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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Wrist factor, Bag Dreams, and Bag Graveyard?!

I woke up to news of a failed coup attempt. Eeeks!! Well I won't talk about politics here, except that I hope the political landscape from where I'm at, stabilizes. I can't keep worrying about the US$ peg-- I can't be adding a few more thousand to my dollar denominated credit card bill should I opt to pay it in local currency! *hehe sellllfiiiiiiish* Anyway I just hope everything gets straightened out soon. No bloodshed and all. (uh- huh!! Peace to all and goodwill to Mankind :) you know, the works!! *raspberry :P*)

Ok, so I was going through emails over the last few days and this one which came from Ms. Cheeky Dreamer. This much I can tell you-- You will fall off your chair (or bed, or whatever) once you've read it. I MUST share! Here is an exerpt of her email.

"Last Feb. 14, my boyfriend surprised me with a huge box. When I removed the white cloth covering it, it actually revealed a huge LV trunk! When I opened it, there was another trunk, and another one. The last was a Chloe Paddington bag.
I was super uber happy and excited. Shaking hands [and all]. I opened the paddy, and it revealed a THREE CARAT DIAMOND RING. Then he said, ' I couldn't find a good giftwrap that's why I used these as leather wrap'. Then he asked ' will you marry me?' AND THEN I heard someone knocking and it woke me up! Inday, Why the hell do you have to wake me up?!! Grrrr... Oh these bags... they give me Dreams!!..."

I swear, hags. I FELL OFF MY BED laughing!!!! THAT would've been the most perfect marriage proposal *hehehe materialistic biatch!* You are not alone there CD. I have had several bag dreams that involve my husband buying me LV (wait, make that GOYARD) trunks and IT was SOOO real. But then I had to pinch myself and wake up to reality, realizing the only trunk I have is the cheap wooden one that holds our bed sheets *pah-theh-tiiic!*

Anyway, I told KO this and I'm telling you now, I sprained my wrist. Yep. Not because of oversurf-shopping. Because today, I carried my indigo Chloe Paddington
(CD read carefully hehe) WITH the lock today. Ouch. And it was H-E-A-V-Y. So, I suspect the cause of the sprain was the bag *hmmmm * In fact, my new baghag friend Paz (who is such a Hermes junkie *high five*) talked about her own Paddington experience back in September 30, 2005 (read Paz's blog-- http://thedailychronicleshow.blogsome.com/category/runway/) and I quote "this chloe in-demand bag claims it has the functionality and unparalleled leather luxury but fails to mention it’s heavy padlock, monstrous enough to cause serious health issues. "

Oh Mah Gawd, girl, you could not have said it any better. In fact, I now believe my wrist sprain is due largely to the fact that I fastened that damn heavy padlock. I had to lug around a serious 15 pound bag PLUS a wriggly toddler this morning. Thanks to BagHag Paz, the wrist boggle is solved!! Culprit: PADDINGTON BAG :D *hey but again, this is not gonna stop me from loving this bag!!*

EXOTICS: OoOoohhh I see my bag hag buds are all moving toward purchasing (or have already purchased) at least one exotic bag this season. Be it an Hermes croc kelly *wink wink you know who you are, who knows! hehehehe was that confusing or what :)*, a Nancy Gonzalez minaudiere
*wink wink goes to BB* (don't know if it's this one though, but I'm liking this golden python box minaudiere), or an Alexandra Knight lola *wink wink to Paz*, everyone just wants a slice of an exotic piece to keep. And hey, if it's too expensive to own an actual exotic skin- covered bag, you can always go with an exotic skin patterned/ embossed bag. Just make sure it's not a bugly one. I personally loove croc ( and umm duh if you didn't get that I love Hermes crocodile bags by now from my posts of those yummy croc birkins, well now I am making it official. I LOVE Hermes croc bags) but alas, I cannot afford a croc birkin! Nor will I ever, unless KO wins the $212M lottery and buys me one *fingers crossed!!!* So, I went with croc-embossed bags. I have two (one in bronze and one in chalk), both of which I loooove!! :) *See, I keep on telling you hags, I DO have non-designer branded bags too and I do love them! I don't have a money pit boohoo!!* A hag can always dream :D *wink* Someday a revelation, but not now. Not yet! *double wink!!*

BRAG A BAG ALERT!: I got this email from a very humble bag hag who wishes not to be mentioned (awww) and I just had to post this photo of her yummy Guccis.
Has anyone here heard of Designer Blvd at Alabang Town Center? Well, I've heard of it. That is actually what I fondly call the SSI (Stores Specialists Inc.) graveyard. Most of the unsold sale bags are "dumped" into that graveyard and put on sale. *FIELD TRIP TIME!!* And thanks to Gucci bag hag, she has re-acquainted me with it, and allowed me to share the info with the rest of my blog reading baghags :D If you plan to head there this weekend, darnedit, SMS me! +63916-7580857!! I wanna meet up! *hehehe*

Oh by the way, the LV Monogram Perforations Collection will be out sometime next week already! Here's a look at the Speedy perforation in green! *yummmmy*
(photo credit: ebay drod8645)

P.P.S. My dear friend Daph went for an ultrasound today and found out the gender of her baby! *yes hags, our dear fashionhag DOP is preggy! Doesn't show but she is :)* !!! HUGS and my congratulations to you!!! Little bag hag Soph will be soooo thrilled to have a sibling :D *wink wink wink!*

Ok hags, I gotta cut this post short. My paddington sprain is beginning to impede me from typing without spelling errors. Nighty nighty!!!