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Sunday, February 19, 2006

HAPPY 100th POST! :)

Louis Vuitton's Monogram Perforation collection will be unveiled supposedly on February 27 in Manila. Part of the collection which I saw yesterday were the Pochette (real cute) which was pegged at about Php 30K++, Compact Zip Php 20K+, and the Cles (I didn't ask for the price of this).

I was supposed to fly out of the country today to get some R&R as well, when I decided to just defer the plan to two weekends from now. I don't think I can honestly afford to spend a cent anymore without first generating some income *shock I dread my credit card bill*. Especially after I got the LV Monogram Perforation Speedy 30! Here she is with my also similarly new Speedy 30 classic monogram (sigh how redundant!).Oh this is funny :D So dear hubby offered to pay for the perforated Speedy. But when he found out the price, he reneged :D hahahaha! He offered to just pay for the Compact Zip that I was sorta interested in! I find it so endearing when he has that "Oh-My-Gawd, HOW MUCH AGAIN?" face! (well what do you expect, the price of this bag is Php 76,500 *bawl*)

By the way, I just realized this is my 100th post :) Yeehaw, Bag hag has been serving fellow bag hags for quite some time now! Wow wow wow. I guess it's your 100th time to think, bag hag is bragging again *muwahaha* I can tell you this much by the way-- what started out originally as a blog meant to cure my bag obsession has escalated into what I now call a bag obsession plague-- most of you who have read my posts have sent me a message more than once, claiming they have become addicted to bags as well (or their bag addiction got worse). No thanks to me I'm sure. I should stop posting bags I like, but then that would be like a snowman getting a whiff of harsh sunlight. He will melt, just like I will wither *hehehe and I'm no flower* Alrightey. That's that.

CELINE boogie satchel. This bag is exactly like the one I have, only in a happy bright shade of yellow :) . I have been contemplating on whether I should let the bag go already or not. A new one costs US$1,200 + tax. And I used my bag what, a good four or five times? I stared at my closet as I looked at this bag and remembered why I even bought my bag which I have sorta christened the name, "Sunflower" :) I love the color far too much. So I really don't know... Should I sell this? I hate undergoing seller's remorse. It is a far too horrible feeling to have, especially knowing that the bag you sold is one that you can never get again. (This sunflower bag is such the case. No more sunflower yellow available!) So I shall ponder a bit longer. I might cringe when someone offers Php 34,000 for the bag (approx. 50% of the price of a new) *booohooooo!!!!!!*

Oh here's another Celine bag. The perforated Boogie! I believe perforated bags are hot for this spring. Case in point, Marc Jacobs' white Brigitte bag as well as his perforated version of the LV speedy.

Anyway hags, if I am doing my pre-Spring cleaning, you better start doing yours too, so you can make room for a new bag.

BAG HAG's Shameless plug: If you need some of your old LV, Gucci, Prada, YSL or other designer bags sold, email me at tresor@compass.com.ph or text +63916-7580857. You can also check www.tresormakati.com (at least I get to do a good deed today. Unload your bag and hey, you can raise some funds to buy a new bag! Unless you are already a tai tai and no need to save up for a new one!)

Ciao hags!!!

P.S. On a more serious note-- readers from the Philippines would've by now known about the landslide that covered a whole town in Leyte. Let us all please pray for those lost souls as well as for the living who had lost their loved ones that fateful day. Thank you very much!!