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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Sunday Bag Review

I was surfshopping again *guilty look* despite knowing that I no longer have the funds for anything, unless I sell something. *Sigh!* Anyway, "surfshopping" without buying is a pretty harmless hobby (save for the fact my eyes might get gouged out because of nonstop ogling!). I like this Burberry Summer Check shopper bag. The checks are not the traditional tartan ones (that's why I like it!). At US $510, it ain't cheap. But I figured, hey if you're the Hamptons (or hehe Tagaytay) kinda gal, this might be a great tote to use for those weekend gallivants! Plus, gotta love those side pockets. (Hmm this would make for a perfect diaper bag too!)

Oh Look, the Alexander McQueen Novak came out in a crochet version-- in RED! I have not really heard much about the bag lately. I really like the croc version of the bag (which I'm sure is not a price any faint-hearted, broke bag hag is willing to pawn her kids for *hehehe*) For some reason this bag reminds me so much of the YSL Muse (I guess especially the 'lock' detail). I like the bag and all, and of course what caught my eye even more was the Alexander McQueen skirt. W-o-W! But I can't honestly justify paying US $3195 for a skirt! Especially not if the bag itself only costs US $1980!! The bag is not something I will get for myself. After all, where do I get the funds eh? Geez it's just February and I'm already fixing up my Christmas wishlist!!!!! (What the?! *bawl!!*)

Ashley Olsen was seen around carrying a *huge (for her)* Hermes 35cm black Birkin (too yummy!) The furor over birkins have somewhat fizzled last year (after all, how many birkins do you REALLY need?), but again, let me tell you bag hags, this is THE only bag that once you have, you DO NOT sell without thinking long and hard about it. If you have some moolah that you can spare, you get one of these bags. Why? The Hermes Kelly has been around and popularized by Grace Kelly since the 50s, and the Birkin was 'introduced' in the 80s for actress Jane Birkin and then became popular (mainstream) after the episode with Samantha and Lucy Liu on Sex & the City. And now, there's one of the Olsen twins carrying it (and that's enough for the fashion radar to go on alert here-- the twins are just so popular when it comes to making or breaking a bag. Think Balenciaga Motorcycle bag and the twins and how they 'doublehandedly' made it a must-have in every bag hag's closet.). Ding Ding Ding, the Birkin is coming baaaack!! Realistically, it will always be a hot bag to own. It's an investment piece. It's a bag to keep and pass on to your daughter/ niece/ son's wife/ grand daughter one day (re: son's wife-- that is, ONLY if she is super nice to you, i.e. kisses hiney and all *weevil hehehee*)

Chloe Betty. This is what other bag hags are considering in place of the Chloe Edith bag. I'm personally not too hot about this bag or the Edith bag. The Edith (if you can check my earlier posts in Archives) resembles a Balenciaga Motorcycle bag, while this Betty reminds me of an old Prada multi-pocket bag that I had (Bag costs US $1970). Not digging it, sorry. The only Chloe that I really like (to date) remains the Paddington. Bag hags, if any of you has this bag, can you tell me how you are liking it so far? And is the leather as supple as it looks??

Peeps, it's time for my early dinner. My eyes are a tad sore from all that staring, and of course I feel worse now after I stared at my bank account (Mine's worse than a fictitious- named bank account-- at least a fictitious- named account can contain TONS of moolah. Mine's practically at zero!! Anyone wanna trade?) *hehehe*

Hope you all had a fantastic problem-free (and expense-free) weekend :D