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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Hoochie Mama Donatella

Sorry I was negligent with blogging. You see, for the past two nights, I've been having an ALIAS Season 1 marathon with the hubby. My eyes sting to the point I can't even squint without having to rub my eyes! Talk about my obsessive- compulsive behavior :D Once you start, you can't stop (it's like them Pringles crisps!)

So now I have a lot of making up to do. The last few days have been sort of a blur *gulp... not Alzheimer's I hope... I'm TOO young for that!!!*

Ah I remember now. So many of you found the time to sent me a text, expressing your views about fake/ counterfeit designer bags. BD for one had remarked that she too, was not treated well at LV makati. But that has not stopped her from buying LV products (she still looooves her LV... she was the one who suggested a bridal registry at LV haha). Hot mama FS also had difficulty dealing with one sales associate at LV Makati, but like BD, that didn't push her into buying fakes. She just doesn't buy them here anymore. There's always LV HK (numerous branches too!), eluxury (!!!), LV Singapore... :D *you go girls!!!!* In relation to fakes, I have in fact a text conversation I want to share, which of course appalled me so much.

TO: Is the speedy 25 on your site available?
TO: Can you give me the background on the bag?
TRESOR: The owner of this bag got a new speedy because this had dark patina already and I guess it came time for her to upgrade to a larger speedy.
TO: Any idea what the retail price for a speedy 30 is?
TRESOR: It was 37.8k; 35.8k now.
TO: Ok, so that one on the site, is it class A?...Do you get discount at LV?

OK. I don't know whether to scream profanities at this woman or not. I can't even entertain people like that. I'm sorry for being so biatchy, but HELLO?! Would I risk my own reputation to SELL fakes?! NO!!! Geez!!! *fuming mad* And to ask if I have discount?! Umm hello, I don't even know you, and you ask if I'm selling a class A bag (you think Mega would publish stores/ sellers who offer fakes?! NO they DON'T and WON'T!), and now you ask moi to help you get a discount?!

PMSing BIATCH in 3...2...1: If you wanna buy a fake LV bag, go to bag hell. If you wanna get a discount at LV, you can submit your resume. Even I can't get a discount at LV (and believe me, I have tried!)

Erase erase. No more bad craptalk on this blog. I'm supposed to be channeling serenity and bag peace here. So out, out, out!!

Ok wait. I just came back from a meeting with a lithe, tall, very chic legal eagle LC. I wonder if I should just go to Law school and become a legal albatross (I can't be an eagle. I'm too clumsy) myself. Do something productive with my time and all, and maybe earn mega bucks when I'm 50 and Finallly practicing *guffaw* (bling bling and knowing me I'll look like a hoochie mama at 50).

Speaking of hoochie mama, I was checking out Versace bags on elux (Don't ask me why I related hoochie mamas to Versace but somehow I had begun thinking Versace designed her stuff FOR hoochie mamas...).

I am already troubled by the fact that Marc Jacobs had sorta taken inspiration from Versace and made bags for LV that looked like signature Versace in the early 90s, and now Versace has *gulp* taken inspiration from other designers? WHAT'S WITH THESE?!

Doesn't this bag look sooo much like the Gucci scarf shopper bag?! (US $1,050) Gucci's own scarf bag costs US $1290. But wouldn't you rather pay an extra few hundred for this than Versace's? (what's with that floral scarf?!)

And what about this bag? Doesn't it strangely remind you of a Balenciaga motorcycle clutch? (US $1,565-- p.s. the Bag's not croc. It's just croc- embossed leather! Where's the luxe in that?)

But wait, there's more! What about this intrecciato woven leather bag? Channeling Bottega Veneta? (And wow the price? US $4,326!!) Oooh what would BE nice is if Bottega actually came out with PINK intrecciato! *yummmmmy*

Donatella?! Hello, woman, what are you doing to your brand??? *sigh* And here I was, harping about our own local bag designers who take inspiration from popular styles (i.e. bastardizing the motorcycle bag) and calling it their own. I was even appalled by Ferragamo's version of the denim sac plat (one that, I might add, looked a bit like LV's sac plat). And now Versace has followed suit.

Where, oh where is the originality?!

Sigh, what frustrating sights to see. Big fashion houses doing what small bag stores here are doing. Making profit off an originally popular style made by someone else.

I honestly can't wait for next season. Perhaps something better will come along. Designers, don't be lazy!!

Peace, bag hags! (Sorry about my biatchiness today. PMSing BIG time! And WE know what THAT'S Like!! *muwahaha*)