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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Face-off: LV vs. Goyard

I have found the ultimate takeaway minibar bag :D The LV AmFar hardcase in damier :D Hehee.. Seriously the bag's so awesome as a beautycase (for makeup & beauty product fiends). At $12,500 a pop, it BETTER be awesome :D

Chic RC emailed me, asking for advice on which LV bag would be best for someone who at any one time, carries a lot of beauty products (compact, a palette of lipcolors, sunblock, moisturizer, evian brumisateur, eyelash curler, mascara, hairbrush, ) *oh Gawd that IS a lot, girl! I wouldn't even know what to do with half of those! :)* I would recommend the LV Sharon Stone souple AmFar hobo. It's perfect! I actually recommended this bag to MBS for use as a diaper bag too! Anyway, RC-- if you are interested in the AmFar bag, let me know, coz MBS plans to sell her unused one (she is now using a Goyard as a diaper bag for her uber cute baby :D )

Speaking of LV-- there's an event tomorrow night at the Greenbelt 4 boutique. For those who have been eyeing the Suede perforated bags that LV has, drop by tomorrow at the boutique to see/ buy them. Suede pieces such as the Onatah pochette cost $1070++.

I personally am not going for them because they are suede. Nothing against the design, it's rather cute. But I've never taken to suede ever since, so it's really a matter of your own taste. I must be rather unsophisticated to not like suede :D *ok, I AM unsophisticated, short of being told I'm uncouth and vulgar* P.S. I'd rather get me a new Pandora speedy perforated bag (lower maintenance!)

On another note, Goyard San Francisco was formally opened by owners Alex and Jeanne Signoles. Among those who attended were women who carried Hermes bags! *shock!* Not just any Hermes bag, a 35cm CROC birkin, and a 32cm CROC kellyOh and of course what's the opening without the photo of the OWNERS of GOYARD? No contrary to what many people thought, Alex and Jeanne Signoles are not old at all. They are young and beautiful. Jeanne in fact, reminds me of Sofia Coppola. (all pics re-edited from D.Altizer *thank you very much!*)

As opposed to LV's Bernard Arnault and wife Helene. Who's the prettier couple? :D *FACE-OFF!!!!* hehe(pic from WWD)

Valentine's Day is a mere week away. Have you hags decided what to get for yourselves (should your loved ones decide to go cheap and get you a *cough* fake bag? hehe)

More love to you all. And really, thank you so much for reading this silly blog. I am really humbled by your loyalty (I swear I should put more thought into writing if I am to get a job in the writing field... again! hehe) :D