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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Of Husbands and Mothers- in- Law

I woke up at 5:30 am (wow normal people wake-up time!). I slept at 6pm last night because I was just WAY TOO TIRED for anything else, not even food (there goes my secret to losing weight). I was at Cardinal Santos the whole day waiting for my mom-in-law's series of tests. End result? She has had multiple mini strokes in the past but none that really affected her motor skills. She has a lot of stroke scars but no recent stroke scar that prompted the neurologist to think that she suffered one the other day. In other words, she is clear from death. Funny thing was, she could've prevented her blood pressure from shooting up too, had she been taking the maintenance medicine. She wasn't. Because she didn't buy any more of the medicine. Because she said it was EXPENSIVE.

*CHOKE!* Ok, I don't think my mom-in-law knows what that word means. Expensive is a Chanel 2.55 bag (ya I want one still). Not a Php 50 medicine (that's NOT expensive for someone like her since she can very well afford to buy Chanel and then some LV bags *hehe but she won't*). So much for her priorities. I guess she thought she was immortal (umm what is she, the friggin' Highlander?). I think now she is rethinking her priorities *she said she saw my Daddy when she was having her MRI !* (That may have scared the living daylights out of her) So instead perhaps of spending on a flight to Boracay which she is, why not just buy the meds?! *Sigh* I swear some people just have their health priorities up their bungholes. I for one, would rather proudly wave the flag of hypochondriacs than have my health up my bootie. *snicker*

Bottom line, thank goodness she isn't in any immediate danger. DOP kept texting me throughout the day, "You're a good daughter-in-law." D girl, I can only say this, it took so much effort out of me to have to offer to take her to the doctor (You knowing what I went through with her in the past). But I did it for her. Because (ahem ladies listen here), I don't wanna have to go through this same thing when my kids marry. I also told CL and KO this and oh they agree completely *wink*.

Now I shall claim my reward from my husband. *Materialistic hag alert!* A diamond and red ruby tiara and parure would do nicely-- something just a wee bit smaller than Princess Mary's is ok. *yeah right hehe* Orrr... a Prada bag (muwahaha with a HUGE logo)? (wow now I wanna carry what the Royals carry haha (my cheapshot at wanting to be a *cough* label whore Royal hag hehe) Or in fact, I'd love to settle for this Marc by MJ Miss Marc bag :D It's too funny (and cheap at US $268) ! *that long-haired-and-frazzled-with-upturned-lips woman looks just like me* Sigh I realllly could only WISH. My husband's real stingy (hmm wonder where he got that from? *snicker* And yes he is proud of that fact!). *bawl! I wanna be a tai tai!! hehe*

Apart from these gals (Miss Tai tai, RC, ML, JJ, RP, EC, MS, CL.... long list) who are SOOO lucky that their husbands/ partners pay for the expensive indulgences, whom among you get their bag itches scratched by the hubbies/ partners? *err.. that sounded rather kinky-- itch getting scratched?! I need food!*

Which now makes me beg the question, what makes for a good husband/ boyfriend/ partner? Most mistresses (I try not to stereotype but these are the people I have come across) are smart enough to hook up with a guy who can very well afford them the luxuries in life. They're smart. And honest enough to say it out loud. (Although I'm not condoning the way they get their men) But here are the 21st century turning point questions one is faced with before marrying. Does it mean anything to you that he cannot afford to buy you what you want? Does it mean anything to you if he is rich and CAN buy you what you want? What's important to you? Does the Capital Letter "L" love in the 21st century still consist of that unconditional-I-dont-care-if-you're-really-poor-but-I-will-marry-you-anyway love? Or does it come with the disclaimer, "I will marry you if you can match or go a notch above my par in sustaining the same kind of lifestyle that my parents have afford me?"

There is nothing wrong in being honest about wanting to marry a guy for love, and also for the fact that he can sustain a certain kind of lifestyle for you even if you don't work. *cough* THINK THIS! But hey, that's not to say though that I married my guy for money, as many people would like to think (or gossip-- yeah biatches you know who you are *evil look*).

I married my husband despite their financial crisis AND despite my old friends saying it could be a mistake to marry into family that was at-the-time undergoing some problems (Damnit people, that's Love over money!!). Five years after, this I can attest to: My husband would indulge me. Seriously, he would! By buying a gadget that HE can also use (*hahaha* smart cookie!). That man has "no romantic bone in [his] body" *take note those are his very own words! It cracks me up everytime he says that!* No jewelry, no bags (well except for Christmas-- and that was the FIRST time he spent THAT much on me. *sniff I'm not worthy*). Thank goodness for Mommy :D *oh you have NO idea how grateful I am to have a mom who takes care of my bag habit every now and then!* :) *smoochies to my Mommy*

That's why I often tell my unmarried friends now (hahaha biatches learn from my mistake), if they are to find a guy to marry in their age now, they should find someone who is financially stable (forget scoring points in the looks department, that ain't gonna feed you). There's absolutely nothing like marrying a guy who can be financially independent of his parents. I can tell you this much, it is Ass-hard to live with the parents of the guy. Ass-hard. I was a veteran of that. And I'm not ashamed to admit that either. You'd want to get out. Fast. *hehee I'm sooo weevil!*

Ok enough weevil discussions. I don't wanna come across as a witch of a baghag now. I still have some good bones in me *really!!* Oh here's something from one of the bag hags who got lucky this week--

*Brag-a-bag-hag alert!*:
Congratulations PG for your new Tods Bag! It's yummmmy! And don't worry about not having EQ. Most women (i.e. ME) don't have that either :) No EQ and Proud!! Enjoy carrying that baby around :D

Have a good day hags! Meeting DOP later (dang girl, we keep bumping into each other lately hehe), then a dinner thingie. Busy day ahead. Better this than a trip to the hospital. I can't stand the stress all around there. (At the Cardinal ER, I even saw how the docs inserted a breathing tube down an old woman's throat as she GAGGED!!) Consolation there really was, at least mom-in-law was given a semi-ok thumbs up (not in any immediate danger) and her company and I had good Chinoise cuisine at Harbour City thereafter *drool*

See, I DO care even if I biatch endlessly! :) Happy day to all!!