonight by the way!!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Shu Event

Tonight is the Shu Uemura Bejewelled event. Yipee, this bag hag is taking her camera and snapping photos of the hags with their bags!
DOP will debut her Goyard another time. But watch out, watch out for it sooon :)

Saw a photo of the Celine Clandestine Bag. Whatcha all think? I've always liked Celine (from LVMH as well).(*photo from ebay*)

Later hags! xoxo

Little Baghag- in- waiting in HK! (plus the no war zone)

Ok I am not gonna make the Derevko story a big issue anymore (Postscript: This is the last. I won't even bother emailing her back, after her multiple email replies in one go. We have already established she reads my blog *and that's ONE MORE HIT on my blog*). After all, that woman can't possibly have Derevko for a real surname (Postscript: She watched the whole DVD set of ALIAS more than once. Hence her *cough* name, Irina Derevko). She claims she is in the US now but will meet up with me when she comes back to the Philippines. Err... right. (Postscript: My bad. She IS in the US. Houston to be exact) So I told her, I am visiting the U.S. in May and can meet her (Postscript: She doesn't wanna buy me a bag even if the bags are proven authentic and that I'm right because in her words, "i am retarded". Err... ohhh-tayyy, so what's the point in meeting if she didn't agree to the challenge?). And also, I can call her long distance as long as she gives me her number. (Postscript: She asked ME to give her MY number-- she doesn't trust ME enough to give ME her number because she THINKS I was gonna post her number on my blog? Eh?! Now why would I do that? Don't you already have 171 friends? *Scoff*) I am THAT confident the bags are authentic. And especially for the LV epi red speedy and the FENDI white tote. *winks go out to BeeO and CaY* And again, a show of support from friends like Mommy A of the famous S.M. blog, ST, AA, SJ, KO, DR, BT, and my dear Aussie bag Hag. (Postscript: Anyway that's the end of it. She threatened me that she'll ruin my reputation through *ahem* her friends' blogs. Hmm maybe I will be famous on her end of the world if she can just talk about MY immaturity and biatching on HER blog. She can discredit tresormakati too if she likes. Remember the PR rule? Negative publicity + positive publicity= PUBLICITY. And since we have both established that you read my blog, THANK YOU. Thank you for offering negative publicity, but I honestly don't need any more publicity... But again, thanks to you, my immaturity, retarded behavior, and biatchiness are officially world-class. P.S. For you to presuppose that my possible posting of your photo here will only increase my page hits and popularity is pure hogwash. Please. Don't flatter yourself. Believe me, your photo will NOT drive more traffic to my website. You can think of yourself as popular, after all you have 171 friends. But hags don't give a damn really. We all just want bag photos. But if you have a REAL Hermes croc birkin, or a REAL Fendi Python Spy, THEN we'd all be interested. Alas, all I saw was a Fendi monogram bag. *Cough* Maybe you got it from some so-called italian overruns website... I've got news for you-- those are fake designer bags (yeah and maybe the so-called LV bags there don't have plastic on their handles). And there you thought you got yourself a real bargain. Tsk. *Doomed, I tell you. Fashion victim sewer*. Anyway the only bag I saw *Fendi (?! real or not)* was so lacking in the excitement department that I didn't bother scrolling down. You should check out Bagsnob. Now SHE has the right to say she has "Many" high end bags)

BB and KO: you guys were awesome throughout this. I have to dedicate this whole paragraph portion to you both! :) *Sigh* It reallllly pays to know hags in high places. *Die- hard social climbing bag hag!!*

(THE MOTHER OF ALL POSTSCRIPTS: Know what, to even blog about this whole brouhaha is silly. My bad for biting her fishy bait. I actually stooped down a few levels for the post above. My bad again. It ends right here! Borrowing a word from the famous BB, "Baboosh" to this issue. :)

Anyway, enough of that. I don't want to really mix the negative with the positive on this post hence the barrier. I am sooo stoked too-- our chic mama DOP went to Hong Kong over the weekend and paid homage to La Maison Goyard at Harvey Nichols. Here she is, and for bag hags who want to see the colors of Goyard's chevron canvas, DOP has made it easy-- here they are!! And Woohoo Daph is going to debut her Goyard piece sooon! Watch out for it :)Hah, and check this out. There's a big red trunk at Goyard with DP's initials! We were chatting earlier and I told her, knowing my EQ, I'd have begged the sales associate to sell me that trunk (which probably cost like US$20,000) and would pay for it via Amex, and just try to find a bank to rob when it collection time comes *muwahahaha* (unless by some stroke of sheer luck, a few million greenbacks come my way?! *err rightttt*)

Her daughter, our littlest bag hag (Sophia P.), got pooped out shopping :D But of course, she rested in style in this suuuper cute Pucci couch :D *gawd I'd love to be a taitai in HK and furnish my city pad in Pucci hahaha* One thing we do know, Little Miss Sophia is already a jaded little bag hag! *Giggle*-- why look! She could not even be bothered to wake up when she was in the company of these Hermes birkins and kellys at Milan Station!! :D This little girl really warms my heart. She is sooo adorable and will grow up to be just as chic, if not chic-er than Mommy Daph! :) *photos by Daddy Patrick P.*

So tonight, I was supposed to turn in an article for CL, and didn't finish it in time :( I am again disappointed in myself. I just hope our "fight" bag hag will still take in my article for publishing next week ;) I am dooomed, doomed I tell ya! My career as a writer is going down the fashion tube and into the fashion- victim sewer *Bawl!!!* I beg you, I beg you, another chance! Another chance! *hehehe*

To pass my disappointment in myself, I indulged again in yet another swipe-free hobby-- surf-shop!

Dolce & Gabbana (from neimanmarcus.com)
This black leather and lace bag is just as yummy as its white counterpart, this also being the smaller of the two (which I featured the other day). It is also cheaper at US $1650. Hmm I'd love to get this bag in white... BB has the bag and my jaw just dropped when I saw it. Apparently this bag is also a limited ed. Commemorating the 20th anniv of D&G!

Oh and here's something for you bag hags out there who can access and purchase from elux. Eluxury is offering that free tote for your Marc by Marc Jacobs $200 purchase. So you get 2 bags for the price of one :) They've got cute bags, but too bad. The Little Miss Marc bag is no longer available there. By the way, I have decided to keep Little Miss Marc :)

Oh Oh Oh, I am getting a few of these mobile phone pockets called Poire. These are the mobile phones' wish- come- true (hehehe... can you imagine being a cellphone that dangles on a string around some wearer's neck? *shudder it's like hanging by one leg on a bungee cord 2000 feet aboveground on a helicopter rail hehe*). Anyway, if mobile phone could talk, they'd be asking you for a bag too. Honestly!! :) These lil pouches are super cute and are worn by celebs like Courtney Cox Arquette and Sandra Bullock and have been featured in In Style Mag as well as In Touch Mag. I'm getting myself one so anyone who wants to order em, let me know!

P.S. Congratulations to our Gucci bag hag, Suzi Abrera!! She gave birth to her 3rd baby-- (woohooo more bag hags!!!)

P.P.S. Bag Hag AA tells me that the Designer Blvd at Edsa Shang Mall has indeed reopened. Go check it out! AA says there are some Bottega hobos there!

Night!!! (Postscript: Errr.. Morning to you all!! :D)

Monday, March 27, 2006

Know-it-all Biatches who need to be put in their place

BAH. Some people just have absolutely no morals. I get another email (thru my tresormakati email query page) from this lady who claims to be Miss C. Derevko (What are you, the fictitious character from ALIAS??? That traitor Irina Derevko's sister?! *cough such a BIATCH*), who says this:
query: Hi, some of the handbags on your site are fake. Some of the
bags, including the white Fendi bag and the Red Epi Speedy LV do not come
with plastic wrapping around the handles. One of the "Gucci" bags with
the 3 zippers is not a real Gucci. There are many other fake bags, but
can't list down all the descriptions, as I have no time to. I'm not here
to make you upset, just here to make you aware of whomever is letting
you sell their purses claiming they are authentic should tell you the
truth that they are far from it. I own many designer high end handbags,
and know to spot the real from the fake.
I am seriously appalled. You can't even paint the shock on my face. Hmm she has time to write me a paragraph but no time to write her contact number. OK... My dear friend (and BAG HAG) who owns the red LV epi bag will be livid as hell when she reads this. But this woman who claims to KNOW IT ALL is someone I'd like to challenge-- whoever you are, get in touch with me. I'd like to schedule a date for you to meet me at LV to have the red LV epi speedy bag in question authenticated. If it's not authentic, I will buy you a new bag. But if the bag is authentic, well, I'll have to post your face here on the blog for all the hags to see. That, plus YOU buy ME the new bag. How's THAT for a challenge? Because I pride myself in knowing how to authenticate LV bags. And the Red LV speedy bag is REAL. Miss C. Derevko, I bought an LV speedy perforated bag STRAIGHT from LV Greenbelt and THIS is what I got. (ahem so ok hags, yet another purchase confession *har di har har... but I bought this a while back already*) So are you telling me I fabricated the receipt and that my bag is in reality a fake because THERE IS PLASTIC ON THE HANDLES????? *Lady you need to be seriously flogged if you make that assumption that LV doesn't have plastic on their bag handles. THEY DO. Not all the time, but THEY DO.* I think you need to talk to my favorite sales associate Abby then, if she did sell me a perforated speedy in green or not. Shame on you to think I'd be stupid enough to risk my name as a bag hag and sell fakes. Tsk. I know where the bags I sell come from.

AND Here's ANOTHER thing she said that I'd like to dispute. Fendi DOES have plastic on its handles for new bags. This is a NEW Fendi SPY bag in the holographic leather purchased in Fendi Beverly Hills. So what, just cause there is NO Fendi receipt next to this photo, is she so good in telling that this bag is also fake???? Do your homework. Call Fendi. Ask about this plastic on the handle thing. You will be disappointed to know I am right and you are actually wrong.

And another thing, the Gucci suede 3- zippered bag-- that bag got authenticated at Gucci Greenbelt (manager checked it inside out) as well because the owner and I had originally gone to Gucci together to have the bag checked if there is a way they can remedy the sticky inside. Shame, shame on this woman (or man) who emailed me. One thing I know about these kinds of people-- they may have real bags but they sure have FAKE personalities. If you have something to say, come out and say it and don't hide under a fake name and not leave your number. That's something only coward people do. *PTOOOOEY may you be doomed in bag hell Muwahahahahaha*

Sorry I bitched. We already all know I'm not diplomatic. But this is something I thought everyone in here reading the blog should know about. I am a very transparent person. I would never try to hide any negative feedback because acceptance of such can make me (or anyone) a better person.

Anyway, more posting later. Something wayyyy more pleasant. And endearing. A Little Miss Bag Hag SOP :D (photos courtesy of her very chic mama and tres cool dad!)

Sunday, March 26, 2006

The Bag Hag models Prada

Upset. Yup, that's the word. Upset. How I felt a few days ago when I got asked. Revealing this only now. Coz I'm alright now. :)

I think the one very thing that upsets me is when someone tells me they're disappointed. I am human. I make mistakes. I don't claim (well not always *snicker*) to know it all about bags. Especially when it comes to inspecting bags. I believe myself to be fairly thorough. I try my best to accurately describe each item without prejudice (after all, I have no vested interest in the bag, so why hide flaws?!) And when I accidentally slip up and someone receives her new bag and says "she's disappointed", it makes me feel as if the client thinks I would deliberately leave out an important mark or flaw in the bag. Sigh, that's really the trouble of having to ship items out-of-town. If a buyer never physically saw the item and sees it for the first time after they have paid for it, they either love it or get disappointed. Well in this case, my buyer got disappointed (and note this is the very first time it has happened). Because apparently I failed to inform her of a flaw in the bag (which to date, I HONESTLY did NOT see it at that time). So, ever the noble lady that I am *cough choke*, I have offered a refund. Plus I am shouldering shipping costs twice over. Ouch! (yes, even if it's just Php 400+, it's still moolah, and you all know what a cheapskate I am! *muwahaha* ) Oh well, as my celeb friend says, "chalk it up to experience." :)

It's these incidents which make me realize that I should never really consider tresormakati a "business". It is and will remain a hobby. As long as I love bags, tresormakati will always be there. Sigh, this is strike two for me. One was that Mr. Juan guy (I still DONT KNOW who this man is, and do not ever recall even talking to him), and this time it's this bag incident from an otherwise friendly lady down South.

Anyway, for the last few days, that incident really affected me (hence you noticed one night I didn't post anything). Sigh, but I'm over it now. I guess it really was my fault too, for not having been thorough ENOUGH. Learned my lesson and paid the price. I'm ok now :). Moving on to something more pleasant, I had a brief textchat this pm with bag hag AA (AA thought I had bought a Bottega bag-- no dear, me no budget for Bottega!!!). She informed me that the designer purgatory in Shangrila Mall Edsa has apparently already reopened. If anyone has been there recently, Ugh, EMAIL me or let me know so I can spread the word about the goodies there. You all know what suckers we are for bargains!

By the way, I've got a few email requests, asking me to model-carry the following bags so these hags can see what it would look like on them. I figured the best way to show them would be all at one time-- on this blog! (here we go again, shameless use of my blog for tresormakati *snicker*) All Prada by the way-- the bag of Royalty *hehehe*. See, if it weren't for those cool princesses with these bags, I don't think I'd even take a second look anymore! But amen to the Royal Bag coffers :D

Please pardon my outfit. I am wearing my loose brown lounging shirt since I'm just home the whole day (have to work on my article which is due tomorrow).

Prada red microfiber shopping tote. This is such a light bag, and large too. Really, if I used red, I'd get this bag for two reasons. One, it's CHEAP, and Two, I can tote this as a diaper bag because of the size and weight (practically non-existent). It's just Php 13,500 (approx US$ 265).

Prada cream and black bowler with bottom compartment. The bag is actually quite used, and shows the dirt closest to where the zippered opening is. There are also some light scratches on the black leather bottom. Otherwise the bag looks alright still. It's still a bit much to pay at Php 25,000 for a bag in this condition, but it's nice (wish it were a lot cleaner!!) And by the way, the bag can be carried on the shoulder too.

Prada red "plume" type leather bag. Why oh why does this bag have to be RED?!! *pout* It measures 12"L x 8"H x 4"W, and is a shoulder carry-on bag. This style resembles so much an Hermes Plume (Another bag that I wish I can own one day--I'll get me a preowned one! :) *I am the queen of wishful thinking!*) Photo taken from ebay id lucyndskywdmnds who is selling the beauty at US$2499. Anyway, not only that it resembles an Hermes, this bag screams royalty to me (and you all know what a die-hard royalist I am! *loser loser!*). Bag is in excellent condition in my opinion. Some small folds on the leather (especially by the zipper area) but nothing major that can be easily noticed and singled out. There is also a small mark at the bottom (I'm not sure if it's The hardware will need a bit of repolishing. There's a lock inside a clochette, as well as 2 keys inside the clochette. I honestly think this bag is already a good deal at Php 25,000. Oh and there are 4 little gold feet at the bottom :)

Prada black hobo bag.
This is in very good condition with minimal scratches on the leather trims. 11.5"L x 8"H x 3"W. I have yet to post the price for this bag by the way, but some Prada hags are asking already :)

Here's another Prada bag that's yet to be posted, but hey, you saw it here first!
This is an all-cotton bag in navy, measures 10.5"L x 4.5"H x 4"W, and this bag has a wide strap (3") that sits easy on the shoulder. To open the bag, you flip the leather-lined flap which has two cute button detail. The opening of the bag is zipper- enclosed for added security. Asking price of this bag is Php 8,000. Another real cheap bag, considering the condition of this bag is like new, and excellent. Hardware is in brass. Cheap cheap cheap find :D

Oh, on a semi- related note, here's a photo of the available Prada bag at Tutto Moda where the top right bag is the one that Princess Mary has.
Yup, it's the same Prada bag carried by Princess Mary on a trip to Australia with her husband (look closely at the bag :) Here's the same styled bag in exotic leather! (And it's a closer look at the bag-- same style I tell ya!) Woohoo you can now own a Royal designer bag :D So whoever goes to Tutto Moda and buys that black bag in the same style, take a photo and email it to me for the brag-a-bag segment :D

I have procrastinated enough. I think it's time I regroup my thoughts and seriously work on my article. Take care hags and have a good weekend, whatever's left of it!!

Your bag hag