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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Valentine's Day Blues (am I getting sick today?)

QUICK HOLLER: Out to my gal pal ST, who is cousins with Mr. BMW himself. Geez girl, why gym when you can ogle at cars? :D Too bad I missed you at the launch. It was one of the rare occasions when I was actually out too :) *And I was indeed, dressed like a hoochie mama!!* hehe just ask your mom, Auntie J *wink*

Whoopee today is Valentine's Day! It's 4.30am and I am now wide awake. You see, I slept again at 8pm. I was probably so tired last night from yesterday's flurry of activities. Sigh I must really be getting old, because my body is already taking a beating by getting me sleepy so early in the night *boohooo*. And now, I woke up again with a lump in my throat. Ok. I'm scared. I was under the impression my bad year left me already. Most of you already know all about last year-- my health was just plain bad.

Today, I once again feel that same lump in my throat. I hope I didn't catch anything yesterday. You see, everytime someone is sick (or is going to be sick), I catch it just like that now *snap finger*. It's truly something depressing. I can still clearly remember how ill I felt, what with acute bronchitis, tonsillitis, bacterial pharynolaryngitis, and post-infectious allergy cough all coming together one after another. I make for a perfect case study :( Sigh, I wonder when I will ever be 100% well? :( I am soooo *sick* of being sick. I just seriously hope this is not the beginning of another bronchial or upper respiratory tract infection. :( *crap I have even begun coughing already just to get that lump off my throat, and it ain't working* It must be fatigue from yesterday. Geez I can't even have a little fun now? *bawl* I was with tripleA, KH & co., and LP & co. yesterday and perhaps I clowned around too much to have merited this lump *boohooooo* Oh my. Well at least I had fun and I *hope* the peeps got much entertainment from my clowning around :D

Whoa, a flurry of emails today! Hags, hags, let me know if you want to be mentioned by your FULL name or just the usual initials that I do :)

BD who is getting married soon (WoohooO Congratulations girl!!!) suggested (oh and I LOVE this suggestion, I wonder why I couldn't have thought about it sooner myself-- save me the trouble and money of coughing it up on my own)-- LV BRIDAL REGISTRY!!! :D *hehehe I LOVE it!!!* She was undecided on which bag to get-- the Musette or the Looping (large). My suggestion is really, just get the Looping. It'll grow and age better with you, as you grow *ahem* older (hey we ALL have to grow old soon!). And I think by then you would've known you made the right choice!

Glamstudio chick Ms.A asked me about my opinion for the Kooba Sienna vs. the Tods Miky bag. I would easily go with the Tods Miky because I would always think about the resale value of the bags I get (that's me, thinking for Tresor), and sadly, Kooba bags won't have that much value for resale. But if you really like the Sienna bag, (I personally like the whipstitch handles- trim) and are also concerned about budget, then hands down I would get the Sienna. It's a beautiful bag too, and is a "hot" bag to own. Plus you don't have to worry about paying over $1000 for it. I know, I know, I probably just confused you more. But weigh it honey. Sleep over it. Which bag were you thinking about more? :D *One's bound to crop up!*
BAG spotting: Alright! Another two thumbs up for Goyard! Jessica Simpson carries her black Goyard Croisiere 35 on another occasion. I'm telling you, this brand is poised to take over the logomaniac's bag closet very soon! Go Go Goyard!! If you want to place an order for Goyard bags, let me know, +639167580857.

VALENTINE'S PLANS ANYONE? Well, I am such a sucker for last minute things. We don't really have anything planned today (err.. if we did, I wouldn't know because even before my hubby came home, I was already knocked out and snoring my life away *hehe). I already got my valentine's pressie (my 2 Loungeri Lux tees), so I'm a happy bee. I would like to eat at L'Opera again tonight though... Capelli D'Angelo sounds mighty good to me. OR we could always go bowling... Or to be even cheap, have dinner at home, then head to UCC for some green tea tiramisu (hags, that is to die- for!!). Ok I am running out of ideas. I do know that I am officially hungry now. So I think I will end the post here and scavenge for some food in the fridge...

HAH, I'll make sure to heat it up, EXTRA hot. Maybe that lump in my throat will go away once I take steaming hot food... But then again.. hehe

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!! :) If your partner (or if you don't have one-- hey, no shame in that!) fails to get you something nice today, there's always our friendly neighborhood boutiques at Greenbelt 4. Or you can always check my stuff out :D *shameless plug!* www.tresormakati.com (Damn I'm such a user for taking advantage of this blog to plug!!)

P.P.S. Don't forget to greet your mommy or daddy as well!! Just a thought :)

P.P.P.S. NEWS UPDATE: My hubby and I are messaging thru yahoo, and so I asked, "What are the plans today?" and he wrote "Breakfast at LV?" And continued to say "I'll buy you a bag, then we can eat at a cheap restaurant" hahahahaha!!! Now, Hmmm I'm thinking I should be smart about this and just take off with his cash instead.. What say you? :D *Besides, the bag I want at LV is not there yet, and this is hubby's ONE TIME- one day offer only hahahaha*