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Monday, February 06, 2006

An Imeldific Bag Sighting

I'm SOO sorry I haven't updated my post. I've been so busy these last few days PLUS been so tired to even think about checking my mails. My apologies go out to all of you-- I've been receiving your text messages as well, and sorry, sorry if I wasn't able to reply to your texts :(

Let me tell you why then. I decided to push through with throwing my kid a small party over the weekend. It was a pretty no-frills party, small group of guests. It was a fun party (and so last minute too), so being tired was well worth it. Plus, guess who showed up? :D
BRAG- BRAG- OK- I'M- A- BRAGGING- BIATCH ALERT!: It was Mrs. Imelda Marcos (IRM) herself (with our good friend and our wedding reception designer-cum- art afficionado Dr. Pascual). I was SO stoked!! (I tried to persuade BB to pass by the get-together the night before the party, but he couldn't go BooHoo *BB and I were just talking about IRM the night before, about how my friend saw IRM once at 168. And voila there she was the very next day!! Speaking of 168, BB and I have a date to go to 168. Question is, when and what TIME do we go there *muwahaha sleepyheads!*) Anyway, it was the strangest sight to see, having Madame attend a kiddie party (one that's not really well- organized too! Thank goodness I was even able to get together some old friends at the last minute!). What caught my eye about IRM was not her jewelry nor her shoes (surprise surprise!)-- it was her BAG!!! An Emerald Green Porosus Crocodile Hermes Bolide!!

Damn damn damn, I can't believe it. It was SOOO surreal. In fact, I was even at one point on the verge of just not pushing through with the party because of my pharynolaryngitis (if I did that, I would've sorely missed out on having IRM as a guest!). I just left a phone message for Dr. P about the party the night before, and asked also to relay the invite to IRM. I swear I regretted not planning the party earlier and inviting more people. At first, I didn't even have a venue for the party anymore because people book these places at least 6 months in advance! Obviously I didn't. I didn't even have invitations printed in time because I set up a meeting with the printers a bit too late. My fault entirely and I wish I was able to plan ahead despite my failing health. In the end, although my throat was soo parched, and I didn't even have anything to eat that whole day, I have to say I had fun-- a lot of fun. It was memorable (and ahhh I shall wait for the day I get to see that breathtaking Croc bag again :D)

BAG SIGHTINGS: Bags I saw over the weekend were, (topping my list of course is) the Hermes Crocodile Bolide, Fendi Spy, LV speedy, LV baggy PM, Gucci Monogram Hobo, YSL ribbon bag, Prada black microfiber backpack, LV yellow epi st.jacques, LV multicolore petit noe (This shows that the Philippines is truly LV country :D)

Ok. Moving right along...

"IT" BAG ALERT??: Here's a pretty bag by Chloe. Simple and understated, but nice.It's the Edith bag and it's slowly crawling its way into the hearts (and arms) of fashionistas. Galpal KO (certified bag hag) first told me about the bag (I thought she meant the Chloe Kerala). This comes from Chloe's Summer 2006 collection and also comes in chocolate and I believe in a smaller size (as shown).

Wait. While I was chatting with BB about this bag, We both found out that there is another style of Chloe called the Edith Satchel on the Bergdorf site. It was different from the one above. So now I am frankly confused. If the Edith is the one with the pocket and 2 buckle-straps (which by the way reminds me of a Balenciaga), then it's nice. But if it's the OTHER Edith satchel on the BG site with the single buckle strap, hmmm... I don't think I like it.

The Chloe Paddington bag on the other hand, has evolved into sooo many other styles, including this one. Strange thing is, this reminds me so much of the Mulberry Roxanne Bag. Truth it be told, I do like the Paddington, however I really find it impossible to carry the bag with the padlock. It is just far too heavy. (The leather though, is amazingly soft!). So this new Paddington style is not doing it for me, just like how the Mulberry roxanne didn't do it for me.

GOYARD SIGHTING: Oh Mah Gawd Check out BB's blog www.bryanboy.com (Feb 4 post) and DROOL over his RED GOYARD croisiere!!! This babe has indeed "arrived", having been on the tube for two straight weekends! *I'm no Siskel nor Ebert, but I give TWO THUMBS UP for this happy camper. Great personality, excellent sense of humor, amazing fashion sense, and of course, a DROOLWORTHY bag collection (every bag hag's envy!!)*

Enough blab for now, I simply must crawl to bed otherwise I will again wake up with weird eyelids!

QUICK HOLLER to my friend WC. I was shocked and surprised you read my blog. Now you truly know what a shallow and opinionated hag I am :D *Guilty as charged!*

P.S. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SOPHIA (DOP's little girl turns Three today! :D)

Nighty night hags!!! xoxo