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Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Before you fill your mind with the possible things I could've done with my husband on Valentine's day (i.e. breakfast at LV), let me tell you this. We didn't date. We didn't even have dinner. Heck not even a romantic moment! *bawl* Instead, we had to spend our so-called date at the Emergency Room of Makati Med and later the Emergency Room of Cardinal Santos. Why? Because my mother-in-law had some form of seizure due to hypertension, causing immediate loss of her short term memory (she kept asking what day it was today, and where she went today... Umm like I know). My husband's slight concern over the matter when he came home from work (he said "My mom's not lucid... She's sorta disoriented and I have no clue why") raised some red flags. Of course, knowing a wee bit about aneurisms and hypertension, I sensed this could've been a symptom of a mild stroke. So we ended up sending her to the ER. Her CT Scan later proved that she had actually already suffered a series of strokes in the past, none of them made known to her (she didn't feel a thing at all). Stroke scars were all over her brain (yikes... hmm think.. is mental imbalance a result? She does have quirky behavior often times, prompting me to wonder...). I guess it proved it tonight. Anyway that was how my valentine's day went. No LV, No dinner, No cash. Just plenty of worry and oh, perhaps I brought home a new virus with me from TWO hospitals *UH OH* Sigh... enough depressing talk (UGH!). I'll talk about something I'm passionate about-- royals... AND bags :D

It never fails to amaze me what the young Royals wear and carry nowadays. While the older ones were more often misses than hits when it comes to fashion, I can't help but say, thank goodness the younger ones know their brands :D

So with that in mind, I want to blog about Royals and their bags (and shoes... and clothes...)! :D

Here is Argentinian- born Dutch Princess Maxima seen carrying a Gucci bag at the Turin Winter Olympics very recently (photo from ANP).

Princess Mette- Marit of Norway
also seen carrying a *shock* Green Prada Croc bag! Here's a closeup. *swoooon*
Not to be outdone, Princess Letizia of Spain is seen carrying the YSL mala mala bag (YES, remember I had this bag for sale, in fact I had thought of buying it myself had it not been for my financial woe? hehehe). She also carried a Jimmy Choo crescent- shaped bag (AP Photo). Hmm which made me wonder-- why did Jimmy Choo tulita bags not fare well with bag hags? She was also seen with a classic black Prada microfiber quilt pochette. Letizia also seems to favor Loewe bags (Loewe is part of LVMH, parent company of LV).

Australian- born Princess Mary of Denmark also has a hankering for Prada bags and shoes :D Before I post her bags, I wanted to share this photo with you all-- I love her look here, and I don't think a lot of women could ever carry off this dress the way she has (she is skinny!!). I also love those shoes (Christian Louboutin?) ! *swoon* And of course, here is a photo of her using Prada (snakeskin!), and the big Prada tote with purple trim. If I'm not mistaken, she is also wearing a Prada dress and belt. Sigh, how cool to be a princess, with all these luxuries at their disposal. I wonder though if they have personal shoppers... If they do, then oh mah gawd, I'd looove to be her bag shopper. Strange enough, I have never seen any of the Royals carry Louis Vuitton. In fact, most of their bags don't even show brands (except the unmistakable inverted triangle logo of Prada, or the intertwined CCs of Chanel).

One woman I do remember carrying a Hermes Crocodile Kelly was Marina Doria, wife of Vittorio Emanuele di Savoia (the scandalous royal who had to pick a fight with his cousin, Duke Amedeo, at the wedding of Prince Felipe and Letizia of Spain).

Oh Oh on a totally unrelated note, I wanted to express frustration over the continued misuse of tiaras at weddings-- Brides-to-be, take note here. Most hairstylists will not be able to do a good job styling your hair with a tiara because (for the life of me, I CANNOT understand why) they ALWAYS seem to just let the tiara sit on your hair, with the ugly metal frame backings showing. It's REALLY hideous. I don't know why I never wrote about that while I was still working with Metro Weddings. The metal frame should be hidden in the hair, NOT showing (sigh, that was really frustrating...). Check out Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden. That's how the tiara is supposed to look (frame tucked in). You may not be a princess or a queen in real life, but at least on your wedding day, look the part!
Sorry about that. I just HAD to say it out loud before I forget once more and see another hideous hairstyle with the tiara frame showing. Note to hairstylists: Don't forget to tuck the metal backing into the hair or the bride will look as if she just won Bb. Pilipinas!

Ok that's as far as I go, for fear of being too royal-wannabe (Come on, Royals are YOUR guilty pleasure too... I doubt if you won't pick up a copy of Hello mag or the Royal mag when you see it on newsstands... *snicker, guilty eh?*) Here's my parting image: CHECK OUT CROWN PRINCESS MARY (I know, the baubbles might be a bit much, but doesn't she look like she came out of some fairytale story book? Very haunting image!)
So, having left you with Princess Mary, tell me, did you all have nice valentine's dates? *wink*

I gotta get sleep. I have to be the *cough* dutiful daughter- in- law and accompany the hubby's mother to her MRI scans and EEG. Sigh... the things I do for my husband... That's love honey. (hmm I wonder if Princess Mary will have to do that for Prince Frederick's mom one day... ahh but she will become queen should something happen to her mum- in- law :D *wink* )

Self reflection: In lieu of that above statement, here's something for you moms out there to remember. Treat your daughter-in-law well. Because one day when you get sick, it's your daughter- in- law "tasked" to take care of you. If you weren't nice to them, they can opt to be big a-holes and not give a flying fluck about you. Ohhhh that'll be a Very Rude awakening for cruella momsters-in-law (Paging Queenie). After all, what woman wants to die alone?

Something to think about today, eh? :)

(photo credits from AP, Allover Press, Corbis, NewsPix, Capital Pictures. Additional credits from lestribunesroyales)