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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Death by...

Today's topic of choice: I don't know, don't ask me why this. I just thought it was appropriate hehe... You soooo don't wanna die by these.

Death by...

1. ... a fake bag. Did you read the Alex Vergara article entitled Sham Luxury on Feb. 17 (from the Inquirer)? Hags PG, TM, MG, RL, JV, DC, AL, RS, RG, PD, MY, CP, GG, NB, RH, (yup and THERE are MORE hags uproared!) are all peeved over the article, and in particular this paragraph "...what really pushed Grande to the extreme was the unfair treatment she allegedly got from the LV store in Makati. She’s inclined to believe that its staff plays favorites, especially when it comes to attending to clients on a waitlist, in favor of regular customers. 'They didn’t know me because I usually bought LV bags abroad,' she explains. Grande claims that she once wanted to buy a Murakami bag from the Makati store. When she learned that the last remaining piece on the display window wasn’t for sale, she asked a staffer if she could at least see it up close. 'She refused,' says Grande. 'I would have left it at that, but a few days later I learned from a friend that the same piece had been sold to a regular client.' The spurned shopper ultimately got her revenge when she went with a friend to Greenhills the next day. She found a replica of the very same bag that was denied her. Not only did it look almost the same, but it also cost a fraction of the original’s price. 'It didn’t look like a fake at all,' she says. (Executives at LV and Stores Specialists Inc., exclusive representative in the Philippines of such brands as Gucci, Prada, Tod’s and Bottega Venneta, declined to be interviewed for this story.)"

Having read that, I myself AM peeved. Whoever this lady is, she should be ashamed of herself for defaming the LV boutique. First of all, I too, was never really a client of that brand until only February of last year. When I walked into that store, I was helped. Right away (even if I looked like roadkill that day). And I can tell you I was NOT VIP back then. I had never even bought anything at that store! Not even back when they were still at 6750. There was none of that snootiness that this woman was claiming. And even if I get negative treatment, it still WOULD NOT drive me to buy a fake. Besides, WHERE IS THE PRIDE IN CARRYING A FAKE BAG LIKE THIS?!?!?! I think hers is a totally shallow reason to buy a fake. She found an easy excuse. Someone to blame for her shameless defection. Lady, shame on you. You are giving LV a reason to sue you (for defamation) AND put you behind bars (for buying counterfeit). *Snooty stare* And that's your infamous, opinionated, biatchy bag hag talking right there :D

Again and again (and I try not to be a hypocrite when I say this), you won't die if you can't afford to buy a real designer bag. Really. No one will die of designer deprivation. In fact, it is a noble thing to be able to resist the temptation of succumbing into this vortex of designer obsession. Indeed I applaud you for not taking that lethal step (i.e. buying Pandora's bag *hehe*). Just don't go buying fakes. Not only are you fooling yourself by buying into a fake sense of luxury, you are also supporting possible child labor camps (or worse, I shudder to even mention). There are other non- designer bags that are equally great. Non-designer bags that can equally give you some form of satisfaction. THAT is good enough. It was never about what you can afford and what others can't. It is truly about being able to satisfy yourself and ONLY yourself. No real need to parade around in the hottest bag. (For fear of being called a braggart *boohoo, I get called a braggart all the time!*) I also tote non- designer, wait, in fact! no-namebrand bags-- LOOK at THIS bag of mine! I LOVE this bag too! Use it! Happily, I might add. And don't forget that. It's true that we have no control over who carries fakes and why they continue to do so. Heck it's even hard if your own relatives enjoy buying them (what will you do when you get one as a present? Throw it back to their face? *weevil*)
*Sigh* Just don't go buying fakes yourself. Show some respect for copyrighted (?) property. Trust me. You don't wanna die of humiliation when authorities grab and cuff you cause you carried a fake designer bag.

2. ... cholesterol overdose. As I write this, I am downing a few crunchy fatty and spicy pork rinds *eeeewwww grooooosssss*. Yup. And as I write this, my blood pressure is probably going up, and fats are probably clogging up my brain arteries. Sorry. I thought writing it out (what I am thinking at this very moment as I take a bite) would make me stop eating. It didn't work. Ok wait. This isn't even related to a bag... Well, almost. If I die early (ie. because of all that bad cholesterol coating my brain cells and heart), I won't live to see myself carry a Croc birkin (not like I can EVER afford one-- well yes technically I can, if I win the California lottery *ponder...*) There. Ok now I am scared. Enough gross pork rinds. Time to take some Ampalaya tea *snicker* (photo credit: ebay montecarloclub)

3. ...debt from overspending. Nothing more horrific than watching those damn credit card bills piling up, and the all- important bank account balance shrinking to an unbelievable near-zero value (unless you have someone who will pay for them on your behalf with THEIR money, not yours *wink*). Otherwise, it truly is very difficult to be a woman. We ALWAYS find a way to justify a purchase. Case in point. I first met up with skinny (I mean reallly skinny! *oh how I envy her body sniff*) hot mama BeryO at my place before I headed to Shangrila Mall where I then met up with AA (holy cow this lady does NOT look like she has had THREE kids). Before I met up with her, I passed by Homme et Femme to pickup my check (since I withdrew an order for a Balenciaga bag). I got my check back alright, but I ended up reissuing another one just the same :( I had bought myself a frock. *shock shock* Death- by- Designer alert!! Oh dear. I should've gone straight in meeting with AA first. Then tell her to go with me to Homme. Nope didn't do that. Anyway, righteous purchase justification in 3...2...1... Ok, I need a dress to wear to a friend's wedding. And I had none. And as I told my husband, "Don't worry, I will get plenty mileage off this dress... It's good enough to keep forever.. You know, one day I can say I own a vintage designer cocktail dress". He could only say this, "Baby I hope you are not yet swimming in debt." I had to give him the sweetest *cough fake* smile. Rats. Buyers remorse? *confused* Maybe I should've bought that available Balenciaga Motorcycle Medium City Bag in ink blue *looks like black* for Php 73,400 instead. (photo credit: Balenciaga.com) QUICK someone, anyone! I need to get a writing job! Loungeri Lux gal/ editrix CL flatly ignored (read: rejected) my offer to write for her *muwahaha that's proof for you: I-CAN'T-WRITE!* and DOP, you are right. I am driving myself cray-zee!! *bawl* Anyway, I gotta pick up the pieces and move right along. Enough wallowing in self- pity. I've got bills to pay, damnit. I don't have a "keeper" who can pay for all those things. Damn I'm not even close to being called a Royal! (A wannabe, yes. But not a true blue blood I'm afraid). It's back to work, work, work for me. My kinda death is definitely not one by insurmountable debt :D *my poor, poor children!*

Ok enough of this death by topic. For those of you who were asking about my super light and super yummy bronze bag that DOP gave me-- it is a bag made by Coco and Tres. You can purchase bags from them at Atelier Debbie Co., 2nd floor Jupiter Place Bldg, Jupiter Street Makati (where Nullah formerly was).

I got a pleasant email from MG whom I haven't chatted with in a realllly looong time. She has a lovely daughter who is equally fond of bags (and at such a tender age!) MG, you are goood. Your daughter is already a mini bag hag :D MG also said this which made me laugh so hard "Need to get a baby version of my 'childless' papillon" :D So anyway if any of you peeps out there read this and have a monogram canvas papillon trousse ronde
to spare and sell, do contact me at +63916-7580857 or email tresor@compass.com.ph ! (photo credit: ebay ultimate_handbag)

It's 12:50am, I think I need to park the post right here. I have to finish an article or else I won't be paid :D *hehe*

Night hags!! xoxo