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Monday, February 20, 2006

Pray for a Miracle... Talk bags to make you smile

I am very surprised I can still fill up pages in my agenda book (thanks to PTR for the real nice black agenda book. I'm not much of jotting down my activities and to-do lists, but I feel so handicapped now when I'm without this book!). Strange thing is, I have been harping about needing a job, and yet when I stare at the contents of my agenda, I shudder to think about how I can still schedule all these things when I "have" to be somewhere else (umm something called W-O-R-K). *Shudder.. Office cabin fever?!*

SAD NEWS: I was told by my househelp that she has relatives who died (as of this morning, 9 people) in the landslide tragedy that happened in Leyte last week. I am so saddened by this. What really made it truly disheartening is that she had two relatives whom, up until yesterday morning, were texting her that they were buried under mud, and that their little girl was already gone. They were just praying for a miracle that someone can get them out. By afternoon, they were no longer reachable. It breaks my heart that we here can't even physically do anything to help them. It remains unknown if they are still alive (let's hope so) and that their phone battery just died out. I don't know them personally but I am very disturbed that we stand to lose two more lives with the delay in rescue operations. Those who survived have lost their homes, their families, and the only things we can do now is to pray, and also to donate goods or money and have them brought to the proper distribution agencies (I suggest goods over money-- at least they won't get squandered off by possible opportunists. You never know). Please, please continue to pray for the families and the ones that are still alive. I really appreciate this. We cannot do anything more beyond that at this point, but our strength will lie in our prayers for these people who need our support in this most difficult time. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

I know it is a tad untimely for me to be talking about bags, but I realize we each have our own way of coping, and this is mine. I don't want to be a hypocrite by being socially conscious of what's going on then talking about spending money over a bag or two, but I too don't want to sink into further depression about this situation. My only saving grace right at this moment is to talk about bags. Thanks for understanding and for bearing with this silly hag :)

So yesterday, I forgot to mention that my fashionable galpal DOP got me this uber cool bronze ruched hobo bag. Nothing like having an awesome bag hag friend. *cough* FREELOADING and SOCIAL CLIMBING HAG ALERT!: After all, you don't get free bags everyday :D I love it! The brand is called Coco and Tres (it's a local brand and it's fab!), and it's SO light and roomy. I couldn't ask for anything more. I also love the metallic trim and bronzey look. I have already dumped all my daily "hardware" into the bag, so it's ready for toting tomorrow :)

So for the past two days, I have been toting my *wooHoo Brag brag* New LV Perforated Speedy 30. Today I was just wearing house clothes and I still toted it around! *hahaha pathetic!!!*
I love, love, love it!!! I can't wait to get the green. Then I can truly decide which color I will keep. HOGGING HAG ALERT!: Oh Mah Gawd. *cover mouth* Did I just say I will also get the green? I swear girls, someone has to take my other bags off my hands. I need to do Spring Cleaning. Fast. I have a good week to do this or else, ding ding, where do I get moolah for the 2nd bag?! I try not to brag, hags, I swear I try. So please don't crucify me *bawl beg beg* (Heyy I am only gonna keep one of the two, I promise! *cross fingers in the back hehe*)

Lightbulb bright idea: I know! I'll get a job this week! Some copyediting work! To pay for a bag! *cough cough Ms. NS of the call/email center firm, ask your boss to hire me for the week!!* Hehe, hey desperate times call for desperate measures! The Speedy is INDEED Pandora's bag. Heck I had even begun neglecting my Fendi Spy for the Speedy! Que mal!

Sigh, so my friend GT asked me why we women buy more bags than before wherein we can just buy jewelry instead, what with all that amount we spend on bags. You see, it used to be that women would buy one bag and stick to that til it "drops dead" from continued use and daily abuse. Not so now. You have hags like me who would have NO time for other things, but plenty time to move my so-called "hardware" from bag to bag on a daily basis. Yea, that's me alright. I always say "I'm late, I'm late" but I always seem to squeeze a few minutes into moving stuff out of Bag A and moving it into Bag B. I love the liberty of being able to change bags on a daily basis even if it means spending extra time doing it. Hence my saying "I'm late." Go figure! *hehehe knowing what you know now, that's why I can't get any decent company to hire me hahaha*

Oh, and I'll tell you WHY we spend on bags over jewelry. For instance. This pair of Asscher cut diamond earrings with EGL certification (heck not even GIA!) at 2 carats each (hey, might as well ask for a bigger "face" diamond-- you do want to maximize your beautiful earlobe space, right?) cost US $32,000.
And that's already on eBay! Which means, it's being sold at a discount! Now, WHO can afford a $32K pair of blings? For that price, you can already get about 4 Hermes leather birkins! FOUR BIRKINS! Better yet, 1 Balenciaga Medium Motorcycle bag, 1 Chloe Paddington, 1 Hermes Birkin, 1 Hermes Leather Kelly, 1 Fendi Spy, and then a few LV and Goyard bags (even a small hardcase!) And you settle for small earrings? Hmm... I guess that's why jewelers like Raffy ended up bringing in Moissanite. Though they won't have the Asscher cut stone, they do have the classic round brilliant. (Thank Goodness I never have to buy jewelry! Apart from not affording it, I don't have anywhere to wear it to :D) Sigh, it IS hard to be a woman-- a high maintenance woman *snicker* Darnit, I need a keeper! Can anyone be my keeper? :D

Speaking of having the moolah for jewelry and bags, Crown Princess Mary of Denmark is on an official visit to Germany with her husband and the lil' prince (She is blooming! Motherhood really suits her).
She is seen carrying yet another black Prada bag (that inverted triangle logo is unmistakable!). Wheee... Prada is indeed the unofficially appointed brand of this Royal lady. Time to stock up on this brand, hags! *hehehe* By the way, these photos were taken two days ago (photo credits on watermark)

Gotta head off now. Another morning appointment to see the neurologist with my Mom-in-law. Hope tomorrow brings good news as well about the landslide! Take care you all and lots of love from your bag hag hog!

P.S. BB babe, me? Give you bag nightmares? (check out www.bryanboy.com Feb.19 post) *blink blink innocent look* I feed off of your bag obsession hahaha!! and THANK YOU for thinking I am thin and don't fit your matronair profile. Now, *thwap* stop calling me a Mrs. *I'm in denial muwahahaa* But that was a fun trip to Gbelt 4 :D Next time *YOU* are buying a bag *hehe*

Night peeps!!