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Friday, February 03, 2006

Tresor's MEGA claim to fame :D *WooHoo Do the Bag Hag Proud!*

I am SOOO flattered. I know this is a rather shameless thing to do on my blog, but I simply must brag!! TRESOR got featured in the February issue of Mega magazine (Don't be reading the fine print on the photo, BUY the copy of the mag, and don't be a cheapskate! Nice beauty spreads and great features not to be missed! ). Take note, the feature was not about me (in case someone there secretly thinks I'm seeking attention again *cough cough ptoooey*), but TRESOR :D To MEGA and to Features Ed. Mina Sunico, Thanks so much!! And girl, I am shocked you are reading my blog :D *Now you REALLY know what a lowlife of a scumbaghag I am :D*

SALE ALERT!: Baghag JE emailed me today about a chi-chi hush hush sale of SSI that begins February 3 and ends February 5:


Ok peeps so I guess I am off to that one tomorrow (hehehe). Thanks very much for that piece of IMPORTANT info JE (we bag hags hafta stick togethah!!) :D

Well actually I DO have to go to Greenbelt tomorrow to return this LV framboise reade PM. (By the way if you hags like that bag, you can get it at LV by tomorrow night-- that's the ONLY reade pm in that color in the boutique :D) I am still rather undecided if I should also return the monogram speedy and just use all the credits to pay for the upcoming Perforated Speedy!

PRIVATE SALE (not THAT private!): LV by the way will be having a sales event on February 9. No, no sale or discount, just a nice private sale, wine or champagne and all :D They will have the Suede Onatah! *No thank you, not suede please-- I need to saaaave moolah!!!*

MORE "SALES" TALK: Dei Asia also has a final sale of CZ Guest and Kabbalah Candles, Anya Hindmarch, Isabella Fiore bags, and more. Between 30- 80% discount. Forgot to mention this a few days ago, but today, Feb.3, is the LAST day! So if you have time, do head over to 2/F Corinthian Plaza Paseo de Roxas (just across Greenbelt 1 Cinema). And whoever gets to go there, PLEASE share info-- what's available etc! Text me! 0916-7580857.

Oh Oh I have to share! So you know my one-bag-in-one-bag-out rule? Well please welcome this new LV cherry blossom red on cream(creamish pink) monogram canvas papillon *thanks to SC for a dream realized!* (in it's place, I said goodbye to the same Cherry blossom papillon in pink on brown canvas) I loooove it. I know it's soooo few-years-back ago, but it still tickled me pink! I was talking to one of my alvaboardies about being LV (or designer) resellers/2nd hand buyers, and she mentioned how associates at LV (or any other high end brand for that matter) don't really take too kindly to people like that (which means, OUCH Moi!). I guess there is some truth to it, because people end up buying 2nd hand bags than from the boutique itself (which means lost sales), but then what these boutiques don't understand is, there are ALWAYS people who will walk into the boutique to buy new bags (especially after they have unloaded their old ones). Two kindsa bag hags in this bagworld-- one who only wants NEW bags straight from stores, and One who doesn't mind buying preowned ones (i.e. ME) but also occasionally buys new ones from stores. So really, it is a symbiotic relationship. So in case you feel that you are treated like a second class citizen inside a high-end boutique just cause you openly admit to having bought a bag 2nd hand, don't have any of it. You are STILL a customer. (I hate it when sales associates are so snooty and smug, as if working at these boutiques gives them a leg up over mere mortals like us, who work so hard to afford one of their bags.) I can only tell you this-- I am glad I have not gotten that kind of treatment at any of the stores here yet. Or damn I'd unleash baghag hell (and that won't be purty! Hehe and hey, we can always take our tiny pot of spending money elsewhere, right?)

Our fellow baghag MBS texted me about a new bag she purchased. Girl, please email me a photo of the DKNY hobo you got! Speaking of new bag, I am pleased to announce that I finally have a PAYPAL account. I felt as though I needed to celebrate. So I used this to pay my fellow baghag KO for a bag that I had wanted (that she has soooo graciously helped me acquire). Sigh, it's a bit of a frustration for the both of us, because while it may be easy to transfer the payment over to the recipient, Paypal gives you a rather hard time getting to the funds as a recipient! Anyway I shall wait a few more days :D KO, thank you SO much for making my mini dream come true :D Once I get that beauty, I shall of course share!! *Background music: Hey big spender!*

Time to take stock of bags that I have to sell sometime soon:
1. Chanel ...

Ugh I can't continue this list, it's far too painful!!!! *BIG POUT* I promise to do my Spring cleaning. Soon. But apparently tonight's not the night to do it. I can't even list anything down without cringing everytime I type in a letter to spell out the brand !!! :(

Oh wait-- I know I have absolutely NO train of thought in this post whatsoever (jumping from one topic to another), but I finally found the photo of the Fendi Bronze Spy bag that BL wanted to see. I honestly think a regular leathered Spy in perhaps teal blue or cognac (OR WHITE!! *yummmmy*) would be more versatile than this, although this Bronze Spy is a limited ed (it's the holographic leather-- see how the bag emits a sorta electric blue color? It's actually REALLY nice in real life. I, ahem, castigated this bag cause I just can't afford it *hehehe EVIL biatch!!*). By the way, CELEBRITY BAG SPOTTING: Gretchen Barretto with this same Bronze Spy! *whistle* BL also mentioned this-- you won't be seeing Fendi Spy bags in any of the resale shops in Asia. At least not yet. The phenomenon lives on... It's 2006 now, and it doesn't look like the Spy or the Motorcycle Bag (it's called differently now, but it's still Balenciaga :)) have any plans fading out of the bag scene anytime soon. So if you have access to getting a Fendi or a Balenciaga bag, get one (but don't pawn your dog, or cat, or kids for one :D). You won't be categorized as a fashion victim (unless you pawned your dog, or cat, or kids hehe) -- not just yet. :D

Ok, enough bag talk, I HAD to sneak this in. You know how I've been on a accessories high for some time (making up for the SUPER BLAH way I dress)? Well I found these really nice Sandra Benoudiz bangles in gold-plated silver, with aqua chalcedony and pearls. A bit pricey for me at $218 (Php 11,000!!) but nevertheless, I really like them. I wish DiVa would make them *wink!* :D Sigh, me really likey likey!!! (in other words, *Holler* DiVa, Make something like this!!!!!!) :D *I know that ain't very nice of me to steal an idea and pass it on, but hey, I work on a prettty tight budget here. And you have to as well! Save enough and you have a bag, GEEZ!

Time to hang my bag for the night and get some shuteye. I am in dire need of a lifestyle change. It's not like I party all night (well that reason would've at least justified my being awake at the oddest hours of the night *or morning*). I don't even go out at night (!). I'm just a square, boring bag hag bum, staring at my Mac, hoping that I get hit by some inspiring thought to write a post for the blog, and praying that I don't bore you hags to tears by being repetitive and completely uncreative.

Ok enough said, I leave you with this to ponder. Valentine's Day is coming up in 11 days. What do you WANT to get for valentine's, and what do you EXPECT to get? :D I'd love to hear your answers !! P.S. I already have a list of what I want, and like my Christmas wish list, chances are, nothing gets ticked off from that list *pathetic snicker*

SELFLESS HAG VALENTINE'S WISHLIST (only ONE item!!): Oh oh oh-- here's another thought, instead of asking for a Valentine's day pressie for ourselves (and this applies to hags with kiddies and babies), why don't we ask our loved ones for THIS!!
Bottega Veneta intrecciato sneakers for kids! With a price tag of $190, this is TEN TIMES CHEAPER than a Bottega bag :D *hehehehe*

Ni ni!!!