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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

A Balenciaga Dress... with NO TAGS.. (what is this, eBay?)

I am SOOOO UPSET!!! :( *and maaaaaad!!!* A few days ago, I had purchased a dress from Homme et Femme (location: Edsa Shangrila Mall, 3rd floor). Yes, they are known for labels like Costume National, Marni, Y3, Pucci, Balenciaga. Yup, all these fancy schmanzy labels.

I bought a Balenciaga dress. FIVE figures. I had saved up for a dress because of the number of weddings and parties for the first half of the year-- hehe figured I will get mileage out of an expensive dress. Anyway I had paid for the dress by cheque. So I had to wait over the weekend for them to clear my payment before they can release the dress to me. Anyway yesterday, the dress was already ready for pickup. I decided to pick it up today instead.

When I finally came home tonight with the dress, I opened it up and was SURPRISED to see the normally attached tags (that had Balenciaga on it plus the dress info) MISSING. Yes, MISSING. Some sales associate must've cut off the tag. *slowly seething!! >{< * OK my blood was brewing by this time. For such an upscale store like Homme et Femme, I would think they' d ASK their clients FIRST before they even cut off the tag. THAT'S a retail policy. YOU ASK YOUR CLIENT IF THEY WANT YOU TO CUT OFF THE TAG ON THEIR BEHALF. YOU NEVER, NEVER, NEVER TAKE THE LIBERTY OF CUTTING OFF THE TAG WITHOUT THEM KNOWING, AND WORSE, YOU NEVER THROW THE TAG AWAY! That's like RETAIL MORTAL SIN!!!

Well, that's EXACTLY what happened to my dress. I called the sales associate about it and they said the tag was taken off already, and probably THROWN away. Then instead she offers to give me a BAR CODE (Now what the Fruck am I going to do with a Frucking BARCODE?! I want the BALENCIAGA TAG!! Part of the price you pay is for the tag that basically tells you, HEY I'M ORIGINAL. You should be entitled to The WHOLE 9 YARDS for having paid a premium for an item as such! )

So call me a label whore. I am honest. I am a label whore. THAT TAG MATTERS TO ME. Would you not feel jipped, paying AN ARM AND A LEG for a designer dress that has NO TAG when you receive it?! For Fruck's sake, it's a BALENCIAGA dress, not an H&M frock!! If you go to BALENCIAGA in HK, you pay for the dress and they WILL NOT cut off the tag for you UNLESS YOU ASK THEM TO.

To clarify the matter, I ended up getting the mobile number of Jappy (the owner) from a friend (a frequent shopper of Homme et Femme). It goes further downhill from here hags.

Jappy says he cut the tag Himself. AS A FAVOR TO ME. And he does this for his other clients. Because he said the tag might snag the dress when it gets transported. Ok. I'll hand that to him. That's great he can think of that for his clients (he takes tags off for his clients as a favor and they apparently appreciate it. But not me. Hell I AM QUIRKY, and I am a LABEL WHORE, and I LOVE MY TAGS. SO SUE ME). So I asked him then, "where's the tag?" He said it was no longer there. Interpretation: THE TAG GOT THROWN AWAY. Besides, he also told me as-a-matter-of-factly, "The dress information on that tag is in the dress tag anyway."

How do I REALLY FEEL??? Tell that explanation to a label whore. THIS is what I feel: It's like I paid 74K for a Balenciaga Motorcycle City bag only to find out the Balenciaga tag was THROWN away and no longer included!! (Or it's like buying a US $28,000 Hermes crocodile birkin and NOT getting the raincoat that is supposed to come with it) By the way, the dress is MORE EXPENSIVE than the Balenciaga City bag. Go figure. (photo credit: balenciaga.com)

Ok FINE. So I have a 5-figure dress sitting in a nondescript (no, it's not from Balenciaga) garment bag with a Balenciaga hanger, covered with acid-free paper (well at least they wrapped the front with acid-free paper). I called BB and some other friends of mine to enlighten them of this event (or non-event, but wait, THIS IS A Frucking CRISIS for me! I AM SHALLOW!!). BB gets upset too, so do DP, LA, LB, RC, PD. Bottom line for them: If you get a tag from Zara, then YOU ARE ENTITLED TO GET THE TAG ETC FOR SUCH AN EXPENSIVE DRESS.

***UGGGHHH I AM FUMING!!*** So BB and I laugh about this a bit-- and we now call this dress my expensive Ukay Ukay dress. I'm so teary- eyed already. And my friends share this with me-- if they were in my shoes, they'd be fuming, angry, upset, raging mad... and asking for a full refund.

While I, DID NOT ask for a refund. Nor will I do that. I don't think I can throw that BIG a fit to ask for a refund. YET. Besides, I do love the dress... still. Despite the missing tags that claim it to be an original Balenciaga. (P.s. If this dress were not Balenciaga, I still would've purchased it. It's really pretty. Honestly.)

Don't get me wrong. I am not swearing off this store (after all, they are the ONLY authorized reseller of Balenciaga in the Philippines). It's more like, HEY, Caveat Emptor! Make sure the item you buy is properly inspected (AND with tags!!) before you take it home.

Anyway, I am gonna get ready soon. Tonight is one of those nights where I actually am getting dressed to go out to attend a party. Embassy turns ONE tonight. I ought to celebrate with my hubby + cousin and some old friends. (and this will be my FIRST time in that superclub.. sigh how pathetic). Besides, I have MUCH reason to get wasted.... *curse curse curse!@#!#@!#! then sniff sniff :( *

Later hags! I gotta drown my sorrows. *Ok I know, I know, I AM PATHETIC. I AM SHALLOW*

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Postscript: Jappy of Homme et Femme texted and said this: "Our sincerest apologies again. Rest assured that we will take note of this lesson. If there is anything we can do- please let us know. I've taken the liberty of requesting a tag from Balenciaga for your dress. I hope this helps. We do appreciate your advising us"

My assessment of this: I did not reply nor did I answer his call. I'm still upset over the incident, although it's somewhat comforting to hear an apology. Hmmm... Hags, why don't you tell ME if this is acceptable... I for one, will go ahead and party. Text me how you'd react: +639167580857.