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Friday, February 17, 2006

Bryanboy and My Speedy Factory :D

I will keep this post short but plenty sweet because I've to run off with my kid to do some errands.

I MUST post this or I'll forget later.

Had a brief lunch meeting with KT for some "business", and met BryanBoy and had one of those "two kids let loose in a candy store" moments :D It was sooo hilarious!

And here was what we both saw. Now THIS S. Ferragamo bag has to be real proof that copying another idea off of a popular brand (whereby the same style took off), still CANNOT boost bag sales. After all, why get this bag? It looks so much like the LV Denim Shopper (and this is a pretty bad version, sorry if I offended anyone!).

Apres that, we went into the Bag mecca, Louis Vuitton. Guess what. My SA Abby has apparently been calling me today to inform me that my bag arrived. And THIS is it (and it's the ONLY ONE *muwahahaha*)!! :DIt looks a like a mini dog carrier with all those teeny holes *teehee* and it's truly endearing in reality. I'm heading back there tonight to pay for the bag (natch, I didn't bring my credit memo). BB posed with this bag. He loooves it too :D *thanks for justifying this babe haha*

More 411 on the bag: This LV perforated Monogram Speedy is slated for countrywide release on February 27. And your bag hag is getting it tonight :D

Biatchin!! Ok enough gloating already. I don't want you all to be spitting fire at me later. hehe

Anyway more talk later on how my day with Bryanboy went :D Here's a parting shot!P.S. he went to Mix to buy a Loungeri Lux tee :D

Ta-ta!! xoxo