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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Spy Vs. Spy

Ok, Before I write any further, one who reads this particular post should know that I am SOOOO thankful for KO for bringing so much joy to my day :D

Sorry for not having posted yesterday, I was barely able to get myself into my bed last night without staggering. Yesterday was my cousin MOC's BMW launch (he is one of the directors of the company that holds the Philippines' BMW license) at the end of G.Araneta (off Quezon Avenue). Quite far, but hey, for my cousin? I'll go. It was also one of the rare occasions where I actually get to drink a bit "after dark"
:DSo if you peeps have a few mil to share (or rather, if your rich partners have a few mil to share), do pass by BMW and ask for a test drive, and GET READY TO BE CONVINCED :D *If I had money, I would've bought. But alas where do I find a few mil, I can't even figure out how to pay for a 4-figure meal!!*

Now, THIS afternoon, a HUGE package from FedEx greets me by surprise (avec the tax solicitation of course! What's FedEx without a little tax squeezed out from the recipient?). HUGE ass box. And of course, KO made my dream come true (a dream whereby I had to keep on throwing her info about the bag, about eluxury being sold out, about the SA in Vegas... a long and winding road in other words)!! Within a few seconds of taking in the box, I ripped off the top to shards and pulled out the Mighty White Bag.

Here she is, my White Mighty Meaty (like a stuffed dumpling) Fendi Spy Bag!!! (KO-- cheers! *wink*)The bag TRULY DID NOT disappoint. And most peeps would know what my take is of the Spy bag since its birth into the bag world. THIS color made me swoon, and to this second as I stare at the bag, I know EXACTLY why I do.

It is SO gorgeous, never been so blinded by a bag's beauty in a bit (and THIS is an underdog-- come on, I hated the Spy. Past tense). I brought her out for a spin and straight into a party-- that of Celine Lopez' Loungeri Lux tee launch at Mix, Greenbelt 3 tonight at 6pm.

Then of course, I was again, BLINDED. This time with a more blingy Spy Bag. *Shields eyes* CL has a GOLD PYTHON SPY *heart attack!* So my hubby and I striked up a conversation with an old friend MC, who has been dating CL for a year. He recounted the time they saw the Golden Bag together. While both were simply blinded by the beauty of the bag (I gotta tell you, IT IS GORGEOUS and SOOO LUXE), MC was pondering the thought of finding a Spy that would cost a wee bit less than the gold-- and he said "I was hoping I could find a silver Spy!" *Guffaw!!* Men are soooo cute when they are clueless... It ain't precious metal baby... :D And believe me, my husband actually thought perhaps a silver python Spy WOULD be cheaper because it was silver :D Clueless I tell you hahaha.

Anyway MC ended up buying the bag for CL, and CL looks more than a million bucks now (not like she never looked like a million bucks before in the first place) By the way, her Loungeri Lux custom tees come with snap-on ribbons and are cute-- you get to pick the ribbons you want and you snap them in place, and voila! Each tee costs Php 1,999.00. (p.s. I wanna share this disappointing size news with you-- I am a size LARGE in her shirts... BooHoo) But they are cute nonetheless. Hubby paid for 2 shirts for moi (Happy valentine's day to me :D) *yeehaw*

Again I gotta hand it to people like CL and my friend DiVa for being so entrepreneurial. I just really wish "making money" was in my blood, rather than "spending money." (SIGH... I guess KO didn't really win the 5-state lottery? hehe *geez I'm such a sucker!*

Apres the cocktail, we headed over to Glorietta 4 for dinner with my mom who turns a year younger tomorrow (celebrated today with grandkids). Guess who we had to run into? Imelda Marcos *boy the night just gets livelier by the minute!* My mom also mentioned she ran into DOP and famille at the mall (too bad I missed you girl!) *Cough cough SOCIAL CLIMBER HAG AT WORK!!!*

Anyway today was such a great day. I was SO pleased to have gotten my immaculate white Spy, to have compared it with CL's gold spy (think Spy vs Spy of Mad TV) :D
(KO, this is for you :D)

P.S. Tresor (www.tresormakati.com) will have new bags posted very soon:
1. Balenciaga Teal Motorcycle First
2. LV Monogram Canvas Musette Salsa
3. LV Multicolore White Pochette
4. LV Damier Manosque
5. LV Monogram Canvas Mini Noe
6. Gucci White Monogram Shopping Tote

Watch out for them :D *shameless plug!* Ciao hags!