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Monday, February 13, 2006

Mama Bag Hag + Bag Review

To my Mama Bag Hag: Happy Birthday Mommy!!! :D I love you very very very very very muchhhh! You are my bestest (I know there is no word like that, but forgive the hag for not being articulate today) friend and though you may not know it, you rock my world in a BIIIIG WAY :) *kisses to you* (sigh I hope my mom can read my blog! Alas, she doesn't want to be bothered learning to surf the net, let alone use the computer) Oh mommy you don't know what you are missing! *hehe that's why you have me for a daughter!*

Guess what, I swam a few (meaning 6) SHORT laps in the pool today (after having slept like, 4 hours in the afternoon hehe...). I think that's a pretty darned good way of keeping in shape (and the rest of the week shall be dedicated to power binges and sleep marathons *snicker BAG HAG BUM*). Dinner went so well at The Fort's L'Opera *drool* and if you like veggies as much as I do, I highly recommend the Capelli D'Angelo. My two kids ate up the whole plate and I was left with well, countable strings of noodles. :D (which was perhaps why I was even spooning the very last string of noodle and savoring the flavor) *hehe PATHETIC*

Anyway after that whole day of sleep, natch, I would NOT be able to sleep a wink tonight *sheesh go figure*. So I thought it would be time again to do some surf-shopping (although I shall warn you, I am seriously out of money to buy anything. In fact, I don't even know how I can pay for the LV Monogram Perforated Speedy bag, which by the way, did not really have good reviews from my fellow boardies).
Bottega Veneta Embroidered Trim Tote: Oh my, this is the bag I was lusting for. Well not really this bag (I wanted a yellow), but you get the picture. Woven intrecciato leather accented with scrollwork embroidery on top trim. The leather of this bag has a pinkish hue (double yummy-- think the cream-pink of the Chloe paddington). Measures 7½"H X 17"L X 3¼"W. Perfect size to lug around with your fave magazines tucked inside :D But be still my heart! At US $2,350.
Bottega Veneta Python Cocker Bag: Ok this bag wins hands-down price-wise. It's a mere US $5,380 *choke choke! I shudder to think how much MC paid for the python Spy.. I dare not know hehe* I honestly need to say this, the bag gets an A for effort. I can't imagine having to weave python skin strips like that. I wonder how many strips got wasted in making that bag? *hmmm* I don't really like the bag. A bag that expensive should win the hearts of bag hags, no questions asked. But well, this didn't float my boat. Sowee. I'd rather have CL's Fendi python Spy any day over this. Handle-strap of this bag is made of tortoiseshell chain links, which I don't think is durable as compared to perhaps a silver or gold chain. But hey, what do I know, I'm just a critic/ end-user/ baghag without the cash to fork for this bag anyway :D

Ah since we are on the topic of exotic skinned bags, don't you wish you owned a croc/alligator/ lizard/ostrich/ python bag? (not all elements together please!) I found a vintage white- gray shiny Nancy Gonzalez Croc clutch at neimanmarcus.com for US $995. These babies really don't come cheap (and it's actually sad to think about how these animals get sacrificed for their precious skin... but ah well, bag companies have to make a living I guess! Sigh did I seriously grow a conscience? *sniff sniff... wait... bawl!!*). Drat. Well anyway, this is a pretty clutch (but for the price, it's steep, especially since I'm sure this clutch won't be used daily to get mileage out of it).B.Fendi bags have flooded the eluxury.com site. The Green Python Woven Wicker B.Fendi bag at US $4310 is nice to look at (though again, not something I would want to own despite the intricate embroidery detail on each strap). But to fork out $4K for a woven wicker bag with python trims is no laughing matter (unless you are Jessica Simpson/ Paris Hilton/ Lindsay Lohan)
An even more outrageously priced bag is the same B.Fendi bag with lace and embroidery. Yes, the very same bag I mentioned that looked like a doiley bag in one of my earlier posts (think 2005). This bag is US $5190!! I hope someone can justify the price of this bag to me. Even if we hire costureras to handstitch everything right down to its intricate and exact details, the bag still won't cost THIS much. It's really outrageous and downright wasteful. (sorry to those who actually like this bag). Not even a single strip of exotic skin... *sigh* So hags, if you have THAT much money for a bag, I suggest just buying a Hermes Kelly. It may look dowdy and all now, but the Kelly bag will grow with you and age beautifully, while this B.Fendi black crocheted lace bag will be known as last season's bag Next season.
Here's a cutie from Dior. It's a fairly old style, but hey, it keeps coming back in different colors each season. For one reason :D It's cute! The Dior Detective Bag in chartreuse, US $1650. I saw the Croc version of this bag in Neiman Marcus around Sept. last year, and it's so yummy. At US $18,000 (yikes!). Only Mrs. Marcos can afford that bag hehe :D

Soooo hags, whatcha all doing for Valentine's Day? Anyone going to one of those concerts? Or some shi-shi-poo-poo mushy dinner date? *giggle* That was fun when I was younger hehe.. boy I swear what happens when you get married and these dinner dates are reduced to McD's or KFC... ?!?!?! *Confused hag look* Or maybe that's just me coz I'm beginning to age like a hoochie mama *muwahaha* Oh well.... I gotta save up for some form of plastic surgery (or botox, or IPL, or microdermabrasion... geez is that all I can afford?). I can't squander my Mirror fund coz I already bought a mirror for my living room :D Woowoo!! Ah well if I shall talk about beauty and maintenance, that won't take even a quarter of a post. I don't know ANYTHING about beauty. At all. So don't ask me anything about skin products etc. I can only give you the following brands: Cetaphil, Murad, Aveeno. Oh and Shu sunblock. That's it! (See, not even a paragraph!)

Oh Oh fellow bag hag from Down Under has parents who own the Centurion Amex Card, and had to gloat that the folks get all these special concessions and offers *Can you tell your folks to sorta half- adopt me? hehe :D*

It's now 3:15 am. I ought to get sleep. Full day ahead tomorrow! Tell you more about it soon. I promise. Hugs to hags out there. Night!