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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Sigh LV... LV... LV...

This was hilarious. So I was chatting with more-than-famous-post-tv-appearance BB yesterday, and I have not chatted with this babe in a looooooong time. I promised myself at one point before the talk, that I would sleep earlIER, like maybe at 2am. Instead, chatting with BB and my other friend KO, made me end up turning off my Mac at 6AM. Talk about being on different time zones with my hubby :) Well put it this way. Those two separate chat sessions were VERY fruitful *wink wink* Yeah well my sleep schedule is officially back on US time (and vice versa when I'm in the US).

Ok I have decided (P.S. when I started this blog, I thought it would be therapeutic and cure my bag obsession. Really. I was SO wrong. It made it worse, much much worse!!!!). I will return my framboise reade LV. The clincher was when I was gonna use it yesterday and put in my stuff. Guess what, the bag would not fit everything!! (Well duh it doesnt take a rocket scientist to figure out that the contents of an almost-full Goyard hobo won't fit into a small LV vernis bag)

And then someone managed to track down one LV Fuchsia (not framboise) vernis Greene in the Toronto LV boutique (damn that's far) for me. Holy oly oly. It's sooo far away! I can think of 101 ways the Customs peeps will tax me for bringing that bag into Manila *eeek!* (photo credit Alva boardie)

Oh, oh, Guess what I got for Tresor yesterday! My dear friend AU who tried hanging onto her Black Murakami Speedy for quite sometime despite it not really seeing the light of day, has finally decided to part with it. I can tell you, while some people are detached and willing to sell their bags once they get tired of it/ don't use it, AU is not that sorta gal. She has a whole closetful of bags (closetful meaning 3 closets full haha), and when you see her, she favors one bag at one given time and doesn't use the others-- while I would be a bag swinger and can change bags even twice a day!!
So anyway, I know this is a shameless plug and all, but it must be posted here first because it's a rare time for me to get a bag that is in this pristine condition! That, plus the colors photograph so well :D Text me at 09167580857 if you are interested in this. I know the bag retails for about Php 111,000 now. And AU is selling this bag 30% a new one (as you can tell from the photo, the bag looks hardly carried. Inside out, prisitine condition!!)

I am gonna head off for the day now, so I leave you with that image for now. Bag review coming up in a bit! I have much to do, and only had very little sleep, so pardon if I sounded like I was afloat in Cloud 9. I ain't! :D (That is, until I get my new bag! *wink KO* hehehe)
Oh wait, I'll leave THIS image. This is a faxed copy (courtesry of Alvashirl) of what the new LV perforated Monogram Speedy 30 will look like. I gotta have one of these. And at $1200 a pop, I HAVE to start selling SOMETHING in my closet *hehehe* (beginning with my reade pm!)