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Monday, February 06, 2006

The Littlest LV Bag Hag :)

Today is Daph's daughter Sophia's 3rd birthday. She is sooo adorable!! Last year, she received her very first LV mini speedy as a present from her Tita! :D That's exactly how we feel when we get our 1st ever LV bag. An expression of a longing fulfilled, and an unwillingness to let the bag go (mine, mine, mine!! Pry it off my hands if you can!!) Happy birthday to our little bag-hag :D

Eluxury.com has the linen-black patent combo of the B. Fendi bag. I found myself liking the bag before, but now that I see it in this combination, I'm not liking it. I would like it if it were patent royal blue :D Just because the color is more striking. The bag as a whole looks comical, like a cartoon. Incidentally, the cover page of elux featured the LV framboise monogram vernis reade pm (eeps, I haven't returned the bag yet-- will do tomorrow).

Speaking again of LV, here is a better photo of one of the scarf bag and then there's the Oh-God-I'm-sure-it's-SO-DAMN-expensive patchwork alligator bucket bag. Boy oh Boy, I'm really very very glad about MJ producing these bags. No, it's not because I am falling in love with them (oh heaven forbid). I don't like them at all. (And that's not because I can't afford either of them either hehe). The only thing I like about the bags is that they have some exotics involved- Alligator skin!! :D But unfortunate for them, that ain't enough juice for me to want to buy the bags. And THAT my dear hags, will do my wallet A LOT of good after the abuse it has taken from me last year! :D

Anyway tomorrow I shall be heading to LV to return the reade PM (finally). Have a long day ahead. Tomorrow is my kiddo's 1st birthday :D Turning in early for the night. Imagine I woke up around noontime already today! I felt so bad! Not only that, I was STILL sleepy when I woke up. I hope sleeping early tonight will normalize my "time" by tomorrow.

Take care hags :) Just also had to thank KO-- you are awesome!! :)