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Friday, February 10, 2006

Shopaholic goes to Shang!

As I was chatting with KO about something, she told me this, "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me". This will surely come in handy when that "thing" comes out. I won't say what it is, but whoever chances upon it, well, I hope you show your moral support for it :D You know my email address and mobile number! :D

Onto something else now. I was looking at this super cute Fendi Mini Spy bag. Can't help but wonder, why are these so cute :D (They look like little dumplings!!) But they don't come cheap at 670 pounds.

*Materialistic Biatch alert in 3...2...* SOMEONE GET ME AN AMEX CENTURION CARD :D

Ok seriously, who owns a Centurion? So now I have to climb the social standings of Manila to find someone who actually owns a centurion? (not like I'm not already a social climber hehehe... at least I openly admit it and there's NO SHAME in that honey. We ALL are social climbers, just like we are bag hags. Don't deny it! *ptooey*)

A centurion card can DEFINITELY buy you THIS:In fact, not one, not two, but at least FIVE of these to fulfill the spending quota of the card! *I wonder if the Danish royals have the Centurion card...*

Oh wait wait! So I hear the lottery pot in 8 states (MD, VA, CA, IA, IL, NJ, CT, NY) has reached a STAGGERING $$180 MILLION!! *heart attack* Sigh it may not buy you happiness, but do you hags realize what that means if you won that? :D

FINANCIAL FREEEEEDOM!!! :D *song playing: Material Girl* hehee..

Today's agenda (rather last night's agenda): After chatting with BL, I headed to Shangrila Mall, Homme et Femme. Today or tomorrow is their last day of the sale, so I figured hey, I'm sure I can buy something cheap there.

BOY WAS I WRONG! I did get some loot from that store-- A Hussein Chalayan white shirt (that I sooo love), and a pair of Marni flats (in *ugh* suede and croc embossed leather). But I love em! They were not THAT cheap. Which only means, I am about to take a vow of no-sale-no-purchase for the whole month of March, unless I find work that pays for these sinful indulgences. (I'm cracking under pressure here... I'm having withdrawal symptoms already!)

I passed by Cookie's store called E-style. This boutique used to stock up on all these brand name shoes like Jimmy Choos etc. But when I went there today, none of those brands were there. There are although a lot of other locally made knick-knacks. I saw this bag at their display though. It was not a Chloe east-west bag, although it sure looked like one. I honestly thought, why would some bag designers just copy off or take inspiration from the well- known designers whose works were "hot"? Was it supposed to make their bags more saleable because the bags resemble that of the original? Which in turn makes us ask, is that why there is a proliferation of fake designer bags in the market because of the demand of women to look and feel like they "belong" to this phantom fashion inner circle? (Gals, there IS no fashion Inner circle-- at least I know there's none.. Or wait, did I get left out of that circle coz I'm not fashionable?! Hmm.. oh well, its ok. I'm no fashionplate anyway * PUKE!*) Sigh, well all I have to say is this-- at least it's not a fake Chloe. Nothing worse than crossing the line and even stealing the brand name. I guess if I couldn't afford to cough up $1000++ for a Chloe bag, I wouldn't have minded settling for something that looks like Chloe as long as it is NOT fake. But then again, I won't really die if I can't afford to buy designer. It's all a matter of making do with what you have. I'd be just as happy if I can buy a Nine West bag. Seriously. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. The far worse thing is borrowing money to fund a certain lifestyle. Now THAT'S just plain bad taste.

I also bought my hubby's valentines+advanced birthday present while at the mall-- these B&W speakers (I've never heard of the brand. Ever.) All I can say is, HOW COULD THESE NO-NAME SPEAKERS BE SO EXPENSIVE?!?!?! ( I only know Nakamichi and B&O *hehe see I am NOT that big an idiot when it comes to speakers*) I could seriously buy a bag with these speakers already! What's worse is, you can't even bring your speakers out or put stuff in!!!. Men, do you bring out your speakers and tell your dudes, "check out my hot new speakers" ?? I really don't get why men fuss over these gadgets. The damn telly has a built-in speaker. Can't we just be happy with that? *double GEEZ!*

Note to Men: While you guys may never understand why we hags need to carry nice bags (hehehe like my Chanel bag that I carried today *gloat gloat* :D) , we can tell you this-- at least our bags get more mileage. We really "use" them out and put stuff in it. Speakers don't do jackpoop. They're bulky, and would only contribute to noise pollution. BAGS on the other hand, beautify the lady *muwahahaha or SO I THINK!*

I ended up going home a bit late because those things needed to be packed in a HUGE box (And I was grumbling as I paid for them. My only consolation today is, perhaps I've spent enough to afford me points to fly for free to HK *muwahaha* You'll never see my hubby buying me a bag equivalent to the price of those speakers. In fact, he'd probably buy me some expensive gadget that I don't really need or want. But because he is paying a hefty price for a gadget, he'll expect me to lend it to him. *DUH what is it with men?!* ).

As I was in the car, I thought, hey there is time to head over to LV after dinner. Alas when I got home, I got so upset at my cook and nanny (don't even ask me why... anyway I was so guilty about the incident later that I apologized to my nanny-- she wasn't really involved but she got the brunt of la lengua *What is this PMS?!* ) that I just decided to skip the LV event and hop to bed-- at like, 8.45 pm! *Save me some money now why don't you*

I woke up at 3.45 am. To Blog. Prompting KO to say, "you really have weird sleep habits". Oh girl you don't know that by now? *snicker*

It's now 5 am. I think I need to crawl back to my spot and catch more ZzZzZs. Maybe when I wake up later, reality will hit me hard and tell me I've been spending way over my budget and I need to cut down (on what?!). BL-- don't worry you are not alone in your frustration over your accumulated expenses. I'm with you there!

Have a good day ahead :)